Careless Demon Volume 7, Chapter 0, Part 2 out Saturday (see text)

Hello, folks! I’m on a week long trip, which normally wouldn’t stop me from just posting the chapter I finished up earlier, but an issue, nay, a tragedy has occurred. On Sunday, my bag containing my laptop dissapeared from the Orlando airport and I haven’t heard anything back from them. (Lost and found & Police forms have been filled out)


Now, I have back ups of everything, so no need to worry about the buffer that’s finally being rebuilt a little, but I only gave my cell phone until Saturday. As such the chapter can only be posted then. I’m posting this a day early to give y’all some early warning and to let you know that next week’s chapter will come out on Wednesday as usual, barring unforeseen nonsense.


Thank you for your patience!!

*Thanking the stars I bought a new, now replacement, laptop two days before leaving on the trip*


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3 Responses to Careless Demon Volume 7, Chapter 0, Part 2 out Saturday (see text)

  1. D man says:

    Hope you get it back.

  2. aggs says:

    Thanks man,
    I hope you will get your laptop back 😔

  3. rfctksSparkle says:

    Lol. Again NU bot thought this was a chapter.

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