Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 255

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Chapter 255 – Plan

Zhao Hai nodded after a glance at Wales, “Sure. Why else would I want to exchange for so many magic beasts and argali? It takes a lot of time just to transport them to the human lands.”

Wales nodded, “That’s excellent, brother. With this capability, we no longer have to worry about grains. Come, let’s go and drink some mutton soup.” He was really happy that this brother he had just acknowledged was this capable.

Actually, Wales was selfish when he wanted to swear the Beheading Blood Oath with Zhao Hai. He aimed for the food in Zhao Hai’s possession, and had intended to use it to tie Zhao Hai to his war machine.

However, he had to admit that even he himself had underestimated the power of Beheading Blood Oath. It seemed to be able to alter someone’s thoughts and emotions as soon as the oath was made. It was that frightening.

It had been a very long time since people on the prairie had last sworn the Beheading Blood Oath. It was exactly because of this that Wales underestimated its power. In his view, if his own brother (Gasol) could betray him, then what effect would the oath have?

But he hadn’t expected that the oath would be very effective. If it weren’t, he wouldn’t have given the horse cane to Zhao Hai. It was a heirloom of the Herculean Bull Tribe, passed down from his father.

And it was because of Wales giving Zhao Hai the horse cane, that Yale gave him the Liquid Of Life. Otherwise, Yale wouldn’t have done so, knowing how hard it was to get such a treasure.

It was another rule of the Beheading Blood Oath that the argali used to conduct the rite must be eaten the same day, so the mutton soup was made using the one that was killed by Wales.

Now, Zhao Hai had a different identity, which was Wales’ blood-sworn brother. The escorts immediately saluted Zhao Hai with great respect in their expressions.

Zhao Hai nodded to them and then made his way to the pot of mutton soup.

Different from before, Wales let his people put the small tables closer together. They could get closer as they chatted.

Laura and the others were arranged to other small tables, now that their identity was different as well. To the escorts, Laura would now count as half a princess.

Laura and the others didn’t object to Zhao Hai swearing the Beheading Blood Oath with Wales, since Zhao Hai wouldn’t have much of a loss from it, and they all got Wales as a bonus. If this matter was settled, then no one would dare to act against them on the Beastmen Prairie.

After they all sat down, the escorts brought Wales some milk wine. Even though the escorts knew what had happened in the tribe, none of them betrayed him. For the beastmen, if they believed someone to be a person worth following, they wouldn’t resort to betrayal so easily, even when their relatives were still in the tribe.

To tell the truth, there was still a stench of blood in Wales’ mouth as he drank a mouthful of milk wine. He didn’t like it very much, but it was exciting, and it gave him a blood-boiling sensation. But he needed to think about things instead of being impulsive. He had to calm his emotions as quickly as possible.

Wales felt better after that mouthful of milk wine. He turned to Zhao Hai, “Brother, you have to help me come up with a good idea this time. What do I do if I want to drag Gasol down? It’s very bad for me now that he has control of the Herculean Bull Tribe.”

Zhao Hai didn’t have as many reservations right now. Whatever the case, he was now Wales’ blood-sworn brother. Helping Wales was a given.

Zhao Hai thought and said, “Big brother, I don’t know the situation in the tribe very well, so I can’t help you there. You still have to depend on yourself for that.”

Wales nodded, “Now that Gasol is in control, if we go there now, we might as well be going to die. So, we stick to what was discussed: find a branch tribe, get their support, and then return. I’m getting ready to find teacher’s Buffalo Tribe and the Fighting Bull Tribe. These two have high positions among the branch races, and they have a lot of influence.”

Yale agreed to that, but Zhao Hai frowned and said, “Big brother, I don’t think that’s right. You know that the Buffalo and Fighting Bull tribes have great influence, so doesn’t Gasol know that as well? Gasol wouldn’t stage a coup if not for a branch tribe’s support. Let’s not talk about other things first. Gasol should know crystal clear that Yale is your teacher. If 6th brother hasn’t been killed, Gasol will surely think that he’s found you. If you know what happened in the tribe, then Gasol would know as well. In such a situation, how can he not take extra measures? I think that there won’t be a positive outcome if we go to either the Buffalo Tribe or the Fighting Bull Tribe. Gasol might be waiting for you midway, just to kill us directly.”

Wales and the others were startled, as they hadn’t thought about this point. To put it directly, Wales appeared calm on the surface, but his mind was still blazing. Gasol had gone too far this time. The fact that he killed his own father and disregarded his own siblings was something that fueled the flames of Wales’ rage to burn outward from his heart.

That was why Wales wanted to topple Gasol from his the position in the shortest possible time. But Wales had forgotten about one thing. Could Gasol succeed just by using his own men? His father, a chieftain, the most powerful figure in the tribe, had been struck down in secret. It would have been impossible without someone behind Gasol.

Zhao Hai’s words calmed Wales down in the truest sense. Even though Wales was one of the few smart ones amongst beastmen, he had been blinded by hatred and rage. He was getting better now.

Wales took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a while. He nodded, “You are right, brother. I’ve always underestimated Gasol before, so I got into such a big trouble now. But I think this is strange. Gasol’s actions this time and his usual style are not the same. There has to be something behind it.”

Mendez suddenly spoke, “There’s something which I know, that I’m not sure if it’s related to this incident. A while before Gasol made his move, he was secretly dealing with some human merchants. You both know that whenever the tribe has to meet with human merchants, it’s always my job. But those human merchants were meeting with Gasol directly, and, they came and went in a hurry each time. Secretively.”

Wales was startled, and asked with a changed expression, “Are you saying that Gasol colluded with those human merchants and poisoned our father? He had such gall?”

Mendez made a wry smile, “Little 7th, you still haven’t grasped the situation then. Ever since father gave the horse cane to you, Gasol has gone insane. You know that the cane is only passed down to successors. Giving it to you meant that father acknowledged you as his heir. Gasol knew he had no hope, so how could he take the loss lying down? It’s not a strange thing for him to do anything at this point.”

Wales’ expression darkened and he sighed with nothing to say. Yale spoke, “This possibility is likely. If someone goaded Gasol from behind, then he might really have something planned. I think we can’t go looking for the Buffalo and Fighting Bull tribes now. Remember that the eldest princess and 4th princess are also in the Fighting Bull Tribe. If we go there, Gasol will be the first to know, even without prior placements.”

Yale had a point. Wales’ 4 sisters were all married to the Fighting Bull Tribe, but his oldest and 4th sister didn’t like him very much, and were closer to Gasol instead. If he went to the Fighting Bull Tribe, then his oldest sister would know and notify Gasol for sure. His plan would not be able to continue after that.

Wales let out a long breath, “Seems like I thought of things too simply. But no matter. The plan hasn’t been started yet. How about this: we find a small tribe first, and we proceed slowly. I don’t think Gasol is monitoring every tribe, is he?”

Mendez and Yale laughed at that. Gasol wouldn’t be that capable, of course. In fact, no ruling tribe could ever monitor all of their branch tribes. There was neither manpower nor a need to do so.

Zhao Hai laughed, “That’s good. But big brother, it’s best that you contact people you can trust in the tribe, and then let them investigate the merchants’ identities. See if this matter is related to them. If it is, then perhaps the discovery can become your weapon. They didn’t swear the Beheading Blood Oath, did they?”

Wales laughed a little and nodded, “I will make arrangements, but Gasol knows all of my subordinates. Sending them is equal to ordering them to their deaths. I’ll have to find a chance later. Oh right, little Hai. Let us send you to the Fighting Bull Tribe’s territory and have you conduct a trade with them, while I infiltrate and meet with 2nd sister. I’ll make things clear with her. Perhaps she might be of help.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “No problems there. As long as you’re not discovered, that is. But I think that the times ahead will not be peaceful. 6th brother making his way here isn’t something Gasol would not notice. I suggest you to be prepared.”

Wales nodded without a word. He just took the milk wine on his table and drank it entirely.

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