Careless Demon Volume 6, Chapter 20 Delay

Hello, Folks!

I’m experiencing a surprise busy period, so I wasn’t able to finish the chapter this week, though there shouldn’t be any issues getting it out next week. Apologies!

On that note, from July 11th to August 8th, I will be working ~126 hour a week, so there will be a break period in updates, though I’ll keep y’all updated each week in case I get a day off during the weekend and do something other than recover sleep.

Thank you for your support, it helps me get through these things!

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8 Responses to Careless Demon Volume 6, Chapter 20 Delay

  1. exqalph03 says:

    Good luck!!
    Looks like it will be a really tiring time for you.! Wishing you well!

  2. Franz Magno Renejane says:

    Take care~ your health must be your first priority~ TLs~ comes second 😀

    Stay healthy~

  3. Daitengu says:

    That’s 6 hours of sleep a day, if you collapse at work and don’t travel to sleep. Not even counting meals. Dude, I don’t envy you working for a black company.

  4. Reader says:

    126 hours. We’ll mourn your passing. If you survive the ordeal, I wish you luck in your recovery.

  5. rfctksSparkle says:

    On another note, the NU bot added this as a chapter.

  6. S1nZ says:

    Did the actual chapter 20 get released? Can’t seem to find it.

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