Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 256

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Chapter 256 – Tool Spirit?

Beastmen couldn’t live without wine. To them, the most important thing was their mounts, the 2nd most important was their argali goats, and the 3rd most important was wine. No matter what the occasion may be, wine was ever present.

Winters in the prairie were cold. Even during summer, the nights wouldn’t be hot. They would be in trouble if they lacked wine while they had to herd every day, every year.

This was the day Wales and Zhao Hai swore the Beheading Blood Oath, so they drank quite an amount of wine. They discussed how to deal with Gasol during the process of drinking.

It was inadvisable to use force against Gasol, as he was now in control of the Herculean Bull Tribe. Herculean bulls were known for being one of the stronger races when it came to fighting power, so taking them head-on was tantamount to seeking their own deaths. Wales wouldn’t do that, because no matter what Gasol did, he was of the same race, and so were his followers. If Wales fought against Gasol the hard way, the ones suffering would be the herculean bulls. Wales hoped for the herculean bulls to become powerful, so he naturally wouldn’t do something that could harm himself and benefit others.

Although Zhao Hai could help Wales and the others come up with ideas, the ways in which he could help were limited. He lacked understanding when it came to their matters.

Zhao Hai’s group returned to their tent that afternoon. He didn’t drink too much wine, as he was now Wales’ brother. Being someone like family meant that there was a much more carefree treatment for each other.

Upon returning to his tent, Zhao Hai drank a large glassful of the space’s water. Every time he drank the space’s water after taking alcohol, he would sober up quickly without the discomfort that usually came after drinking. That was why drinking the space’s water after wine had become a habit of his.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai after he drank the water and asked, “Hai-bro, are you really going to help Wales become chieftain?”

Zhao Hai gave her a bitter smile, “What else can I do? I’m now his blood-sworn brother, so I can only help him as much as I can. I didn’t think that he would want to become my blood-sworn brother. The oath is very special too. Just like Xu Wan Ying’s blood oath. If you make the oath, there will be a sensation.”

Laura nodded, “We can tell from the name itself. Helping Wales with all our power isn’t anything much. If he succeeds, we’ll have easier days on Beastmen Prairie. But what Mendez mentioned…. What was up with the human merchants making contact with Gasol?”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “I have no idea either. Human merchants don’t usually mix themselves into the conflict between beastmen, because if that were made known to other beastmen tribes, they would never be able to set foot on the prairie. But why did they make contact with Gasol? Could it really be that they helped fueling Gasol’s actions? Which power did they belong to?”

Laura frowned as well, “Humans who set foot on Beastmen Prairie mostly don’t look into who’s from which power, because that will easily cause misunderstandings. But now that you’re Wales’ blood-sworn brother, if we defeat Gasol, we can then check out which power those merchants belonged to. Even if we can’t investigate for the time being, we can let Wales do it. Your identity is useful here.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “It looks like there are many benefits to becoming Wales’ brother. Oh right. Let’s go into the space and check out their gifts. I have a feeling that those gifts are very special.”

Laura and the others laughed at that. The 4 of them appeared in the space instantly. The gifts were inside the storage, so there was no reaction from the space.

As soon as they appeared, Cai-Er flew over immediately and sat on Zhao Hai’s shoulder, “Young master, Ah-Wen is so mean. She won’t even play with me.”

Zhao Wen also flew over, and rested on top of Zhao Hai’s head without moving or making a sound. Zhao Hai looked at Cai-Er and asked in annoyance, “Cai-Er, did you play tricks on Ah-Wen again?”

Cai-Er was very naughty, while Ah-Wen was too honest, which was the reason for Cai-Er picking on her. But Ah-Wen was good tempered and didn’t get angry in the slightest. At most, she would just ignore Cai-Er for a period of time.

Zhao Hai noticed something strange. Before Cai-Er entered the space, she was very prone to sleep, but that changed after entering the space. Not only did she not sleep, she was hyper every day as well.

Cai-Er giggled and didn’t say anything to Zhao Hai’s question. He shook his head as he couldn’t do anything about her. He simply asked, “Is everything alright at the Messystone Hill resort?”

Zhao Hai and the others had left the place, but Cai-Er left a branch behind. It was hidden inside the white fruit tree in the resort’s garden. Normal people couldn’t see it.

The branch was for monitoring Greenstone Hill resort, since they were still cooperating with the Fansile family, who would periodically obtain some Peachland products.

Cai-Er replied to Zhao Hai’s questioning, “There are quite a lot of people that have been monitoring the place for a long time, and they haven’t left. Some snuck into Messystone Hill, but they haven’t discovered anything yet.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Be careful not to let them find something out. If they are being too forceful, then turn them into flower manure.”

Cai-Er heeded his words with a sound. Zhao Hai asked, “What about Iron Mountain Castle? Is it alright?”

Cai-Er laughed, “Great! Iron Mountain Castle is fine, and the 2 argali are being kept well. They eat magic radish leaves as well, and even eat MY leaves. Hmph.”

Zhao Hai chuckled, and then Mendez’s gift, the dagger, appeared in his hand. Zhao Hai unsheathed the dagger and found the blade to be very beautiful and eye-piercing. He touched it gently and found it to be cool to the touch. It wasn’t to say that the material of the dagger was cold, but the sensation from its sharpness could make people shiver.

The dagger had cloud-like patterns. They weren’t painted or etched. They were formed after using a special method in the forging process. The patterns could only appear after layering the metal multiple times with a special method.

Laura took the dagger from Zhao Hai and took a closer look. She nodded, “This should be a dwarven master blacksmith’s work. This cloud-patterned dagger is very precious and rarely seen on the continent.”

Zhao Hai was obviously not as in-the-know as Laura in this regard, so he just nodded and put the dagger away in the storage. No matter how good it was, it wouldn’t be very useful to him right now.

After storing the dagger, Zhao Hai took out the cane. The moment it appeared, the notification voice in the space came, <Spirit tool discovered. Examining spirit tool. Tool spirit discovered within, but has weak strength. Increasing tool spirit strength. Tool spirit is a herding-type spirit, which can manage the ranch for Host. Has a deterrent effect on animals. Extracting tool spirit abilities. Adding them to Evil Spirit Sceptre. Host can now have a deterrent effect on animals when using Evil Spirit Sceptre.>

As soon as the notification voice stopped, Zhao Hai felt the cane shaking in his hand, and then a virtual figure of a person appeared above the cane. The virtual figure looked like a 7 or 8-year-old child, wearing 5-colored clothes.

The figure wasn’t very large, as it was about the size of the cane itself. The cane itself was standing in front of Zhao Hai, which made him feel very bizarre.

The virtual figure bowed and said, “Greetings to young master.”

Zhao Hai was used to this kind of situation. He knew it had to be yet another creation of the space. He didn’t mind and just nodded, “Let’s call you Mu-Er from now on. Follow me. I’ll show you to where the ranch is.” Mu-Er obeyed with a sound, and then climbed onto Zhao Hai’s hip like a snake without further movements.

Cai-Er flew down from Zhao Hai’s shoulder and looked at this virtual figure with curiosity. She wanted to touch Mu-Er, but Mu-Er dodged. The more Cai-Er tried, the more Mu-Er resisted. Both of them went in circles around Zhao Hai.

Laura and the others laughed at the 2 of them. They were now basically immune to the abilities of the space. Zhao Hai was happy to have gotten this amazing cane.

Zhao Hai said nothing about Cai-Er and Mu-Er playing around. It didn’t take long for his head to light up as Zhao Wen joined in the fun. Zhao Hai shook his head with a bitter smile, and the vial containing the Liquid Of Life soon appeared in his hand.

The notification voice came again, <High grade water discovered. Examining water. The water contains large amounts of active components. Can rapidly restore people’s stamina, magic power, and battle aura, can be mixed into medicines, detoxify, heal injuries, and irrigate. Plants that have been dead for less than a month can be revived using this water. Extracting the components in the water. Adding them to the water spring. Water spring levelled up.>

Zhao Hai did a double take. He didn’t imagine that the Liquid Of Life could have so many good points about it. Just the part about reviving dead plants was too awesome. Later on, he could get some dead special plants and revive them using the space’s water. He would no longer need to worry about the lack of plants in the space. There was a bit of a time limit, but it was good enough.

Most importantly, since the Liquid Of Life was now fused with the space’s water spring, he would have an endless source of it from now on.

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