Demon King Reincarnation Chapter 4 and a new series!

Hey all, Chapter 4 of Demon King Reincarnation is out and a new translator has joined our cafe! I was actually really hesitant and scared that he would reject my offer but I’m so happy +_+!!

Turb0 is currently translating Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?. It’s a really cute comedic series in which our female main character reincarnates into a spider!! Need more details? Click the link and best of all, read and enjoy!

Demon King Reincarnation, Fixes, Only Sense Online

Chapter 3 of Demon King Reincarnation is out and I have changed the code for the collapsing menu. I’m really bad at coding and such, but it should work on all devices now. Tell me ASAP in Feedback if you’re still encountering problems.

I introduced choco, a translator on my team to Only Sense Online (OSO) and she was hooked! Then I casually mentioned that it had a manga that was untranslated and now choco is the head translator of this new manga that we’re picking up! To be honest, I think I was planning to pick on OSO but I encountered RRS’s manga and life happened so OSO was put in the back burner.. Anyways, let’s all thank choco for volunteering to pick it up!!

MMS update and another new series

Hi all, Chapter 30 and 30.5 of MMS is out and I’ve decided to set up a sponsored system for SummerRain because he said he’s going to do 3 regular chapters a week now. At the moment, it’s 2/3 for the week of July 26 – Aug 1! As always, donations are always optional.

The other news I have is that since imperfectluck has completed Destruction Flag Otome… I don’t know how I did it, but he’s actually translating Demon King Reincarnation as per my (bad? you tell me!) influence. I also recently found out that he’s terrible linking things so I’m going to make an exception and upload the chapters for him on moonbunnycafe. THE ONE AND ONLY EXCEPTION!!


New Series Added: I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags…

Or better known as Destruction Flag Otome to some who have read it before. It was just completely translated by imperfectluck and imperfectluck has allowed me to host it even before its completion. It is a reverse harem in which a monkey-like girl gets transported into an otome game… as a villainess who only had bad endings! See how she tackles down all her destruction flags with her monkey-like (?) strategies!

Enjoy your read.

New Series Added: Magic Robot Aluminare

Greetings fellow Moon Bunnies. This is your friendly neighborhood Admin and JP Machine Translator joeglens.

It is my pleasure to announce a new series added to Moon Bunny Cafe, Magic Robot Aluminare.

Its a fusion of Fantasy and Sci-Fi with Mecha action! so go ahead and read it, also leave comments on how you like/dislike the story.

I cannot promise a consistent update, but I will do my utmost best to continue translating this. This is a fairly new web novel from syosetu which just started last April.

I would like to thank Shinjoiu and lahzar12 who had proofread the chapters