Sponsored DKC chapter 147 by the goddess

Chapter 147 is sponsored by our neighboring goddess Dewi S brought to you by June and AyabeWakasa. I know people are hating on Nangong Liuyun soon he will go away and Su Luo will level up. Anyhow hopefully we’ll speed up the translations as everyone gets back from vacation, exams … Continue reading

DKC gift chapter 141 and sponsored 142

Chapter 141 is brought to you by June and AyabeWakasa, thank you Dewi S, Siobhan, Rochelle R,and Suood K for sponsoring last 10 chapters.  Chapter 142 is sponsored by Lord Suood K brought to you by June and Ninja. Chapters released together to avoid cliffhangers. Looking forward to everyone’s theories … Continue reading

DKC Chapter 139

Regular Chapter 139 was brought to you by June and AyabeWakasa. I almost committed hubris from being proud of how fast I can translated now…. then realized those chapters are shorter than most…Guess it’s still too early for me to be tutoring Chinese.  Off to prepare some holiday surprise chapters … Continue reading