Sponsored DKC chapter 195 by Dewi S and chapter 196

Wahhhh I really can’t get up too early on a raining Sunday *sigh*. Thanks to the arrival of the goddess Dewi S sponsored chapter 195 is here. Regular chapter 196 is also here both brought to you by June and Ninja. Don’t worry everything will become clear even to Su … Continue reading

DKC chapter 191, 192 yeah staff coming back

Regular Chapter 191 is brought to you by June and AyabeWakasa who just came back from a well deserved vacation. Chapter 192 is brought to you by June and Ninja who have been holding down the ford waiting for everyone’s return. Also seeing a lot of the commentators are back … Continue reading

DKC chapter 183

Sorry missing the link for last chapter… had too much fun celebrating with my little sister. Regular Chapter 183 is brought to you by TheMuffinMan and a very swift Ninja. Sorry for the delay was offline for a while, recovering and didn’t realized last chapter was a cliffhanger. While offline … Continue reading