Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 240

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Chapter 240 – Prophet

Laura took a deep breath and looked at the flag on top of the tent. It was indeed the bull-headed ruling flag. She turned to Zhao Hai and asked, “Hai-bro, it’s really the bull-headed ruling flag. What now?”

Zhao Hai frowned at this, as he was unsure right now. The fact that jackals dared to attack herculean bulls was very irrational in and of itself. He felt that this matter was strange, but in which part, he couldn’t tell.

He glanced at the battlefield and sighed, “It’s no use. We’re too close to the battlefield right now. They have spotted us, so let’s press on.”

Laura noticed that someone from the battlefield had really spotted them. They wouldn’t make it even if they turned around now.

They didn’t fear what the other party would do to them, but one had to remember that their wagon still had the big-bellied pigs’ friendship flag. Even if they ran, it would bring Spiel big trouble afterwards. After all, there was no such thing as a draftless wall in this world. Whether it was the herculean bulls or the jackals, neither of them were groups that the puny Goat Head Hammer Tribe could mess with.

Zhao Hai and the others were slowly moving towards the battlefield, which was apparently beyond the expectations of both sides. Right now, the attackers were the jackals, while the defenders were the herculean bulls.

The amount of jackals in action was really a lot. Up to 2000 of them, ganging up non-stop on a campsite of only a few hundred people

There were only 300 herculean bulls defending the camp, but all of them were elites. They wore leather armor and wielded heavy double-sided axes, but they weren’t riding on their mounts, which were quartered within the campsite. Their mounts were a type of 3-meter-tall ochre bull. These bulls only had a layer of tiny hairs on them, but they were extremely stout and muscular, and had a pair of large horns that were up to a meter long which were very sharp. Right now, the bulls were standing inside the camp, kicking their hooves with insecurity, as if they wanted to charge into battle badly. Zhao Hai finally knew why they were called Herculean Bull Tribe.

The herculean bull tribesmen were over 2 and half meters tall with muscles that could win against bodybuilders. If they arrived on Earth, even Schwarzenegger would have to stand aside.

Their skins were golden yellow with a metallic sheen, like the 18 Bronze Men: performers who painted themselves with metal powder.

A giant bull-head, a pair of half a meter long horns, and holding an over 3 meter long double-sided axe including the haft. Just a look at the size of the axe, it must’ve weighed over 200 kilos. All of the above was enough to paint a fearsome figure, and that was just a single herculean bull warrior.

Their numbers were few, but they had formed a circle around the campsite like a metal wall. Not a single jackal had made it in. A lot jackals had been turned into corpses in front of them.

On the other hand, the jackals were a stark contrast. The jackals were riding on their mounts, which were a type of lupine and canine, very similar to jackals on Earth, but much larger. Up to 2 meters tall, with razor sharp claws and teeth, and cold eyes. These traits displayed their exceptional attacking power.

Not many of the jackals actually wore armor. They just wore the most common clothes made of animal skins for beastmen, and they were only around 1.7 meters tall. They were holding a variety of weapons, and their brains were like actual jackals, with eyes having murderous glow.

Zhao Hai hadn’t expected that these jackals were so short, they were even shorter than the average man. The fact that the jackals could become outstanding bandits with such physique was something that surprised him a lot.

Zhao Hai didn’t continue to move forward after both sides had seen them. He just let the convoy form a circle, seemingly in an attempt to counter the enemy.

The reason why Zhao Hai did this was to see if the herculean bulls would ask him for help. If they did, he would lend his help. If they didn’t, he would just wait.

Zhao Hai’s display stunned both sides. There had been many human merchants, but one such as Zhao Hai who had the gall was the first they had come across.

Normally, merchants who had come to the prairie would attempt to understand the big picture on the prairie first. Whenever a fight broke out, the merchants would surely run as far away as possible. How many of them would dare to walk here, taking a fighting stance? How many people were in the convoy? Could they even fight?

It was no wonder that both the jackals and the herculean bulls shared this thought. Zhao Hai’s convoy was only more than 50 people who were coachdrivers, plus Zhao Hai and 3 others. With the same amount of people as a deck of cards, daring to put up a front against the enemy, facing the powerful herculean bulls and jackals, the most infamous bandits, it gave a feeling like a brain that was being kicked by a mosquito.

Just then, a person from the middle of the herculean bull campsite suddenly walked out. He was of a bull-headed race, but he was obviously not a herculean bull. His head had thin black hair and he was only around 2 meters tall. His horns weren’t very long, and they were horizontal. He wore a black robe, and his hand was holding a staff made of an animal bone. The staff was more than a meter long, which looked like a crutch.

Zhao Hai was taken aback, as this was the first time he had seen a robe-wearing beastman. Common beastmen wore clothes made of animal hide, while this beastman’s robe looked more like a mage robe. Most importantly, he gave Zhao Hai an impression of being very frail.

Just then, Laura suddenly spoke, “There’s no mistake. There must be a high level herculean bull individual here. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a beastman prophet tagging along.”

Zhao Hai went idle for a bit. It wasn’t as if he had never heard about a ‘prophet’ occupation among beastmen. In fact, he had heard about how famous prophets were among beastmen.

Being a prophet was a very respectable occupation among beastmen. They couldn’t practice beast soul skills, but they could use bone-burning and the resulting cracks to engage in prediction. They could even use special-made magic beast bones to make tiles, and use summoning arts to attack with beast souls. Prophets had a higher standing among beastmen than mages among humans.

It was exactly because of this that only major battle races would have prophets, and prophets not only had uncanny abilities, but they were also very smart. They commonly assumed the role of strategists in battle tribes.

Zhao Hai asked Laura, “That person is a prophet of beastmen?”

Laura nodded, “That is a buffalo race’s prophet. Buffalos are known as the smartest race of bull-headed races. Most of the prophets among bull-headed races have hailed from the Buffalo Tribe. It was because of this that they have a high standing among bull-headed races, despite their lack of fighting power.

When the buffalo prophet saw Zhao Hai and the others, his eyes flashed a trace of incomprehension at first, before staring in shock after seeing the friendship flag on top of Zhao Hai’s wagon.

As a prophet, he could naturally tell that it was a flag that represented friendship from beastmen. The fact that Zhao Hai and the others had this flag, meant that they had obtained a tribe’s friendship flag. For an ordinary human merchant, it was an impossible goal in their lifetime.

Getting a friendship battle flag not only meant that one had gotten beastmen’s friendship, but also meant that beastmen had stopped treating one like an outsider. In other words, Zhao Hai and the others could be counted as beastmen when moving around on the prairie.

Zhao Hai hadn’t known about this yet. Even if he had, he wouldn’t have any reaction to it. He just wanted the flag to be useful as he didn’t want trouble.

The prophet turned around and went back into the tent, and it didn’t take long for a herculean bull tribesman to walk out of the tent.

He looked to be very young, and was only 2.3 meters tall. The muscles on his body weren’t as exaggerated as the others, and he wasn’t wearing any armor, but a black shirt. It seemed simple, but the material for it was great. Beastmen didn’t produce textiles themselves, so textiles were also a sought-after commodity on Beastmen Prairie. Only people with status would wear clothes, and with such good material, that someone must’ve had quite an identity.

Zhao Hai looked at the herculean bull carefully again, and noticed that his horns were studded in gold. They reflected gold light under the sunlight.

Zhao Hai knew from the look of this that those herculean bull warriors had been protecting this person. With the prophet behind him, Zhao Hai knew that person would be of a high status.

Zhao Hai was watching at the herculean bull, and that person was also watching him. Zhao Hai’s black mage robe was too eye-catching. It would be hard not to pay attention to him.

Just then, the jackals suddenly made their move, as a cavalry of 200 jackals was charging straight towards Zhao Hai, who didn’t do anything in response. He wanted to see what they were up to. If they were just going to threaten him, he wouldn’t fight back. However, if they intended to attack him without saying anything, then he would not hold back.

Before the jackals even reached Zhao Hai’s convoy, the herculean bull leader spoke out, “Human friend, how about you stick to our campsite? I can guarantee your safety.”

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