Careless Demon Volume 4, Chapter 12 one day delay!

*Bows to readers*

I’m sincerely sorry!! I didn’t check soon enough this week to make sure both sides of the chapter were completed by both me and Piro, so the new chapter won’t be arriving until Tomorrow.

Our apologies!

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3 Responses to Careless Demon Volume 4, Chapter 12 one day delay!

  1. Samhain says:

    Dont worry about it. Everyone makes mistakes every now and then.

  2. Kei says:

    NOOOOO MY FLUFFINESS!! ToT (tears of blood). well, If it was anyone else asking for me w8 an extra day for its ch, then i would’ve cursed at him, but seeing that its our masters and benefactors (translators) who shed blood, sweat and tears for us, it cant be helped. take your time, i/we dont mind. but i swear, if u ever drop this series….. (feeling like im entrusting my daughter to u)

  3. Meep says:

    Don’t worry about it I can wait ONE more day…

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