Cat K | Chapter 33.2

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Chapter 33.2

The youth’s expression wrinkled as he mouthed his words. Without a doubt, he was grumbling. Calix brushed the youth’s wrinkled brow with a fingertip, but when the youth caught sight of his finger, his expression immediately became sullen.

Well, well.

Calix mentally clicked his tongue.

How the youth’s expression, glaring fiercely as he was, would immediately fall and he would become almost apologetic in his movements when he saw his finger was so very cute. The youth did not know this, but Calix would have gladly let himself be bitten even more if it seemed the youth wanted it. Always, even as he did as his greedy heart desired, if the opposite party’s reaction seemed unfavourable, he would immediately become alert and tread carefully. He instinctively avoided doing anything to make the other hate him.

The youth still seemed to be bothered by the finger he had bitten, but, well… he just looked so adorable now, with the way he was looking at Calix with his big eyes, especially after how fiercely he had bitten him earlier. It was impressive in itself that those tiny teeth had even managed to puncture his skin. The youth had been alarmed by merely a few drops of blood, and he licked at the wound while gingerly glancing up at Calix.

Calix firmly suppressed his smile at the sight of the youth’s furrowed brow that was again slowly moving. As soon as the youth’s feet atop his own began naturally following his own movements, his forehead once again relaxed as he calmed down. Calix held the youth’s waist with one hand and his small hand with the other, and they began dancing in place.


As they twirled through a half-turn, an exclamation burst from the youth’s lips. Seeing his black eyes shining brightly, it seemed he was enjoying himself. Calix sped up his pace a little.

“Uwah. I’m getting dizzy.”

The youth spoke again, blinking his eyes. But his face was brimming with an expression that said he was having fun. Not from the exercise of memorizing the steps; on the contrary, after spinning round and round, he was brimming with joy. From this, it was clear he wasn’t used to dancing, because he definitely would not have let this happen if he was aware that he was currently learning the female’s part.

Calix pulled the youth into his arms flush against his body. He stilled his steps as he held the youth, but perhaps because he thought they were still dancing, the youth stayed still. They stayed like that for a while, after which the youth, whose head was leaning  against his chest as he breathed gently, cautiously looked up. Calix lowered his gaze a from the youth’s black eyes, full of trust.


The youth’s lips, as they spoke with a curious tone, were brighter and redder than usual. He was still flushed from the dancing. Calix fully felt the soft breaths escaping from between his lips. On pure impulse, Calix raised a hand and touched the youth’s lips with his fingers.

The youth’s eyes that were looking at him were full of innocent puzzlement. And abundantly blanketing that childish innocence was a deep trust. Even when he was this close, even when his hand was upon him, he did not reveal a smidgen of caution.

Would he ever change? Could he not always remain like that?

Calix thought as he brushed his fingers against the youth’s lips.

Would these black eyes full of trust begin to change someday? Would they ever have surprise and shock branded into them, forming an expression of fear and caution?

It was a frightening thought.

“Lixy, what is it? Does your finger hurt?”

The youth grabbed the finger he had bitten and asked with a sullen voice. Calix gently held and stopped the youth’s hand holding his finger and lowered his head.

As soon as he pressed against those lips that let out those soft, gentle breaths, the youth’s breathing halted. The moist and soft texture he had tasted with his finger was even more tender now that he tasted it with his lips.

As their lips gently met, Calix closed his eyes.

The youth, who had stopped breathing for a moment, exhaled shallowly through his nose. Calix drank in the breath the youth let out without leaving even a whisper behind.

The youth’s breath had the scent of cookies. Almost humorously, tasting the sweet aroma of the cookies and the sensation of their barely touching lips, his head spun.

The heart of the youth wrapped in his embrace thumped quickly. Calix felt an urge to  press his ear to his small chest and listen to the beat of his heart. He was also filled with a desire to spend all night like this with their lips pressed against each other. He felt that he could stay like this, joined together in a kiss, forever.


The youth’s lips that were touching his opened slightly, and a small voice flowed out. Eyes closed, Calix whispered, “shhh—”, and quieted the youth.

A little… just a little longer like this.

–   –   –

<<< TN – I found this song a little while ago, and it reminded me so much of this scene! There are English captions. It’s just so perfect that it’s a male-male duet as well. >>>

Wow so I had this done by the end of Thanksgiving break, but it took a while for this to be edited…so it’s coming out now after finals are done! Alrighty this is their ‘first kiss’ XD and wow I guess I’ve had mine this chapter too!

Hehe got me a sweet boyfriend for the first time ever…which I totally was not expecting for my first semester of college! >///< My life has been crazy with lots of crawling through mud, running, dates, football games (BTHO LSU!), and finals!

So far, I know that I’ve got As in all my major classes, but I’m waiting for the stupid chem lab grades to come out (they change the curve every year) and I’m THIS close to a 4.0, if not for my currently-missing lab grade! Anyways, happy holidays and hope you liked the chapter?

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