DKC – Chapter 64 and a request from us

Our regular weekly release of DKC chapter 64 is here. Brought to you by TheMuffinMan, Persse, Brian and June. Persse is reediting and putting together the first 50 chapters of DKC in pdf format. We are looking for cover art for the project. Here is her recruitment message: Feel free to … Continue reading

DKC – chapter 59 and future release schedule

Chapter 59 is this week’s last regular release (starting Halloween a little early) and onto the sponsored chapters we go….By my calculations (take it with a grain of salt since I mixed up my sister’s midterms with Brian’s busy work schedule ~_~) we will be releasing a chapter a day … Continue reading

DKC – chapter 58 thank you my wonderful team

Today’s regular release of chapter 58 is here. Thanks to our translator Miss MuffinMan who managed to escape the clutches of her rambunctious younger cousin.. Oh no…she is being dragged away again… I pray for your safe return -.- Also a big thanks to our editor Brian who managed to … Continue reading