Cat K | Chapter 37

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Chapter 37


The guard who heard my meow cracked open the bedchamber doors for me. I padded lightly into the pitch-black bedroom.

Sugar Prince was sound asleep on the bed. Even as I pounced onto the bed, climbed on top of, and sat on his chest, there was no way he would wake up.

At first, I moved carefully and even breathed quietly, but nowadays I don’t do that anymore. From my experiences up to now, I knew that once this guy fell asleep, he wouldn’t even know if someone were to put him over their shoulder and carry him off. Anyways, the guards were standing watch outside the doors, so there probably wasn’t any need to be on high alert. However, I still couldn’t help but think it was too peaceful.

I sat atop Sugar Prince’s chest and stared at his face.

The wound where I had torn Sugar Prince’s lower lip was still plainly visible. That was where I bit him last night. I had bitten the guy when he suddenly rubbed his muzzle on me. As a bonus, I kicked his shin as hard as I could too.

When his lips first pressed onto mine, all I could think was, ‘Is he insane?’ But…

「Yes. I like thee very much.」

Thee, he said. Thee. Geez— so cheesy. Blech Blech.

I tapped Sugar Prince’s lips with my paw.

They say that a tame cat jumps onto the stove first. The old proverb got nothing wrong at all.

How dare he stick his mouth on me out of the blue? And without a word at that. I mean, not that he could do that even if he told me, but anyways.

The moment his lips pressed against me, I was so surprised that my heart felt like it would burst.

He had no idea how much my head hurt thinking about it after I chased him out. I was so surprised that my heart pounded loudly and my whole body tingled. I stayed wide awake in that state all night.


「If I tell him I like him, do you think he would accept me?」

He said he liked me. He liked me from the moment he first saw me.

First, he rubbed his lips on a cat due to a relapse of affection deficiency. Now he even made a move on my human self. To tell the truth, now I couldn’t tell if he was being like this because of affection deficiency or because he had a perverted streak. How long had we even known each other? How could he say he liked me, for goodness sake? And he even sticks his muzzle on me whenever he pleases.

I unsheathed my claws and poked Sugar Prince’s lip.

In reality, I hadn’t kissed Sugar Prince just once or twice. I had been butting his lips every night in order to transform into a human. Technically, the act of stealing his lips without permission was the same. But to any degree, butting his muzzle in cat form was nothing more than that. Doing that as a human was an issue on a whole different level.

Well, when he said he liked me, it couldn’t have been a lie. The guy didn’t have a reason to lie. Our relationship was merely that of meeting for a bit at night and chatting, but it could have come to mean something more for that perpetually lonely guy. To tell the truth, fooling around with that guy as a human had been fun for me too.


I narrowed my eyes and inched towards his lips. And with my tongue, I lapped at his bottom lip. As I did so, my whole body started tingling from the tips of my ears to the end of my tail. My heart pounded rapidly, too. At this rate, I might have a heart attack.

With a tumultuous heart, I returned to my spot on Sugar Prince’s chest and laid down.

My heart still thumped loudly, and my toes tingled. I took out my claws and tried lightly scratching his chest, but the tingling didn’t go away at all. To add to that, Sugar Prince’s voice kept echoing in my ears.

「Yes. I like thee very much.」

They were infinitely ticklish and cheesy words, but Sugar Prince’s golden eyes as he said them were so very pretty.

I scratched furiously at my ear where his voice lingered with my back foot, then snorted in the direction of Sugar Prince’s sleeping face.

He doesn’t even have a big and bouncy chest. How dare he say that he likes me without even realizing his own situation? 

In any case, I received an apology and even a promise from him that he wouldn’t do it again, so it couldn’t be helped. I’d have to let it go this time. If he did it again, then next time I was going to kick his whatchamacallit instead of just his shin. For sure. For sure.


I said I’d think about it. I didn’t have a clue what to do about that. I had no idea why I’d gone and said that. Because of that guy, who said he liked me and such without even knowing I was Kay at night, I thought about it over and over again, but I couldn’t come to a conclusion at all. If I tried thinking about it, the inside of my head just became tangled and confused.

He said he’d fallen flat for me at first sight… but he’s a loner who only has me to play with him… If I reject him, he might cry… 

What, to be fair, even though my Sugar Prince doesn’t have a plump chest, he’s kind and capable. And seeing that he likes me, he has functioning eyes. And his smiling eyes are pretty. And he smells nice. And his service mentality is thorough. And he works hard. And he’s handsome. And he’s tall. And he has horse muscles. And he’s good at waving a feather. And he’s good at catch the tail. And he understands my cat talk. And he’s good at petting. And he’s fast at catching onto things. And he has a nice voice. And he does everything I want. And his chest bed is great. And his body is warm. And. And. And…

Anyways. Well, he was a pretty okay guy.

That’s it. Since I already said so, I could just think about it for a long~ time. It didn’t really matter since I hadn’t mentioned how long I’d think about it for.

With some effort, I erased my thoughts about Sugar Prince and brought up the party that was going to be tomorrow.

I had worried about how I would transform if Sugar Prince went off to the ball, but that had also been resolved easily. He said he would go to the ball for a bit and come back late at night to rest for a bit, so it would be simple to butt his lips then. As for the clothes, Sugar Prince could come and help me put them on, so that was settled.

Without a doubt, it would be super fun. Lots of tasty things to eat, lots of pretty women. To add to that, the dresses here were quite low cut at the bust, so it would be a pleasure to the eyes for sure. I’ll dance a ton with those pretty women, too.

Hm. On the topic of pretty women, I’m suddenly reminded.

Before, in my dream, Sugar Prince rubbed his muzzle with some woman. No matter how much I called out to him, he didn’t even respond. He wouldn’t take a fancy to some woman at tomorrow’s party and rub his face on her, would he? After saying he liked me, he wouldn’t possibly do that. We’ll see if he does. Then I will properly tear up that cheap muzzle of his. Hmph.



If that happens, I really won’t just sit back and do nothing—!

Omg so hard to believe the summer’s almost over! I’m really sorry for the slow updates, and I really really hope I can keep up a decent pace this school year (unlike last year rip OTL i’m sorry).

And we’re finally here! Next chapter is the ball!

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