DKC chapter 76 regular release

Here is Monday’s chapter 76 and making it in 3 hours before midnight, with some pushing by Alyschu.  Brought to you by AyabeWakasa, Brian, TheMuffinMan, and June. Yep we got a new Editor….why? I guess us translators are just too much for them to catch up 😉 Here are some words from AyabeWakasa.

“I am a manga/anime nut who has recently become obsessed with C novels.   I am at heart a geek girl who loves gadgets.”

Welcome to the DKC team AyabeWakasa 🙂

Surprise it’s DKC chapter 75

DKC Chapter 75  is here:) Brought to you by June and Brian… Another thank you chapter? Sort of, I am gifting this chapter just so I can complain about the endless Chinese idioms in this chapter. I also need an idiom for; getting their comeuppance for bragging…because while I was translating this chapter I thumbed my nose up at alyschu and ATG staff for how great my outdoors translating setup was compared to theirs. That was until a wasp landed on my laptop…I screamed and ran in doors and waited for sometime to retrieve my laptop with today’s translated chapter of DKC. (-.-) Yep lesson learned, being boastful was not good for my health.

DKC chapter 74 and a visit from our Overlord Sayath

Chapter 74 is our final regular release of the week, brought to you by June and Brian…As I stretched out to get some tan, a thunderous earth-shattering noise knocked me off my lounge chair. With the howling winds roaring in my ear, I looked up to see the enormous silhouette of our Sovereign Sayath, in the eyes of a hurricane, bring with him a storm of chapters…Thankfully our overlord Sayath was merciful and granted us time to rest, but starting Monday we will be back to a chapter a day until we clear the new 10 sponsored chapters in queue. All hail the king of sponsors his majesty Sayath. Oh yeah, I made the title vague to prevent spoilers so don’t be surprised if it changes 😉

DKC chapter 73 and lots of surprises for me

As mentioned before alyschu managed the impossible and send her pet squirrel (no idea how she managed to train one) to secretly deliver chapter 73. Unfortunately she was dragged away by ATG after being discovered… While her pet squirrel was around our DKC main page was updated with the official book covers of the first 3 published volumes (about the first 1000 chapters). Yes the published volumes got a new and much shorter title and we still can’t agree on what it should be. Feel free to make suggestions in the comment section. (Wait I was told the squirrel was alyschu in disguise—smack my head—so obvious.) Anyhow enjoy this unscheduled chapter as our gift to thank you our loyal readers and sponsors. Brought to you by alyschu and Brian. And this webmistress will now go and shamelessly ogle at Nangong Liuyun on the covers (O.O)

DKC chapter 72

Chapter 72 is here bright and early at 2am in the morning…I don’t hate translating the descriptive words with an extra day to vegetate:) Brought to you by June and Brian. Enjoy and yes a pet squirrel dropped by and left an extra translated chapter that will also be released this week…When? Your guess is as good as mine 😉  Oh, right… Jade Annulus is usually a circular disk made of jade either with a hole in the middle or carved. In stories lovers exchange it to show commitment.

DKC chapter 71

Chapter 71 is the first regular release of this week sent out early for the reasons below. Next chapter will be released Wednesday. Still…..this chapter brought me to the brink and I almost gouged my eyes out from all the descriptive words that needed translating. So I asked Brian to vent on my behalf.

“Holy crap this author is such a metawhore ._. Translating this chapter has drained me of any desire to think about a women in relation to any object of nature or fantasy… ESPECIALLY FAIRIES omfg. I’m gonna be seeing motherfking tinkerbells in my sleep for a good week as;ldkjfas; ldkfjas;ldkfjas;dlfkjasd;asdf;alsdkja;”

Ahem* June was too tired/sick to write the intro note, so I suppose that responsibility now falls to me. Translated by June and complained about/edited by Brian

DKC chapter 70 sponsored by Lady Anna

Today we welcome our sponsor Lady Anna J for bring you chapter 70. Feel free to thank her in the comment section. I’m also very excited for the coming chapters but will refrain from giving out spoilers. This chapter was brought to you by Persse (who’s been missing because her computer broke down) a bit of Brian and June. Enjoy:)

DKC chapter 68…celebrating another 10 chapters

Today we would like to use chapter 68 to thank the people that sponsored the last 10 chapters…Overlord Sayath (9) and Her Ladyship Hipployta (1). Two more sponsored chapters to go. Next week’s regular chapters will be released Monday, Wednesday and Friday, that will give me time to catch up with the latest 300 chapters of DKC raws online. Brought to you by June and Brian…  Enjoy:)