Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – Enter The Space

It was fortunate that the castle grounds weren’t very big, and Rockhead was very fast. In just a few breaths’ time, Zhao Hai and the others had entered the living room of the castle.

The already small room became very cramped, due to too many people having been squeezed here. Luckily, there were no signs of chaos.

The slaves knew very well that if they were disobedient now, what awaited them could be death, so they obediently entered the castle under Blockhead’s instructions.

Zhao Hai spoke to Maylin and the others as soon as he entered the living room, “Granny Maylin, head into the space first. Settle the slaves down when they enter later. Tell them not to run around. Blockhead, Rockhead, secure the doorway. Meg, Ju, An, prepare everyone in their entry.”

Ju and An had never entered the space before, so Zhao Hai let Meg become the organizer, while Maylin was to settle anyone who entered the space down. Blockhead and Rockhead were standing guard at the front door in order to prevent the monsters from barging in.

And then, a hole appeared next to Zhao Hai. The slaves weren’t strangers to the hole, because it was the very same hole that appeared when Zhao Hai was improving the outside soil.

It wasn’t as if Zhao Hai didn’t want to bring these people into the space all at once. He simply wasn’t able to. He realized that when he wanted to put the slaves into the space, the space had no reaction, which surprised him.

Luckily, the space had an instant reaction when he let Maylin enter it. Maylin appeared in the space instantly, and Zhao Hai was relaxed. In the end, he had to create a hole and see if the slaves would enter.

The slaves were somewhat afraid, as they didn’t know where Zhao Hai was making them go, but when they saw Maylin entering the space, they knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t endanger them. They slowly stepped into the hole under Meg’s guidance.

Just then, sounds of monstrous roaring came from the outer area of the castle grounds, accompanied by the loud noises of the gate being rammed. Maylin redoubled her efforts to settle the slaves down. Fortunately, the hole Zhao Hai had opened was large enough for 4 people to enter at once.

Soon, all of the slaves had entered the space. Meg, Ju and An entered as well. With a thought, Zhao Hai himself and the twins also appeared inside the space.

The slaves looked around dumbfoundedly, while Zhao Hai ignored them. He noticed that the radishes had matured, but he didn’t have the time to collect them now. He spoke to the slaves loudly, “Everyone listen up. This is my space, so don’t move around aimlessly. Find a place to sit down, and be careful not to step on the crops.”

It was a good thing that other than planted soil, there were some empty plots of land which could not be planted. Zhao Hai had attempted to use the shovel on them, but the result was like in the game; it had no reaction whatsoever.

Although the slaves had no idea what this space was all about, they sat down obediently. Zhao Hai glanced at the slaves and then turned to Maylin, “I’ll go and get some empty cups. Pass them along, granny Maylin. If there is anyone who wants to drink water, just let them drink on their own from the water spring. Also, bring these sheets and have them sit on top of them.” After he finished talking, he walked to the front of the storage. With a thought, a pile of cups appeared in front of the storage’s door. These cups were cheap wooden ones, which had been bought by Greene and the others for the slaves.

Originally, these cups had all been issued to the slaves, but because of how urgent the situation had become, they hadn’t had a chance to bring their own things with them, so Zhao Hai could only re-issue them these cups.

Maylin and the others soon passed the cups to the slaves, and then Zhao Hai brought out a lot of bedsheets to put on the ground to let the slaves stay on them.

After that, he took out several grass mats, which the slaves had just finished making and he had stored into the space. He didn’t bring these mats out so that the slaves could sit on them. The mats were going to be used to build toilets. 100 people in the space would eventually have to answer the call of nature. There were males and females in here, and if there wasn’t anything that could be used as cover, it would be very inconvenient.

Fortunately, Greene and the others had bought some planks. Although there weren’t a lot, there were enough to build 2 toilets.

Blockhead and Rockhead led some male slaves to barricade a spot behind the hut and the storage. The female toilet was behind the hut, and the male toilet was behind the storage.

Zhao Hai and the others relaxed after they were finished with the toilet issue. He immediately collected the radishes and then planted another batch of them.

In order to calm the slaves down, Zhao Hai specifically gave each slave a single radish to eat. The flavor of the radishes wasn’t bad. It was sweet with a trace of spiciness. However, the sight of 100 people biting on the radishes was quite magnificent.

The slaves were eating very happily. They then learned from Maylin that these were actually magic vegetables. Nobody could say that they had eaten one before; this was the very first time they had even seen one. Everyone ate the radishes carefully, as if they were peerless cuisine.

Now that the slaves were emotionally stable, Zhao Hai went to the hut, which he hadn’t frequented before, since there hadn’t been anything there. Although there was a screen, it could only access the Shop, and since he never needed to enter the Shop in order to buy things, he no longer entered the hut.

Even so, there was a bed in there, and Zhao Hai wanted to take a proper rest. The troublesome events that had taken place had exhausted him thoroughly.

Although the size of the space was large, the hut was very small, and there was only enough room for a single person to sleep in. Of course, several people could fit where the table had been placed, but that spot wouldn’t be as comfortable as the outside.

Even though Zhao Hai wanted to sleep very badly, he knew that now was not the time. After entering the hut, he called for Maylin and the others to come inside as well, leaving only Ju and An to look after the slaves.

Maylin and the others sized up the hut, and noticed nothing special, so they could only sit down on the stools.

Zhao Hai spoke, “Now, we don’t know what the situation is like outside. I just hope that the monsters can return to the swamp sooner rather than later. But, we still have to prepare to live here for a long period of time. The corn will mature in just a few hours’ time, and with the food from outside, food won’t be a problem. Once the corn is mature, firewood will also not be an issue, but it won’t do if we let the slaves do nothing. Do you have some good ideas, granny Maylin?”

Maylin thought for a bit and shook her head, “This space is so large, and the soil doesn’t need them to be planted, so I have no good ideas. What do you think, young master?”

Zhao Hai walked around in circles while speaking, “Before I came in, I had put the books in the study here. How about you teach the slaves how to read, granny Maylin? If our family is to develop, it will not be enough if it’s just the few of us. I don’t think the slaves will betray us. If we let them learn some words, maybe it’ll be of use later.”

Maylin nodded happily at that, “Great! This idea of yours is great, young master! Now that there’s nothing to do in the space, teaching them some words will have a great use later. It’s settled.”

Zhao Hai nodded, and with a wave of his hand, the books from the study appeared in front of him, along with some papers and pens. Zhao Hai pointed at these things while speaking to Maylin, “Take a look, granny Maylin. Which one do you want to teach them with?”

Maylin looked at the books carefully before choosing one, “This one, young master.”

Zhao Hai glanced at it. What Maylin held was a random note, and one that was relatively simple, called ‘Axu Empire Travelogue’. Zhao Hai nodded and said, “No need to let them learn right now. They just got in here, so they are still a little shaken. Let’s do it after they’ve rested for a bit.”

Maylin nodded and then noticed how exhausted Zhao Hai looked, “You should take a good rest too, young master. We’ll go out now.”

Zhao Hai knew that this hut was small so it wasn’t suitable for them to rest inside. He nodded, “Alright. I left some more bedsheets at the storage. If you want to rest outside, remember to lay them down.”

Maylin nodded and led Meg and the others out of the hut. Blockhead and Rockhead stayed at the door to the hut like a couple of bouncers.

Maylin didn’t mind, and just walked to the slaves who didn’t know what to do. She said to them, “The place we’re in now is young master’s magical space. Everything here is in accordance with his will. It is likely that the beasts and undead creatures have already entered the castle, so only this place is the safest. That’s why you have to listen to us. Anyone who doesn’t will be chased out by young master. Understand?”

The slaves stood up immediately and replied in unison, “We understand.” This was also something that had been ingrained in them by the slave traders. Any trader who had acquired some slaves would give them some basic training before selling them off. The simplest trainings were lining up, headcounting, replying, kneeling down, and prostrating, so these things had already become a kind of reflex.

Maylin nodded, “You have done a lot today and were frightened. Young master said that you can rest here if you are tired, so go and rest. Remember where the toilets are, don’t run around, and don’t go near young master’s place. You aren’t allowed to snoop around. Understand?”

The slaves all heeded with a sound in unison.

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