Cat K | Chapter 33.1

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Chapter 33.1


“We will make and deliver it as quickly as possible.”

The tailor bowed and exited the room. With some effort, I tore my gaze from the swaying tape measure looped around the tailor’s arm. Seeing how riveted I was to every last motion of the measuring tape in my human form, it seemed I had become too used to being a cat.

Once the tailor left and the door shut, Sugar Prince came and shoved his nose into my hair. I tilted my head back and looked up at the guy. And this time, he pressed his face against my forehead. His golden eyes slowly curved into a smile as they met mine. But even as I stared at him, he had absolutely no mind to remove his muzzle. For a moment, I wondered if he was some sort of weirdo.

“Since I told them to work quickly, you should be able to try it on the day before the ball.”

Sugar Prince, who had been smooching my forehead, removed his lips and spoke. I glared back at him while scrubbing my forehead clean with the back of my hand. He would never slobber over my fur like that when he brought his face close to me in my cat form, but when he did it to my bare skin, he always left little smooches here and there. I wanted to tell him to cut it out, but I decided to bear with it. The teeth marks I had made this afternoon still remained on his hand, glaringly reminding me of my guilt.

Again. Again. Again.

At some point, without me noticing, I was on his lap as he sat in the chair. I looked once at his thigh, which had somehow become my designated seat, then once at his face, and once at the perfectly good chair beside him. But any thoughts of moving to sit in the chair beside him disappeared quickly. Since if I sat in the chair, my butt would be cold. Compared to that, Sugar Prince’s thigh was addictively warm. Above all, it was the best for the body to be comfortable.

I grabbed one of the cookies laid out on the table and began eating it. Since I couldn’t eat it when I was a cat, I had to make sure I ate a lot at night.

“When are you having the party?”

Even though I asked with a mouth full of cookies, Sugar Prince, successfully understood my words and grabbed my hand, holding it up. As I stared blankly, wondering what he was doing, he straightened my fingers one by one until there were four fingers held up.

“… in four days?”

As I asked in a tentative voice, he nodded his head. It was something that he could have just said, what kind of baby play was this? What was this grown man doing? But the words that were about to explode from my mouth slowly retreated back down my throat. It was because the finger with teeth holes poke-poked in it was waving back and forth in front of my eyes. Somehow it felt as if my weakness was being played on. With effort, I ignored the finger and stuffed my mouth with more cookies.

I was wordlessly chewing with both my cheeks filled with cookies when suddenly, something tickled me at the back of my neck. Turning my head around, I found this rascal Sugar Prince was once again smooching, my neck this time. I poked his forehead with a finger, and he calmly smiled back at me. Lix, this bastard, he must have thought he was some sort of Yang Gui-Fei coyly smiling at me with his eyes.

I remained still, but he seemed to take it as if I was telling him to do as he wished, as he stamped his lips all over my neck. Occasionally, something wet brushed against me as well. The hot breath that swept past my skin made my entire body shiver, and I scratched at my thigh with my nails.

“…hey. I didn’t get to eat any fruit.”

I poked at the hand that had at some point crept inside my shirt. The hand stroking my stomach had been so confident that I had thought for a moment that it was my own hand.

But then this guy said, “You have to digest the food you eat at night thoroughly,” as he massaged my stomach with his hand.

His affection deficiency syndrome should have gotten better since I started sticking to him every day and playing with him, but somehow it seemed to have only become worse. At this rate, he would be wanting to suckle his mother’s teat.


As the image flashed briefly in my mind, I shivered in disgust.

Sugar Prince suckling latched onto Julia’s naisu bosom. Blegh. Blegh. The cookie didn’t taste so good anymore.

“Ah wait. Lixy.”

With effort, I changed my train of thought, but Sugar Prince was still busy smooching my neck. I grabbed the guy’s ear and yanked him off.

“Hey. The thing is, I can’t dance.”


Only once he’d heard what I said did Sugar Prince tear his gaze from my neck.

Well, it wasn’t that I couldn’t dance at all. Actually, I was quite confident in my footwork. It was that I just couldn’t dance this specific dance at the party.

Sugar Prince, thinking intently for a moment, soon grinned once again and, holding my waist, stood from his seat. Then he walked over to an open space and put me down.

“What are you doing?”

As I looked up at him with glum eyes, Sugar Prince grabbed my waist and picked me up again. I considered kicking at his thighs for a second, but in the end decided not to. It was because I caught a glimpse of the finger I had wounded once again. I had to cover up those teeth marks or something soon.

While I was still deep in thought, he set me down on top of his feet. Seeing that I was standing on Sugar Prince’s feet, I scrunched up my face.

Wut. I’m not some baby learning to walk.


Asdlfj;asldfja What a way to be subtle SP… Anyways, there’s more to come (as always), and thanks Lolkika:) for the coffee and warm welcome!


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