CBGC – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Danger and Distress

Time passed really fast. When Su Tingyun’s spiritual consciousness finally withdrew from the jade scroll, six hours had already passed.

What she mainly looked at was a jade scroll that talked about the primordial spirit. Everyone had a primordial spirit which is the thing people usually called souls. However, the difference was just that some people had strong ones and others had weak ones. During cultivation, cultivators not only had to continuously hone their flesh bodies and expand their meridians, they also had to nourish their spirits.

There are many ways to hone your flesh body and martial arts manuals were also pretty cheap. Methods to cultivate and expand your meridians were called inner strength mental cultivation methods. Basic mental cultivation methods were also cheap, but high level cultivation methods were priceless. Many large sects had their own unique way of cultivating and one was not guaranteed to be able to learn it as soon as they joined. They had to have an outstanding aptitude and contribute enough to the sect, then agree to some severe conditions like setting an internal demon oath in order to obtain access to it.

It was pretty much the same with ways to nourish your spirit. However, high level methods to nourish your spirit were extremely rare. That meant that the primordial spirits of most cultivators were a stage weaker than their body’s cultivation level. Once cultivators reach the Foundation Establishment Stage, their primordial spirits would have a set strength and their spiritual consciousness could be sent out or withdrawn with ease, so it was possible for them to explore a relatively large range with their spiritual consciousness or do some simple attacks. One’s spirit and flesh would only truly unite when one reaches the Nascent Soul Stage.

This is the reason why there were so little cultivators at the Nascent Soul Stage. In addition, it was also the reason why low level cultivators’ souls would tremble helplessly from the mental pressure Nascent Soul Stage cultivators released.

Nascent Soul Stage cultivators were the true figures of strength in this world. As for cultivators that were of Crossing Tribulation Stage, there was only ten or so of them in the entire world. In addition, most of them tended to shun the world to cultivate so very few could been seen in the cultivation world.

Su Tingyun reread this passage multiple times and even found other jade scrolls to double check. She discovered that everyone pretty much agreed on this. Only then did she understand that her primordial spirit seemed to be higher than her body’s cultivation by not just a class. Could this be the only gold finger she got from transmigrating? Back then, she had used her spiritual consciousness to squeeze the bugs on Purple Costus Root to death. This means, she had already figured out the way to do a simple spiritual consciousness attack on her own and the strength of her primordial spirit had already reached the Foundation Establishment Stage.

This counted as a rare piece of good news.

The Book Repository was Heaven Firmament Peak’s building for its library collection. The Supreme Elder of Heaven Firmament Peak only had Spiritual Master Lingwu as a disciple right now and Spiritual Master Lingwu had just broken through to the Golden Core Stage not long again, so he only had ten disciples. From the start, not a lot of people came to the Heaven Firmament Peak so this late at night, there was not a single person still hanging around in the first floor of the Book Repository. As for whether there was anyone on the higher floors, Su Tingyun didn’t know.

Su Tingyun had ended up absorbed in reading the jade scrolls earlier and only noticed that the surroundings were a little dark now. After she exited the Book Repository, she quickly headed back by moonlight. However, after walking a while, she suddenly felt that something was a bit strange.

The back of this Book Repository leaned against the side of the cliff so it was a bit tilted. However, there was a cobblestone road wide enough for one person that led to the Book Repository. She had clearly headed back following her original path so why did she end up in a wild grass area? There was no more road visible on the ground, instead, there was underbrush that was as tall as a person. If it weren’t for the fact that this body of hers was tall, she would have been completely drowned by the sea of grass.

What’s this situation?

Su Tingyun understood clearly that such a sea of grass shouldn’t exist in the valley. So, is this a hallucination? She uncertainly reached out to feel a blade of grass in front of her. It felt very real and when she pinched, soft green juice even came out. When she retrieved her hand and moved it to her nose to take a sniff, she smelled the scent of grass.

Paths are pioneered by people. She could push these grass aside and stamp out a path. However, the crucial question right now was which direction should she head towards? Su Tingyun was a little flustered. She took a deep breath and calmed herself a little before trying to use her spiritual consciousness to check the surroundings. In the past, when she was sleeping and in that strange mode, she could see all around her surroundings but she didn’t know how far she could see using her spiritual consciousness while awake.

Su Tingyun didn’t have a precise way to control her spiritual consciousness. She could only imagine herself being able to see the end of that grass sea clearly. Though the moonlight was dark, her head became clearer and clearer. She saw distinctly that there was an area of grass blades that were shaking with ‘swishes’, forming a waves that flowed from a line that was rapidly approaching her direction.

Su Tingyun’s first thought was that it was a spiritual beast. She tried to look more closely but she was too nervous and simply couldn’t control her spiritual consciousness at all. All she could do was stare at that wiggling part of the sea of grass as it approached her back at high-speed. Su Tingyun abruptly turned around and used all of her strength to punch that attacking strange beast and smash it out.

Boom!” With this sound, a heavy object fell the ground and crushed that entire portion of withered grass. At the same time, a man’s ‘aiyo’ cry of pain rang out, causing Su Tingyun to be slightly taken aback. Her nerves stretched taut, she gathered up the courage to shout, “Who!?”

Who is it that’s dressing up as God and playing the devil!?” (basically means to deceive people, scare people, etc.)

Lady Wei, what are you being so fierce for? I was completely off guard so this punch hurts to death.”

The grass blades rustled and Su Tingyun vaguely felt that it was caused by that person standing up. However, he wasn’t very tall so even after standing up his head didn’t show. The opponent’s voice was a bit familiar though, and combined with how he addressed her, Su Tingyun immediately realized who this person was.

Old Wax Head, what did you do?”

Lady Wei, what do you think of me?” Old Wax Head laughed ‘hehe’, then his figure flashed and he rapidly moved towards Su Tingyun. He was at the second stage of Spirit Condensation. Although his strength was also low in the cultivation world, it was still higher than Su Tingyun’s. In addition, he had cultivated for many years so his fighting strength was also much higher than hers. Currently, his figure was moving extremely fast. Even if Su Tingyun was able to catch his shadow, she still couldn’t hit the target again.

At this time, she felt a pair of hands reach out from behind her and firmly bind her. One hand even landed disgustingly at her chest area.

Su Tingyun’s brain exploded with a ‘boom’.

She was currently an old lady ah. Even though her cultivation had advanced and she looked a bit younger, she still looked around fifty to sixty. Yet she was still philandered by a vulgar old man!? And he was able to bring himself to do it!? Alright, fine, now wasn’t the time to think about these things. Su Tingyun had a lot of strength. When she struggled forcefully, not even Old Wax Head could keep her bound. His face had originally been smiling pleased, but now it was also fierce and he gritted his teeth to the point his jaw was emitting creaking sounds.

Old Wax Head pulled out a rope from his spatial universe bag. That rope was lively like a snake and directly headed towards Su Tingyun to bind her.

The rope was an artifact. Though a third rank artifact didn’t count as very highly ranked, it could be controlled with spiritual energy and was very sturdy. It could completely suppress a cultivator of the Spirit Condensation Stage and was one of the most useful items within the low ranked artifacts. While Old Wax Head had his arms around Su Tingyun, the rope was wrapping around and around Su Tingyun to tie her up.

Su Tingyun was currently tall and big. Old Wax Head who was currently hugging her as if his life depended on it from the back while feeling her up was still a chunk shorter than her. Su Tingyun had fiercely headbutted backwards and ended up hitting absolutely nothing. Old Wax Head was completely uninjured as well.

Now what?

Su Tingyun wanted to use the secret art of Golden Thunder to send a lightning strike down, but when she tried revolving her spiritual energy, she discovered that the spiritual energy inside her body seemed as if it was frozen and wasn’t budging an inch. Behind her, Old Wax Head said with an obscene smile, “This is Spirit Binding Rope, a spiritual treasure that I spent huge amounts of money to exchange years earlier. Little Lady, you should give up on resisting.”

After he finished speaking, he walked to Su Tingyun’s front and rubbed his hands together. “Look, our cultivation levels are pretty much the same and our appearances are also a good match, we’re practically a match made in heaven, don’t you think? If you agree to be together with me, I, Chang Jiu, promise to treat you well. What do you think?”

It wasn’t that he didn’t remember his own name but because his cultivation was low so he could only silently accept when other people called him by a nickname. Now that he announced his real name, it counted as lifting his brows in front of her and blowing off some steam.

This old woman had looked at by the Alchemists and she didn’t even blink when she took out a high grade spirit stone to place a bet, so it was clear she was very rich. If he didn’t have to use force, he would rather not. It was best to make her willingly be with him. At that time, won’t everything she possessed be his?

Old Wax Head felt that he was good enough to match this old woman and even had quality to spare. So, at this time, he didn’t hurry to make a move but started boasting instead. “When I was young, I was also quite a talent. Lady Wei, if you stay with me, it won’t be a loss for you either.”

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