Inside the Cave of Obscenity (18+) – V 2 Ch 4 Pt 1

Heya everyone! Internet’s down right now since Comcast is doing a ‘routine maintenance’… geh. Well, least I can use my phone’s hotspot to post this! This goal bonus chapter is thanks to the Patrons-who-I-still-need-to-make-a-page-to-thank for helping achieve the first pledge goal! Feel free to check out my Patreon if you’re … Continue reading

Inside the Cave of Obscenity (18+) — Volume 2 Chapter 2 Part 6

  Finally finished chapter 2! Woo~! Also, thanks to person-from-RU-community-whose-name-I-don’t-know MinkinSlava & Gish for making it so that I could make the cover image for this volume be ENGLISH! Woo~ (Check out the V2 Illustration link found in the Project Page for full resolution goodness) Hope you all enjoy the … Continue reading