Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Planning

Low profile. He had to keep a low profile!

Zhao Hai was very clear after reading countless traversal novels, that if you don’t know how to keep a low profile after arriving in another world, there won’t be any good consequences. Zhao Hai believed that novels were just fantasies. The reason why protagonists could unleash winds and rains after arriving in different worlds was because of the authors’ great fingers. If someone arrived at a completely foreign environment and still acted cocky, then they would surely die an awful death in the end.

And now, Zhao Hai’s identity was still Buda family’s last heir, and at the same time, they offended the greatest force of Axu Empire. Under these conditions, if he didn’t know how to keep a low profile, then the first one to perish would be him.

Although he could use the spatial farm for hiding, there are too many ways to kill a person. Zhao Hai did not want to lose his head without even knowing why in his sleep.

Just when Zhao Hai was thinking about these things, there were sudden knocks on the door. Zhao Hai was distracted but he immediately said, “Come in.”

Meg opened the door and came in while she lowered her head without looking at him. She bowed to him and spoke, “Young master.” and said nothing after that.

Zhao Hai looked at Meg with a bitter smile. The reason why she didn’t look at him was because Adam tried to molest her in the past for her beauty, but he didn’t have his way in the end. However, Meg always hid from him after that. Even when meeting each other, she would only say ‘young master’ with a lowered head, before turning around to leave.

Zhao Hai sighed. This was all Adam’s fault, yet he had to take the fall. Heavens, what kind of abominable karma was this?

Zhao Hai sighed before he looked at Meg and said, “I don’t have anything right now. You go and take a rest. I want to sleep for a while as well. Just call me when dinner comes.”
Meg responded with a sound before turning to leave. She even closed the door softly for Zhao Hai as she went out. Looking at how Meg was escaping from him, it made him smile bitterly again.

Now he was in a totally good condition without a bit of discomfort. He said that he was going to sleep for a while because he wanted to arrange Adam’s memories and see if there was anything he didn’t know already. Plus, now that he had the spatial farm, it would be a great help to his future developments. He wanted to think about how to make the best use of this farming space.

Now his farm space was planted with radishes. If the radishes were sold to the farm, he would get at least 500 gold coins. In other words, he could earn 350 gold coins.

He could also bring the radishes out from storage, and then let Meg bring them to other places on Ark Continent. This might possibly get him even more gold coins.

But importantly, he didn’t know if Ark Continent had vegetables like radishes right now. Adam was a squanderer so there was no way he would go and buy groceries. Usually he would eat better dishes or cooked vegetables, so he knew nothing about what was put into the dishes. There was no way he would know if there were vegetables like radishes in this continent.

If the radishes could not be sold outside, then he had to process them as well. They’re like treasures all over, and the system should accept only the radishes. It wouldn’t want the radish leaves, while radish leaves are actually very delicious. Simply pickle them, and they will be a delicious delicacy.

Zhao Hai lived in northern China, so he still remembered clearly that when he was little, his mother would often use pickled radish leaves to make dishes. The flavor was very good as well.

The radish leaves can also become a type of animal feed to feed some herbivores. If this world had no such thing like radishes, he could sell the radishes while leaving the leaves to feed some herbivore magic beasts. In Adam’s memories, some magic beasts were easy to raise and would eat anything. If that point came, then he would breed lots of those magic beasts and there would be no need to worry about the lack of meat for eating. He could still establish a ranch and it would naturally draw in more income.

Even if this world had radishes and the cost would be low, if he wished to sell them to the Shop, he could also spare the leaves. Whatever the case, they must not be wasted.

Zhao Hai’s level was insufficient right now so he couldn’t unlock the ranch in the space just yet. But he could build a ranch in Ark Continent instead. Once his space levelled up and unlocked the ranch, he would then raise some of Earth’s animals.

Zhao Hai had decided that his development from then onwards was through plantation. The space lacked attack power after all. Planting crops was the most suitable for him.

Now he had a large fief, a mountain, a barren land, and Rotten Corpse Swamp, these places were all his fief. But a lot of time was still required to make them usable.

Zhao Hai only hoped that the water and soil of his farm space could really change the Black Wastelands. That way, he could have a large plantable land. No matter the time, a land is where the home sits.

As for workforce problems, Zhao Hai never worried about it before, because he knew that there’s a kind of people which wasn’t present on Earth for a long time: slaves.

There were no slaves on Earth, but over here, there were. If you had the money, you could buy many slaves, and the survival of the slaves was completely under your discretion. They would be absolutely loyal to you and would never escape, because every slave’s body had a special brand of a family. Once a slave was discovered to be out of the presence of a master and ran away alone in secret, then the outcome would be very brutal.

As long as his farm could make money, he wouldn’t have to worry about interpersonal matters at all. There were plenty of slaves in the continent. Even if the people weren’t slaves, as long as someone needed them, a suitable price would be offered, and the nobles would then turn countless people into slaves.

Nobles had everything. The world was this simple.

But with Zhao Hai’s current identity, if he bought in large quantities of slaves all of a sudden, it would attract attention. That’s why no matter what, he had to do things in low key. Going low profile was the way of he did things. Planting crops was his primary direction.

After settling down these thoughts, Zhao Hai let out a long breath and laid down on the bed slowly. Even now he felt like he was still dreaming. He himself was but a normal hobo on Earth. Even though he liked reading traversal novels, it didn’t mean that he himself wanted to traverse. But who knew that such a thing actually happened to him?

Heavens, making a hobo leave his computer. Isn’t that the same as turning a lecher into a eunuch? This is seriously too cruel.

Zhao Hai let out a long sigh and threw himself to the bed. Watching the rock ceiling made him sigh again. There were no entertainment facilities here whatsoever. How would he let himself live every day? Oh my novel, this is seriously too taxing.

It was possible that because he just took in too many memories and the unexpected surprise of having the spatial farm, which made Zhao Hai’s nerves went through excitement for a while. Now that the excitement had passed, waves of fatigue sieged him. Without knowing it, he slept soundly again.

What Zhao Hai didn’t realize was that when he just slept, the door to his room was pushed open. Meg looked with her head poking in from outside and saw Zhao Hai sleeping with his front side down. She tiptoed in, took the blanket on the bed and put it over him. She then stood next to the bed and whispered as she looked at him, “Young master, you have to make up for all this. Buda family depends on you.”

She walked out after that and closed the door gently again.

When Meg came out of Zhao Hai’s room, Greene came to her. He looked at her and spoke, “How’s young master, Meg? What’s he doing?”

Meg replied, “Nothing. He slept.”

Greene nodded and spoke, “Go see how your grandmother’s dinner is being prepared, and then come back and call young master after it’s prepared. Ai…. We’ve come to this place. Noble etiquette can only be put aside.” He shook his head and then went back after speaking.

Meg looked at her own grandfather. She knew very well how her own grandfather’s feelings were. He gave his whole life for Buda family, yet no one knew that Buda family had fallen before his own eyes. How could Greene possibly feel well in his mind?

Meg walked behind Greene towards the kitchen. There was only Maylin for a chef, but she was only responsible for their meals. What the slaves outside would eat was none of her business. Greene had already given the slaves things to eat. They would do it themselves.

Greene great approved of Maylin’s methods. The slaves were originally unfortunate people. In here it’s still not bad. Though they couldn’t eat too well, they could still be full. If it were other nobles, their stomachs would never be fully fed.

Meg was also very clear that Buda family was being completely supported by grandpa Greene right now, and young master Adam knew absolutely nothing. Now she only hoped that Adam would be a little more knowledgeable and stop fooling around. Otherwise, Buda family would really have no hope left.

But even if Adam were to be knowledgeable, the things he needed to learn would be many. He was totally a playboy in the past and a typical example of being talentless and illiterate. He didn’t have the slightest experience of managing a family. It would be fine if he wished to learn. If he wouldn’t learn and still bark orders blindly, then with their current condition, they wouldn’t be able to last for more than a few years.

Even though Buda family wasn’t too rich, it was still a noble family. It was deemed guilty, but it wasn’t foreclosed, so the family still had some money. The total was nearly 100 thousand. This was already not a small sum.

But now this money had been turned into various supplies by Greene, and only more than 100 gold coins were left. If Buda family still spent as it did before, these people would only starve to death while clenching their own necks.

Now, Adam’s behaviour would determine the survival of Buda family itself.

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