Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – Horde Of Monsters

Zhao Hai assumed that it would be a very difficult matter for the slaves to get into lines, since they had never been to schools before. However, the female slaves got into formation as soon as Zhao Hai’s words left his mouth. They lined up neatly into 2 queues. It wasn’t any worse than when Zhao Hai had been in school.

Lin was standing all alone to one side. Zhao Hai knew that it was due to Lin being a male, since right now, he was the only male slave in the castle.

Zhao Hai couldn’t react to how fast they had lined up, and he looked at the slaves with incomprehension. He had no idea that the slaves had been trained in military formations since they had been little. Lining up was almost like an instinct for them.

Of course, slaves on the continent wouldn’t report their own numbers everyday, but whether they went to or return from work, they had to line up. There was a headcount before going to work, and a headcount after that. This was to prevent having any runaways.

Zhao Hai returned to his senses quickly, as he knew that now wasn’t the time to think too much. Immediately, he spoke, “Report!”

He almost shouted it on instinct, but the slaves immediately counted. The number was 35. In other words, right now on the courtyard, there were 34 female slaves and 1 male slave.

Zhao Hai nodded and spoke loudly, “Lin just received word from the mountain that there is a large horde of beasts and undead creatures coming towards this castle. There might be battle coming up. All of you stay here, and don’t go anywhere.”

The faces of the female slaves were filled with fear. If a human army came, they wouldn’t be afraid. Normally, if they didn’t resist, the other party wouldn’t kill them, because slaves could be sold for money. They would be safe most of the time.

However, the ones who were coming this time were toxic beasts and undead creatures, to which money wouldn’t have the slightest use. They couldn’t tell which were nobles and which were slaves. Humans were humans, and to them there was no difference of caste.

Some other slaves came in just then, who were all females. Ju was with them. Zhao Hai let them do a headcount. Excluding Ju, there were a total of 50 people, which meant that all the female slaves had returned.

From the look of things, Zhao Hai knew that Meg had probably returned but hadn’t entered the castle. She was probably waiting for Blockhead and the others.

Zhao Hai didn’t step outside. He knew that that would only make things harder for Maylin and the others.

He glanced at the slaves and then spoke to Ju, “Ju, watch them and make sure they don’t scatter around.” Then he spoke to the slaves, “I’m going to get some things from inside. Listen to Ju and don’t run around.”

After that, he ran into the castle. There was an underground storage area, which they had used to store the supplies which Greene had bought. He wanted to put those supplies into his space so that the toxic beasts and undead creatures wouldn’t trample them.

The underground storage was very large, so it took a while for Zhao Hai to finish putting everything away. He then ran upstairs, which also had a lot of things, especially the books in the study.

He also discovered that Greene had seemingly intended to nurture the slaves when he and the others had bought those books. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been so many books about magic and battle auras. Those books were very important; they weren’t just a key for Zhao Hai to understand the world, but they were also the educational materials for Buda family.

After putting all the books into the space, he even put the tables and chairs into it, since there wasn’t a storage limit.

He didn’t store things like bedsheets first, as Greene had bought quite a number of them. They hadn’t yet been distributed to the slaves, probably due to how warm the weather had gotten. Now, there was a lot of bedsheets in the space’s storage.

After storing everything in the study, Zhao Hai heard Maylin calling for him from outside. He ran out of the castle in a hurry and saw that everyone had returned. All of the slaves had lined up and Rockhead had returned.

Zhao Hai let out a sigh of relief and asked Maylin, “Is everyone back, granny Maylin?”

Maylin nodded, “Everyone’s back and the castle gates have been closed. The monsters shouldn’t be here so soon. How about you head into the space, young master?”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “Now’s not yet the time, granny Maylin. Let’s take a look from the outer walls. I’ve never seen these monsters before.”

Maylin looked at Zhao Hai with worry, “That’s not good, young master. It’s too dangerous. What if something happens to you?”

Zhao Hai laughed, “It’s fine. Don’t I have you? I just want to look at their numbers. If they come in abundance, we will retreat into my space. If there’s only a few, we’ll just fight them off.”

Maylin was taken aback, but didn’t say anything more. She was still confident in her own abilities. Just as Zhao Hai said, if there weren’t a lot of monsters, she might be able to fight them off.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and summoned Ju and An. He said to them, “You two stay here and watch them (the slaves). Don’t let them run around.” After that, he went to the top of the outer walls with Blockhead and Rockhead following closely behind. Meg was staying right next to him as well.

Zhao Hai was bummed out about their behavior, but he could do nothing about it. He was clear that he wouldn’t be able to get to the outer wall without letting them follow him.

Maylin and the others assumed that the toxic beasts and undead creatures wouldn’t advance so quickly, but when they got to the top of the outer wall, they discovered that the monsters were already descending from the peak of the mountain.

At the forefront were a pack of rat-like beings, which were much larger than rats. They were about a meter tall, with bodies full of green hair and mold on their feet. Their length exceeded 3 meters, excluding their long and thick tails.

Among these rat-like beings, there were several whose sizes were especially huge. 2 metres tall, with bodies that had 7-colored fur. They seemed to be the leaders of the pack. There were up to 1000 pack rats. The sight of 1000 one-meter-tall rats made Zhao Hai’s hair stand on end.

Behind the pack was a large bunch of snakes!

That’s right. They were snakes. An uncountable number of them, big and small, different shapes and sizes. Some of the snakes were green, and some of them were red. Some were in different shades of green. The largest few snakes were 7-colored, and a meter in thickness. One glance was enough to tell that they weren’t worth the trouble.

And behind the snakes was a giant pile of insects. Different sorts and types of insects. All of them had a trait, and that was that they were gigantic. Even a single spider would be a metre tall, while some were about 2 metres tall. Of course, there were some small insects as well, but they were very dangerous. Every movement from them was nimble, and they seemed very fast. They were crawling around in the pile of insects.

These insects were in different shades of green and with various colors. Just a glance was enough to tell that they were extremely toxic. Zhao Hai couldn’t help the sinking of his own heart. The quantity of the snakes was already enough, while the quantity of the insects was even higher.

Just then, the rat-like beasts that were at the forefront had already reached the moat. Apparently, they could swim, and the moment they did, the moat instantly became green.

Zhao Hai’s expression became unpleasant. Now he finally understood why there were no fishes in the moat. If the rats took a bath in the moat, it would be a weird matter for the moat to have fishes at all.

Maylin walked to Zhao Hai and said, “Let’s go back, young master. There are too many. We can’t deal with them.”

Zhao Hai nodded, and he glanced at the mountain, only to find that there were more monsters coming. This time, there were crocodile-like beasts. They were large and very colorful, and there were skeletons between them.

Indeed. In Zhao Hai’s eyes, they were skeletons. There were humanoid skeletons, beast skeletons, large and small. There were many kinds of skeletons, and gradually, there were more and more skeletons on the mountain.

Maylin tugged Zhao Hai’s arm and said, “Young master, let’s go.”

Zhao Hai nodded, only to suddenly feel that the sky above the monsters had darkened. When he looked at the sky in confusion, he noticed that there were a bunch of flying beasts which had appeared in a time he wasn’t aware of. They weren’t flying very high. Some of them were flying insects, while the ones flying higher were avian beasts. Now, Zhao Hai’s expression changed completely. It would be too simple for flying monsters to enter the castle.

Zhao Hai spoke, “Let’s run. There are flying monsters. We have to bring the slaves in, or it’ll be too late.”

Maylin had seen the flying monsters as well, and she spoke out loudly, “Blockhead, get back to the castle and have the slaves enter the castle!”

Blockhead heeded with a sound, and slowly emanated a yellow glow. His speed increased greatly in an instant, and he ran towards the castle in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, Rockhead hauled Zhao Hai up and ran towards the castle. Fortunately, he used his battle aura as well. Although the speed was great, the trip was stable. Zhao Hai wasn’t too shaken from this.

Maylin was enveloped in an aqua-colored glow, and her speed wasn’t any slower than Rockhead’s. Meg flashed with a green glow, and her speed was much faster than Rockhead’s.

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