Careless Demon Volume 6, Chapter 3 Release!

Hello folks, apologies if you asked or said something last week and I didn’t reply, I haven’t done more than work, sleep, and edit for the past 4 weeks. (Yay 91 hour work weeks)


New chapter: Here!

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5 Responses to Careless Demon Volume 6, Chapter 3 Release!

  1. A55mh says:

    Oooooooooh im confuse, no the twist is thicc in this chapter

  2. KuroHaruto says:

    Wait, I don t think i understood the thing about her grandfather… What was that about?
    Thanks for the Chapter btw~~~

    • App says:

      Okay, remember last arc, with the guy who was the evil sorceror that lost his wife? Yuzu, then Yuru, reincarnated him to give him another shot at his own wife, who fell in love with the new version of him after she lost him the first time. (In fact, him seeing himself re-romance his wife is what led him to become Evil in the in-between incarnation) That newest reincarnation is Yuzu’s grandfather. (Basically she’s her own great grand-mother)

  3. X07Zero says:

    Thank for the chapter ^^

    Hmmmm, I guess the author’s real name is Hideo Kojima XD

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