Cat K [BL] Chapter 1 Release!

Hi, this is itikky! I’m super excited to announce that the “second” release (bc you’ve all read the Prologue, of course) of the super hilarious, fantasy, cat, BL novel Cat K is out! 🙂 I’m currently really addicted to reading this in my free time, so I hope you guys like it as much as I’m neglecting my homework haha…

Chapter 1

[I can’t really make any promises, but I really love this story, so I think you guys can expect an update every week or so. The chapters will be around 1500~2000 words each, but the original Korean file I have isn’t really divided into chapters…kms I think I spent like 20 minutes going through the huge 500 page Word file separating it into random, similarly sized chunks for chapters. At least you guys know it’ll be a long one, not a half-assed oneshot. Buckle up for drama, I guess? Bc how else is this cat story five-frigging-hundred pages?!]
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