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Chapter 30



He called the youth’s name but, unsurprisingly, there was no reply. Calix passed his hand over the cheek of the youth sleeping soundly on his chest.

The youth was quite the sleepyhead. During the day, he was busy going around amusing himself, and at night, he would transform into his human form. There was no way he wouldn’t be short on sleep. It was certainly quite enjoyable to be able to spend time together at night. However, if he were to keep up this pace everyday, he would definitely suffer from exhaustion and ruin his health. Not to mention how sneaking out of the bedchambers every night and then secretly returning before the break of dawn was another stressful task for the youth.

It would have been better if everything could be revealed, and they could spend their time together comfortably. Yet, that seemed to be something the youth tried to avoid. He might have just been needlessly worried about his secret. But, for the time being, Calix would act like he knew nothing, as the youth wanted.

His chest was weighed down more than usual. There was a definite difference from when he was a small cat. But even now, it didn’t really feel heavy. Rather he felt reassured to feel the increased weight, which felt far more real than the lightweight feline body. And he was glad the area he could embrace had increased as well.

Calix covered the youth tightly with the sheet so that the cold draft wouldn’t reach him. And underneath the sheet, he slipped his hand inside the youth’s clothes. 

The first place his hand touched was a smooth, silky back. Starting from his waist, Calix slowly traced up along the youth’s spine. The soft and smooth skin, with no resistance, slipped under his touch. It was as if his hand had melted into his skin. Not even the most expensive silk could possibly compare to the smooth feeling under his fingers.

“Mn mm…”

The youth squirmed slightly and let out a light moan. Calix stopped his hand for a second. The youth that tossed and turned for a while and mumbled,

“…Sugar Prince~…”

in his sleep. Then he returned to breathing evenly.

“Didn’t I tell you my name was Calix?”

Even while whispering this in his ear, in his heart, he didn’t dislike the name ‘Sugar Prince.’ Rather, it only made the youth feel cuter. He only ever called him that while talking to himself or in his sleep, while in front of Calix he would always act cheeky and cute by calling him ‘Lixy.’

Calix moved his hand once more and stroked the youth’s bare skin.

He stroked his back  until he was satisfied, then let his hand glide over to the youth’s supple bottom. Stroking his hip as he moved downwards, a plump and pleasantly round shape greeted his touch. Despite the youth’s slender body, his bottom was quite plump. It was a youthfully adorable butt. 

He wanted to touch the youth’s stomach and chest like he did before, but he was afraid that might wake up the youth, who was still soundly sleeping on his stomach. Instead, Calix appeased his disappointment by stroking him along the length of his side.

He had mentioned earlier that he was of royal blood.

Calix gazed at the sleeping youth’s face.

He had never considered the youth’s status before. The only thing that mattered was that the youth had become the one to find his way into Calix’s embrace. There was no need to think about this and that. But…


It was noticeable that the youth had been raised and treated like a precious treasure. The inky darkness that everyone held in their hearts was so faint in him. It was because he had grown up showered with love. Because he had been raised with so much love, he knew he was precious himself and acted with dignity and pride in every single motion. Every time he found something he liked,  hated, or wanted, he would speak up without hesitation and demand it. With a personality like this, it wasn’t surprising that he was royalty. Not at all…

“It’s a burden..”

Calix murmured as he stroked the youth’s back.

It didn’t seem like the youth was high up in the line of succession to the throne. If he had been, he wouldn’t have been left to grow up so naively. It was far more likely that he had grown up in a wealthy family with a high status, showered with abundant love and care. But even so, nobility was nobility. From that side (K’s family), they would probably be using all their resources to find this child. It was clear as day that they would never give up.

“Of course, I can’t let them take him.”

From the moment the youth had found his way into his embrace, he had belonged to Calix. Even if the youth tried to leave him in the future, and even if his family put their life on the line to find him, Calix could never let it happen.

If he was going to leave him like that, he should never have appeared before his own eyes.

He should never have appeared from the forest and cried out with his adorable voice. He should never have looked at him with those black eyes without a trace of fear or doubt, or unhesitantly given himself to him. He should never have let him know the heat from his small body, nor his adorable cuteness. He should never have let him know that this lovely existence itself existed. And so it was already too late. He already discovered all of that. Nobody, not even the child himself could separate them anymore. He would not let it happen

The worst thing would be if the youth himself tried to leave.

It was a simple task to hold onto the  youth against his will, but that tied-down youth would not be the same youth. The one he wanted was the youth as he was right now. He did not want him to be broken or changed.

Then what should I do, Calix mused to himself.

Taming the youth gradually like he had been doing up until now would be the best way. Like how the youth had yearned for him with an uncomfortable expression even when he laid down in the soft bed just a while ago, he only had to continue to tame him until he was absolutely incapable of leaving him.

Eating, dressing, playing, observing, listening, sleeping…

So that he would not be able to do anything if it was not with him.


The youth mumbled in his sleep.

It wasn’t ‘Sugar Prince’. It wasn’t ‘Lixy’ either. He was calling somebody else.

Calix reached out his fingers and caressed the lips of the mumbling child. As he touched his lips, he slightly inserted his fingertip inside and touched his soft and moist tongue. The youth’s forehead creased slightly, but he soon began to nibble on his finger. Calix chuckled quietly at the ticklish sensation.

The youth had said that he was looking for a book about beings from another world.

Calix had neither heard about nor seen such a thing. However, if he were to search the records of times far in the past, there might be perhaps a sentence recorded about it. Since he had ordered his servants to find it, if it did exist it would be found at all costs. And…

As Calix stroked the youth’s lips, which had now stopped moving, he enjoyed their softness to his heart’s content.

… and, as he had ordered it, it would be burned. So that not even a trace remained. 

So that by no means, not even by chance, could news of it reach the youth’s eyes or ears.




A large hand stroked my back. Each time something soft touched the crown of my head, I could hear the sound of a kiss. The gentle sensation was gradually moving down from the top of my head and stopped at my ear. I squirmed at the tickling, and I heard a whisper in my ear.


At the familiar voice, I lifted my heavy eyelids.


As I mumbled, Sugar Prince patted my butt and whispered.

“You should wake up.”

Sugar Prince was definitely whispering to me to wake up, but, strangely, it felt like he was suggesting that I should keep sleeping instead. I rubbed my cheek against Sugar Prince’s chest and wiggled my body.

“I don’t want to wake up…”

Even thinking about getting up from the warm and firm chest, I felt some tears were going to squeeze out. I wanted nothing more than to keep sleeping like this. Sugar Prince patted my butt wordlessly. I couldn’t tell if he was telling me to sleep more or get up. I resisted the overwhelming reluctance to get up and lifted my body. As I did so, cold air rushed in.

Ah. What a pain. What a pain.

Seeing my grimacing face, Sugar Prince chuckled quietly. I shot a glare at Sugar Prince and stepped off the bed.

I had just woken up from a brief sleep, but my head was filled with only the desire to go back to sleep again. I was in my human body but whatever and wanted to sleep. I watched Sugar Prince getting up from the bed. I needed that guy to turn in and go to his room to sleep quickly so that I could go sleep too. I had no idea why he was moving so slowly.

“…you aren’t leaving?”

As I asked with a brusque voice, he stroked my head with a hand. It was a pleasant touch, but it only got me even more annoyed because it made me sleepy. I slapped away his hand.

“Go to bed already.”

So that I can sleep too.

As I said this while staring up at him, Sugar Prince nodded his head. In a hurry, I pushed him towards the door.

“Bye. Sleep well. Sleep quickly. Sleep deeply.”

As I said this while pushing him, Sugar Prince suddenly turned around and looked at me. ‘Ah just go quickly and sleep!’ this scream filled me up to my chin. I considered actually shouting it out, but Sugar Prince opened his mouth to speak first.

“There will be a ball in the imperial palace in a few days. Would you go with me?”

“Ball? Pah-ti?

I stopped at the mention of the ball and looked at him. Those golden eyes narrowed slightly, and he nodded.

If it was a ball, then was it that ball? That very same ball for which Wave-dre had dressed me up in couple’s clothes with Sugar Prince, and which I was eagerly waiting for?

By the look of it, it must indeed be that ball. But wasn’t it already decided that I would go?

As I stared up at him, Sugar Prince added,

“The banquet begins late at night and goes on until the early hours of the morning. I would like if you came as well.”

“…it starts late at night?”

“That’s right.”

Heol. Then what about my new outfit? What about the pretty noblewomen!

As I was shocked frozen, Sugar Prince came right up to me and grasped my hands. Then he spoke in a smooth voice.

“Until then, come to my palace. I will prepare your clothes as well.”

I opened my eyes attentively at the mention of a new outfit.

Clothes for me? Party clothes?

“You’re going to make me clothes?”

He nodded at my calm question.

“The same as yours?”

He nodded again. And so I nodded my head as well.

“Then I guess I’ll go.”

Well, if I was getting a new party outfit, then it made no difference. And if they were made for my human body, then I would get pants as well this time.

I smiled contentedly, but suddenly Sugar Prince lifted me up. Then he began striding towards the door.

“Lixy. Where are we going?”

“Since we are on the topic, we should move to my palace/castle.”

I thought for a second and just nodded my head again.

There was nothing to complain about if he was taking me to the Crown Prince’s palace/castle, since I wouldn’t have to go all the way here in the cold night by myself. Since there was no need to go to the library either. I yawned widely and wrapped my arms around Sugar Prince’s neck. I nuzzled my face against his shoulder, and it felt warm and toasty. As I thought, Sugar Prince was definitely the best heater. As I felt the drowsiness slowly coming onto me, I closed my eyes. He would wake me once we arrived.

“…Lixy. Instead of just one outfit, can you make me two?”

As I murmured in a sleepy voice, Lix’s body vibrated slightly. He must have been laughing.

“However many you want.”

At the quiet reply, I smiled contentedly. Score.


(ed: Yandere Calix is giving me the chills)


Whenever SP narrates, it gets darker and more yandere-ish, and whenever K narrates, I just become more hysterical and die from frustration/irony.

My usual KagamiTL editor oppa is taking a break to focus more on his translations, so say hello to TribeOfOne who is stepping in to edit Cat K for now!


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