Careless Demon Volume 2, Chapter 8 Release

Good news everyone! Me and Piroton talked, and we decided to release two chapters next week.

Why? Because Chapter 10 is a nasty nasty cliffhanger and I (and quite possibly Piroton as well) want to see your reaction sooner…

… That and we did too much translating due to said cliffhanger, the whole end of Volume 2 is amazing, and we can’t wait to make sure it’s perfect for all of you.


Chapter 8, in the mean time, is: HERE

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6 Responses to Careless Demon Volume 2, Chapter 8 Release

  1. thanghe says:

    “Chapter 10 is a nasty cliffhanger and we want to see your reaction”
    you guys are acting like demons here…
    Do you feel full & delicious while watching readers agonizing?

  2. gaitordone says:

    werent we suppose to get 2 chapters a week anyway? one on monday and one on friday? or did that change

    • App says:

      What you’re promised is 1 a week. We do two when we’re able to, but because quality matters, we spend time on each chapter. The author also went back to their old character amount, so two a week every week is more or less impossible while maintaining quality, and, you know, careers.

      Next week will be Monday and Friday, though, yes.

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