Cat K | Chapter 27

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Chapter 27


I am codename 00K.

I am an independent freelancer spy.

A spy must always conceal their identity. That way, they can easily approach and pry information from the opposing side. In order to conceal their identity, it is vital that they have excellent acting skills. Just like right now.

“Haha. It really goes well together, Your Highness.”

The suspect, Wave-dre, laughs.

He didn’t look the slightest bit suspicious as he wore a smile, dressed my Sugar Prince in clothes, and complimented him. However, I could already see his true colors. This guy was definitely a spy.

“Making the clothes out of the same fabric like this, you really go well together. Hahaha.”

Wave-dre alternated between looking at me and Sugar Prince and even clapped his hands together. I concealed my suspicious look and meowed in satisfaction, Nyaang— Actually, I really was satisfied by the clothes, but everything was to conceal my true intentions. I had to portray myself as merely a cat to that guy.

“Oh my. It is so cute.”

Julia spoke with an excited tone to Sugar Prince. I stood beside Sugar Prince and looked at the mirror.

The vest and cape made from the same material as Sugar Prince’s clothes fit me snugly. The luxurious green fabric was embroidered with gold thread, and even the buttons were gold. I was worried about what I should do if he had come with tacky pants with a tail hole in them, but I was glad that such an unfortunate event did not occur.

I turned my body and carefully inspected the front, left, and right views. Mm, as I thought, it was a bit cool. No, it was extremely cool. I turned my gaze towards Sugar Prince, and he was looking at me while wearing clothes of the same design. Looking into the golden eyes that met mine, I cried satisfactorily, Nyaang—

We must be attending the party dressed up like this in couple’s clothing. Even if I was a cat, they couldn’t possibly leave me off the guest list after making me clothes like this, right? If that did happen, I was prepared to immediately rip up Sugar Prince’s party outfit.


Lix. Am I going to the party too?

As I raised my head and asked, he smiled wordlessly. Somehow, it felt like he hadn’t understood me and was patching it up with a smile. But, whatever, it made no difference. What could he do if I followed him to the party? He would just have to go with me.

And if that twerpy zergling-child was going to stick to Sugar Prince, I wouldn’t just watch. This guy was 100% clear as day my Sugar Prince. If someone dared approach the Sugar Prince who I marked as mine, I couldn’t forgive them. No matter what. No matter what.

Wave-dre was fiddling here and there, making last minute adjustments. I looked at the party outfit that Wave-dre was adjusting with slightly regretful eyes. I wanted to wear it all day today, but it seemed I had to wait. Of course, it wasn’t good to wear the clothes made for the party today. I would have to be patient.

“Then I will take my leave.”

Wave-dre bowed at the waist, packed up, and left the bed chambers. I stuck close to Sugar Prince and saw him off.

Once Wave-dre left, Sugar Prince picked me up and held me tightly in his arms.

Recently, Sugar Prince was rarely apart from me. Usually, he lifted me into his embrace whenever he had the chance. Even when I was in his arms, even when I was curled up in his shirt, even when I was sitting on his desk and watching, he always had his hand on me, stroking me or fiddling with my fur. But the problem was that he was not just stroking or embracing me.

It seemed that, recently, this guy was suffering from a severe lack of affection. Whenever he was bored, he would lift me up into his arms and press his lips to my cheek. I let that kind of thing go without doing anything, but he gradually expanded his domain and now pressed his muzzle on my entire body.

My head, cheeks, neck, and even until my back, I let it slide. He wasn’t exactly slobbering all over me, and I also got the gist of how much was this loner guy was starved for affection that he was became this. But then he pressed his trap to my rear end. I growled and warned him to move his muzzle away, and that guy silently grew farther from my rear, but this time, he pushed his muzzle on the bridge of my nose.

I even attempted to fix this guy’s habit.

With the notion of letting him taste my soft fur since he liked pressing his lips to it so much, I slipped my paw into his mouth. He momentarily put on a surprised expression as my paw intruded inside his mouth, but then he smiled slightly with his eyes and began to nibble on my paw. Heol.

Perhaps because he possessed a conscience, that guy chewed with his his teeth hidden behind his lips, and his appearance looked so happy that, well… In the end, I let him do as he wanted and allowed my paws to be gnawed on. From then on, that guy rubbed his lips on my fur however he liked, as if he had gotten some sort of muzzle license.

To tell the truth, it wasn’t all that uncomfortable.

Different from stroking me, that guy’s lips gave me a different strangely pleasant feeling. When his face was buried deep in my fur, I could feel his breath clearly on me. Then, just like before, when he pressed his lips to my head, my entire body felt itchy, and the tip of my tail tingled. To say it clearly, it felt extremely good.

But I couldn’t help but be worried.

This guy clung to me like he couldn’t ever let go. How would he live later when I was gone? I worried about what I would do with this kind and gentle loner who smiled with his eyes every time he met my gaze.

Looking up blankly, half worried and half annoyed, the guy smiled with his eyes again. Ultimately, I let out a deep sigh while looking at the guy’s face and nothing else.

I worried about how I would go back when I was being haunted by his eyes full of mirth.

I tapped Sugar Prince’s chest with my paw and pounced down onto the ground. Then I took a few steps towards the door and called towards him.


Lix. I’ll go out for a bit, so can you just play here by yourself?

Sugar Prince’s eyes narrowed slightly. It seemed that he didn’t like it. But it couldn’t be helped. Because I had an important mission. I turned and left through the door.

Right about now, Wave-dre would be off-guard, so I had to carefully follow behind him. I could not fail to thoroughly stamp down this huge conspiracy. I had no doubt that my Sugar Prince, who was only gentle and nice, could not even imagine such a fearsome plot. The clever me had to protect him. At all costs.


Anyways, Sugar Prince is starting to freak me and editor oppa out a lil’ with whatever the hell he’s doing here…


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