Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – New Function

Zhao Hai didn’t notice how Maylin’s teaching went. He believed that Maylin wouldn’t let him down. Besides, Maylin was a level 8 mage. Mages like her didn’t have more than a few students in Axu Empire. Maylin had had some students before, but they had been killed in action when following Adam’s father into battle.

That was why there was no one better than Maylin when it came to teaching; the slaves’ food problems were what Zhao Hai was worried about right now.

While it was true that with corn came firewood, food and flour, Zhao Hai thought about a problem. If they made fires, there would be smoke. The space was only so large, so if the smoke couldn’t be expelled, it wouldn’t be good for sure.

He was most afraid about the smoke causing pollution. Yet he couldn’t say it. He couldn’t possibly let the slaves chew on radishes everyday, could he? So he could only let them cook and see. If it really wouldn’t work, then they could only cut down on the number of times they cooked until they could leave the space, and come up with a way to get rid of the smoke later.

But there was another thing Zhao Hai was very worried about, and that was the situation outside. He didn’t know what was going on in the castle right now. If it were destroyed by the monsters, then they would no longer have any place to live, and that would be more troublesome.

Zhao Hai wasn’t able to come up with an idea after pacing around in the hut, so he could only walk to the monitor above the bed, which was black as it wasn’t turned on.

Zhao Hai didn’t know how to turn on the monitor, so he said, “Turn on.”

However, it had no reaction whatsoever, which made Zhao Hai feel frustrated. There wasn’t an apparent ‘power icon’ on it, so he didn’t really know what to do.

He just moved his hand to touch it, and to his surprise, the monitor turned on the moment he touched it. Various tools, Shop and storage icons were then displayed on the monitor.

Zhao Hai did a double take, because when he had last accessed this monitor, there had only been a Shop icon, and the overview for the farm.

He didn’t mind it much. The things on the monitor could easily be accessed by his mind. There wouldn’t be a need to look at the things on this monitor afterwards.

However, just when he was going to turn off the monitor, he suddenly noticed an icon. It was nothing that was part of the farm, but something resembling a camera lens.

Zhao Hai was taken aback. If this icon were to appear because of a computer, then it wouldn’t be anything strange. However, it was a strange thing for it to appear on this display.

He pressed on the icon, as he wanted to find out what it would do. When he did, the icon turned into a beam of white light which entered Zhao Hai’s cranium. His mind was suddenly filled with a lot of information.

Because of the amount of information entering his mind all of a sudden, he had to close his eyes and lie down on the bed in order to digest it.

It took a while for the information to be digested, and Zhao Hai opened his eyes in dissatisfaction, “It’s just something like surveillance cameras. Why so long-winded anyway?”

Zhao Hai finally knew what the icon was for. It had appeared because of Zhao Hai having been through enough places, so it could said to be something that was similar to surveillance cameras. However, it had a larger range in comparison. Because the level of the space was still too low, he could only monitor 100 meters around wherever he entered the space. In other words, wherever he entered the space, he could see the area he had entered from through a display. As the level of the space increased, the visibility radius would become increasingly wider.

This was truly someone sending him a pillow whenever he wanted to sleep. Zhao Hai was just worrying about what was happening outside, and then this thing showed up. It happened to solve Zhao Hai’s most urgent concern.

He immediately got down from the bed and touched the monitor. The monitor was turned on, and he pressed on the camera icon. Suddenly, a 3D projection of a castle appeared. Below it was a display ratio. It was a compressed display of everything within the 100-meter radius of where Zhao Hai had last entered the space.

Zhao Hai discovered that there were a lot of green dots which were moving around in the 3D display. He pressed on one of the green dots, and the display flickered as it zoomed in. In an instant, a large rat-like beast appeared on the monitor. This rat-like beast was looking around like a thief. It was then that Zhao Hai found out this rat-like beast was in the living room, and next to it was a pile of broken timber. From the marks on the wood, it was from the sofa in the living room.

Zhao Hai looked carefully on the monitor, and saw that the shrunken version of the original 3D display was at the upper left corner. He mostly knew what it was for, so he pressed on it. Just as expected, the view returned to the 3D display, which still had a lot of green dots moving about.

Zhao Hai now understood that the green dots meant the beasts and the undead creatures. He then pointed at the living room instead of the green dot. The view instantly changed to show the situation in the living room. Right now, 2 large rat beasts were staying in the living room: the one he had just seen, and the one chewing on the sofa. Every piece of furniture in the living room had been completely destroyed. They seem to have been chewed by the rats.

Zhao Hai carelessly swiped his finger on the monitor while he was paying attention to the rats. The view was changed to the room next to the living room.

He didn’t expect that the view could be shifted this way. It was better than actual CCTVs on Earth.

He swiped his finger on the monitor again, and the view was switched to the courtyard, which was very lively. Undead and beasts were trampling around. The finished grass mats and dried grasses abandoned partway were scattered all over the courtyard.

Zhao Hai sighed as he looked at this, and the monitor was turned off. He now knew that it was a world of monsters outside, so they couldn’t leave right now.

Just then, the notification voice came, <Corn has matured. Please collect as soon as possible.>

Zhao Hai immediately came out of the grass hut, and noticed that Maylin was teaching a lesson. However, the slaves were looking at Zhao Hai with incomprehension.

He paid them no mind. He knew that these people had also heard the notification voice. He just said, “Collect the corn, corn stalks, corn cobs and kernels separately.”

As soon as his words ended, the collection basket flew up and the corn flew into the basket. In just a moment, 2 acres of corn were collected.

Although the slaves had seen the radishes being collected once, they were still amazed when they saw how the corn was collected.

Once the corn was stored, Zhao Hai immediately brought out the corn stalks and cobs and put them next to the stoves. He planted corn again after bringing out some rice and flour.

Maylin knew what Zhao Hai meant: they could now make meals. She put the written papers away and said, “Alright. Everyone make food. We’ll learn more after we eat.”

The slaves looked unwilling to part with the papers Maylin had put away. To them, being able to learn was more important than anything. Don’t say having to delay the meal. They would even be willing to skip a whole day’s worth of meals without any complaints.

Zhao Hai didn’t know what the slaves had been eating usually, but he felt that he had it with several days of constant bread.

But right now, there were no ovens in the space, so they could not bake bread. Zhao Hai was curious as to what Maylin was going to make them today.

Maylin turned to speak to Zhao Hai as he expected, “Young master, we still have to bring out some vegetables, ham and fruit oil.”

Zhao Hai immediately brought out what Maylin required. She gave a part of the rice, some vegetables and fruit oil to the slaves, while she brought the flour and the rest into the grass hut. Zhao Hai recalled that there was a kitchen in the hut, with cooking utensils he hadn’t seen before.

He really didn’t know what Maylin was going to make, so he followed her into the hut. Once Maylin started kneading dough, he had some idea. Maylin might be making a scrambled biscuit.

Doughs had been a favorite type of food for Zhao Hai. He didn’t stay in the hut. After all, he couldn’t be of much help.

What he saw after that caught him by surprise. He had thought the slaves would be making food, but that didn’t seem to be the case. The slaves lit up the stove holes, and poured the fruit oil directly into the pots. Then, they fried the rice. Zhao Hai went squeamish from the sight. This was the first time he had seen anyone cooking rice in such a fashion.

Meg and the others didn’t seem to be surprised. They just looked at the slaves making their meal. Zhao Hai knew from their expressions that these people constantly ate rice this way, which would explain their lack of surprise.

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