Cat K | Chapter 28

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Chapter 28


I knew it. Just as I expected.

This time, Wave-dre broke off from the group on his own again and headed towards the palace where the Emperor resided. That foul-smelling thing would undoubtedly be in his breast pocket. This conspiracy was the reason why even now the Emperor was unable to get up from his sickbed.

Because of that bastard Wavedre, Sugar Prince had been living while buried under a pile of paperwork. If the Emperor had been fine, he would only have to work a little bit, and then he could spend all day rolling around playing with me. Wavedre’s actions couldn’t be anything other than disgraceful.

While I was tiptoeing behind the guy, I rolled all around on the dirt ground. I had even taken off my collar before coming out. If I merely disguised myself in filth, nobody would be able to recognize me.

Fundamental rule number one of being a spy:

When passing through enemy territory, disguise oneself so as not to expose one’s identity.

Without a collar and covered with dirt, they would think of me as a passing stray. Hmph.

Just like before, as soon as Wave-dre arrived, someone came out from the side door.

I lowered my body and darted towards the side door but didn’t stay to watch their secret transaction. I had to infiltrate the building before the human finished the transaction and closed the door.

As soon as I was inside the door, I saw many humans going about their business busily. This appeared to be the space where all the items needed in the Emperor’s palace passed through. I crouched in a corner not far from the side door and waited for the human to return.

Not long after, the human entered stealthily.

When I observed them, they merely had average appearances. A spy’s livelihood was an appearance that didn’t stand out, and that human was born with a spy’s talent.

Perhaps because of the crime he was committing, the human looked around at their surroundings with a slightly hardened face and began walking inside the building. I stuck close to the edge of the path, almost crawling, and followed them.

What kind of huge secret would be behind this plot?

I had already noticed that there was a huge conspiracy behind this, but it just got worse the more I found out about it.

Right now, I was already following the 4th human.

The human who had first made contact with Wave-dre very casually passed the item to the next human while walking past them in the hallway. It was an action so subtle that, if not for my sharp senses, I might have missed it. Progressing like this, right now it was already the 4th human.

The first human appeared to have the lowest rank, and as the sequence continued, the humans’ manner of dress became more luxurious. In order to approach the Emperor, it was likely that one must be at least an aristocrat. Even if the humans around a member of the Imperial family were servants and maids, they would be from noble families. As a familiar example, it was said that my pretty Julia was also some aristocratic family’s daughter.

In any case, if it was this easy for so many people to pass through, it was reasonable to see that the Emperor’s palace as controlled by the black curtain. Maybe my Sugar Prince’s castle was the same as here. I gradually started to become worried about Sugar Prince, but I had to bear with it. I had to deal with my job here so that my Sugar Prince would be safe.

This place is…

I looked around at my surroundings and narrowed my eyes.

The place the 4th human had arrived at was none other than the place where food was prepared. It was not where they baked or fried the food, but the place where the prepared food was set out and underwent a final inspection. It seemed that the human was going to mess with the food at this place.

With tense eyes, I observed the human’s actions.

The human began to push a tray that held rapidly steaming soup and a simple meal. It seemed he was going to take that to the Emperor. I was following them when they suddenly stopped in a secluded area and slipped their hand inside their breast pocket. I tensed my entire body as I focused on the human’s movement.

In order to reveal a conspiracy, one must have proof. I absolutely must take that item and run away safely.

Fixating on the hand that was slowly emerging from his breast, I counted to myself.

Three. Two. One.

I kicked off the ground and launched my body. I snatched the object held in the quickly-approaching human’s hand and landed on the ground. The human gasped and looked at me. I looked back with a smirk in my eyes and ran madly back the way I came.

Sugar Prince! I did it!



Ugh. Im going to die.

I dropped the item I held in my mouth and flopped onto the dirt floor. Even though it was a filthy dirt floor and I had slobber all around my mouth because I had been holding the item while running the whole time, I didn’t have the strength to care. I completely sprawled on the ground, huffing, and my breath began to come back to me gradually. I rolled my eyes to look at the item I had dropped.

It was a small glass bottle.

If I had been able to hold it in my mouth, it was undoubtedly a very small glass bottle. Inside, the transparent glass bottle contained a strange-colored powder.

Whats this?

I thought while tapping the glass bottle with my paw and rolling it.

This was not what I had expected. I thought it would definitely be that sleeping potion that witch had made. But, as I had quietly observed from beside her, the witch’s potion was a thick liquid. And this was just powder.

Sniffing, this was definitely the same smell that was coming from Sugar Prince’s hands. Trying to think back, I wasn’t absolutely sure, but I thought the witch’s potion had a slightly similar smell.

Straightening my body, I sat up and began rolling the glass bottle with both paws. Each time the glass bottle rolled, the powder inside shifted about.

Even though this wasn’t the witch’s potion, there was no doubting it was very suspicious. This was most likely the reason why the Emperor could not wake up.

Maybe it was one of the ingredients in the witch’s potion? That would explain the similar color and smell. That day, I had put the witch to sleep with my kick, so they couldn’t have been able to retrieve the potion, but there was a good chance they were using a similar ingredient in their desperation. But since it wasn’t the witch’s potion, there was no way it would have effect from just one dose. That was why Wave-dre came to the palace every so often to deliver this.

…Aren’t I a little too much of a genius?

I put my paw down on the rolling glass bottle, stopped it, and put on a smile.

Codename 00K, mission complete.



Wow…K actually didn’t get caught! Lmao if you guys think this chapter was a twist, just wait until next chapter mWHAHAHAHAHA.

Eek! gonna get my wisdom teeth removed Thursday T.T wait, this is going to be published Friday… oops…yesterday. Wish me luck/good recovery mehhhh I will probably have more time to TL tbh bc I’ll be at home recovering instead of busting my ass at the lab hehe


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