Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 271

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Chapter 271 – No Chance Whatsoever

Right now, Gasol was like a madman who had calmed down completely and whose mind was now thinking of ways to throw away his life. This kind of person is the scariest of all, because there’s a word that’s synonymous to them, and that is ‘maniac’.

Right now, Gasol was like a maniac. He needed to kill people from time to time in order to appease his anger, which was why he had attacked the Large-Horned Raging Bull Tribe. On top of that, he killed people randomly along the way. He would kill anyone he found unpleasant to him.

There had been another purpose behind his attack on the Large-Horned Raging Bull Tribe, and that was to prepare presents for West Wonder King. Now that he had nothing, he would feel that he was overstepping the bounds if he went to see him empty-handed. The Large-Horned Raging Bull Tribe’s people were his presents for West Wonder King.

Of course, the tribesmen weren’t his only presents. Gasol had wanted to turn every tribe he could attack into slaves, and then send them to West Wonder King as presents. Coincidentally, the Large-Horned Raging Bull Tribe became the first sacrifice.

Right now, even Gasol’s escorts were afraid of him, because Gasol appeared to be too gloomy right now. There wasn’t a trace of the high spirits as he had been in before.

The sky had darkened, and the enslaved tribesmen had become exhausted, but they didn’t dare to stop or slow down, because as soon as they stopped, the escorts would rouse them with their whips. If they passed out, the only things waiting for them would be the herculean bulls’ axes.

Before all this, all the raging bulls had been compliant with the herculean bulls, who had never mistreated these smaller bull-headed tribes to a great extent. The herculean bulls would even help if there was trouble.

Right now, however, they just felt that these herculean bulls were not beastmen at all, but outright demons. Because the tribesmen couldn’t resist these demons who were too scary, they could only accept this fate of theirs.

Just then, sounds of galloping came. It was very rhythmic and orderly. Gasol was taken aback when he heard this galloping, which was then followed by a change in his expression. He called out loudly, “To arms!”

He was very clear that troops that were able to make such galloping sounds must be well-trained elites. It was anything but good news when such a well-trained army showed up around him and his men.

His escorts had seen many battles, so they knew what was going on. They immediately gathered at Gasol’s side and looked towards where the galloping was coming from.

The weirdest part was that they didn’t see the slightest bit of torchlight. Could it be that the opposite party wasn’t carrying any torches? As such thoughts were in their minds, the galloping sounds came closer and closer.

Although the darkness of the night had affected their vision, Gasol and his men could hear from the galloping that this group of cavalry should have more than 1000 people. This put an unpleasant expression on their faces.

All of them knew very well that, now that they could hear the galloping, it was too late to run away. Right now, all they wanted was to know who the other party was.

Slowly, a large shadow came towards Gasol from a distance. It didn’t take a moment for a whole cavalry unit to appear in their sights.

Gasol’s eyes went red as soon as he saw the cavalry, because the cavalry was composed entirely of fighting bull riders in neat rows.

Right at that moment, one of Gasol’s escorts suddenly shouted in fear. Gasol turned to look at him fiercely, as he assumed that the escort was afraid. It was far from what Gasol could tolerate.

In his eyes was the escort’s deathly pale expression. The escort’s eyes were fixated on a single direction, like he was seeing a ghost.

Gasol looked toward that direction, which had a fighting bull whose armor was broken. Other than that, there was nothing else special.

Gasol spoke coldly, “What did you scream for? Quit embarrassing us.”

However, that escort’s expression was still ugly. He turned to Gasol and said, “Chieftain, I know that guy. He’s one of the people who followed us to kill Lord 7th. He was already killed by undead creatures. How come he’s still here?”

Gasol’s expression changed immediately upon hearing that, because he thought of a possibility. When he and his men had been fighting Wales, they had been defeated by a necromancer. Now, the fighting bulls who should’ve been dead, had now appeared here. What could this mean? The necromancer had caught up to them.

Gasol couldn’t help but speak out, “Have you come, Wales? Come and face me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, an undead beast crawled over, which reaffirmed his thoughts. He didn’t know why such a bizarre undead beast would show up here.

Just then, the undead beast opened its large mouth, and the figure of a person appeared inside. That person slowly walked out of the mouth, stood in front of the beast, and looked at Gasol calmly.

Gasol was watching that person, who was wearing a black magician’s robe with a staff in his hand, silently. Obviously, he was a typical human mage, who should only be around his 20s, with average looks. At the very least, the looks weren’t anything special in a beastman’s eyes.

That person was Zhao Hai, of course. Zhao Hai wanted to look at what had become of Gasol , and right now, he had 1 word to describe Gasol’s current look: gloomy. Yet embers of madness were flickering in Gasol’s eyes, which made Gasol look especially fearsome.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind, and just smiled and bowed towards Gasol. “Greetings to brother Gasol. I am Zhao Hai, Beheading Blood Oath brother of Wales.”

Gasol did a double take, and then stared at Zhao Hai, “You’re saying you swore the Beheading Blood Oath with Wales?” As a beastman, Gasol naturally knew what the Beheading Blood Oath meant. He hadn’t expected that there would be anyone on the prairie who would swear it. And with a human, at that.

Zhao Hai smiled, “Indeed. When you came last time, little me couldn’t come and deliver greetings. That was truly impolite of me. I hope brother Gasol can forgive me.”

Gasol laughed coldly at Zhao Hai and said, “Humans are just hypocritical. You’re here for my life, yet you have to put up a joyful look. It’s disgusting.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Your words are too harsh, brother Gasol. You should know how potent the Beheading Blood Oath can be. I cannot possibly do anything that will be harmful to the Herculean Bull Tribe. What I don’t know about is you, brother Gasol. Who were the humans you made contact with? Were they the spies that the Fighting Bull Tribe sent to help you?”

Gasol’s expression went cold when he heard that. “Cut the crap. Where’s Wales? Tell him to come see me.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Brother Wales went for the Mastiff Tribe’s turf. I heard that the Herculean Bull Tribe’s people are there, so he’s going there to pacify his people. That’s why he’s not here, and he let me go to see the 2 older sisters in West Wonder King’s place.”

Gasol was taken aback at this, and said to Zhao Hai, “It seems like Wales really trusts you. He actually left you such an important task. So I guess you happened upon me by chance? What exactly do you want?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Nothing much. Brother Wales has been meaning to find you, but he has his own matters to take care of. Since I’ve found you, it’s natural that I have to help him keep you here.”

Gasol’s expression changed and he snorted coldly. “That will depend on whether or not you have what it takes.” As soon as his words ended, his hand moved suddenly. A flash of light, and a hand axe was hurled towards Zhao Hai.

This attack of Gasol’s was very sudden, and well hidden. There were no signs whatsoever. This hand axe of his wasn’t the type used by the bull-headed races, but a small one that was only as large as his palm. It looked like it was meant to be a hidden weapon.

Zhao Hai wasn’t expecting that Gasol would use hidden weapons, but he was no fool, and had come prepared. Which was why when Gasol made his move, Xenomorph stepped in front of Zhao Hai and blocked the hidden weapon, followed by Zhao Hai disappearing from where he was. The fighting bull cavalry then moved towards Gasol and his men.

Instead of reacting to that, Gasol and his men turned around to run. But as soon as they turned, they saw that their path of retreat had already been cut off by jackal cavalry.

The jackal cavalry’s mounts were flash jackals, which were carnivores. Carnivores’ feet have claws instead of hooves, and claws have paws. The flash jackals’ paws allowed them to run with only very small sounds being made. This had allowed them to surround Gasol while Zhao Hai had drawn his attention.

It was also why Zhao Hai had let the undead appear as zombies. It was to keep the paws of the flash jackals, and therefore achieve the effect which Zhao Hai wanted.

Gasol was in disbelief as he looked at the jackal cavalry. He was pretty sure that the cavalry had appeared as skeletons last time. Why did they change their looks this time?

Before he could figure out what was going on, the jackal cavalry had charged forth, leaving no chance whatsoever for Gasol and his men.

This time, Zhao Hai had given strict orders to kill everyone but the ground bulls and Gasol.

If the escorts were killed, then fine. But if Gasol were to be killed, then Wales would definitely feel bad in his heart. Whatever the case may be, Gasol was Wales’ older brother. Their grievances were their own matters. Zhao Hai couldn’t intervene.

Gasol was obviously under-prepared for this pincer attack, and by the time he wanted to strike back it was already too late. The jackal and fighting bull cavalry had killed his dozens of escorts, while only their mounts were still alive. Gasol was then surrounded by the two groups of cavalry, who stood looking at him silently.

Gasol couldn’t help but make a bitter smile at this. He lifted his large axe to engage in the ‘final’ charge of his life, but right at that moment, a vine appeared behind him all of a sudden, and struck his head. Gasol felt a headache, and then nothing. He swayed before collapsing from his mount. The moment he fell onto the ground, he was wrapped by more vines before disappearing on the spot with a flash of light.

Zhao Hai then waved his staff and put the ground bulls, as well as the weapons, into the space. The corpses of the herculean bull escorts were buried using earth magic. He knew that Wales wouldn’t like to see herculean bulls being turned into undead creatures, so Zhao Hai didn’t do so. After all, having these few more underlings wouldn’t make any difference.

After the process was complete, Zhao Hai turned to look at the Large-Horned Raging Bull Tribe tribesmen. They didn’t run, but stood dumbly at the side. Some of the kids had been scared to tears.

Zhao Hai walked in front of them and said, “I am a necromancer. I’m called Zhao Hai. Starting today, I am your master. You can call me ‘young master’.”

The tribesmen watched him with fearful expressions. Behind him was Xenomorph, which was swaggering imposingly. What could they do, when the undefeatable Gasol and his men had been destroyed without a chance to resist?

With a wave of Zhao Hai’s hand, the fighting bull and jackal cavalry turned into skeletons in an instant, and then stood in formation behind him. This made the tribesmen even more afraid. A lot of the women had started to cry, and the eyes of the elderly shone with despair.

It was on purpose. He wanted to scare them in order to make them follow his orders to a tee.

Zhao Hai said, “I will send you to a place, and you will live there from now on. You have to obey the people there. Anyone who doesn’t, I will turn them into an undead myself.”

The tribesmen looked at Zhao Hai dumbly, as they couldn’t register all of this immediately. But one thing was for sure: this frightening human mage in front of them didn’t seem to want to kill them.

Zhao Hai glanced at them and spoke, “Have some leaders speak with me.”

There was a fuss before 2 of the elderly tribesmen were selected. Although they were tall, their waists were somewhat bent. It seemed as if their horns were keeping them from raising their heads. One of them spoke, “Young master, I am Alaes, Elder of the Large-Horned Tribe.”

“I am Alea. Likewise.”

Zhao Hai nodded. “Good. Assemble your tribesmen. I’m going to send you all to where you are going to be living from here on.”

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