Cry of Phoenix: Vol. 1 Chapter 90

Long time no talk! Thank you to all of the people that have continued reading and supporting my series. As Prodigal Alliance Head is inching closer to 70% completion, I decided it was about time to start shifting a bit of attention to my next series so that I can get through it quickly, then move on to the next one, and the next one… orz.


So I’m going to be recruiting translators until I get 2-4 to help me with translating Cry of Phoenix and plans are to start moving Cry of Phoenix to main project status during winter break. I’ll do my best, but plans are just plans. If I don’t get enough helpers, I probably wouldn’t be speed up Cry of Phoenix until the following summer.


Visit this recruitment page for more details if you’re interested in helping translate, and I hope everyone has had a great summer!

Here’s chapter 90


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