Accompanying The Phoenix- Chapter 25.2

Chapter 25.2

….Wow. Translating this one. dumb. chapter. for almost a month feels really bad…. hahh… Hm though, I kinda want to try putting teasers for the next chapter cause I rather like it :). Who knows. If I do, it’ll be there on chapter 26. Welp, anyways it feels good to be free of this (way too long) chapter. Phew!

Also, thank you Uavgas for posting a review on novelupdates! Although I guess you don’t read these posts all too often if you thought I was Alyschu (I wish I was as great as her)! XD, thanks again

TL; Kiki

Editor: Pantpant

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  1. uavgas says:

    Haha, that wasn’t really intentional on my part. I just used the group name that was on Novelupdates for the credit. Thanks again!

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