Careless Demon Volume 4, Chapter 18 Release!

Good day, my fellows! Larger than usual chapter today, and a true monster (12 pages) is on it’s way next week.

This week’s chapter can be found: HERE!

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for western web novels? They don’t have an aggregator like novelupdates, so I never seem to be able to find them other than by happenstance.

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  1. cherche says:

    “Mother of Learning” is a western novel with japanese-style elements.

    “Worm” is 100% western and grim/dark.

    • App says:

      Big fan of MoL, built a D&D campaign around the world/time loop.
      Worm was pretty good, a bit boring between S9 and the final confrontation, but honestly I’m just thankful that it is the perfect vessel for Fan Fiction (No joke, most of it’s really good)

  2. thatguy572 says:

    While it isn’t a Western novel (says Jp webnovel), I find the Death Mage who Doesn’t want a Fourth Time to be well worth the read.

  3. ElalE says:

    I’m not to sure what a western novel is, going by the japanese concept of western being non-asiatic, I’d say Royal Road Legends can be concidered some sort of NU for western web novels.

    • ElalE says:

      Scratch that, RRl is not like NU, it is a really comfortable publishing tool for western web-novels that has a pretty big assortment of said novels to read.

      • ElalE says:

        Though it has all the same important things NU has if not more.
        ps: I should learn to write all at once and stop going back to change/add info later on.

  4. Hilltopy says:

    I’ll second RRL as being close to NU. Also, if you’re into Sci-fi, Space Battle Forum’s Creative Writing area has a good bit of sci-fi stuff to read, along with some other stuff. Wattpad is another place that is kiiinda similar to RRL/NU, but only kinda. Can’t really give you any specific recommendations, but that’s as close as I can get.

  5. Silveus says:

    Because you asked, and because I’m absolutely shameless, I see no reason not to promote my own work.

  6. DOHere says:

    Thank you for the chapter~

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’d definitely suggest giving a look, it’s a western web novel that takes quite a bit of inspiration from how Light Novels are done but it’s quite a good read that I really need to get back to reading myself.

    I also hold in quite a high regard when it comes to Western stuff. Taint is a really enjoyable read, Trials a bit less so but I still enjoy the author’s work.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  9. Simcoll says:

    You should definitely try A Practical Guide to Evil, very fantasy and somewhat grim world western web novel, with likeable characters

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