Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Crossed Over

“Young master. Young master. It’s time to get up for breakfast.”

An aged but very stern voice rang next to Zhao Hai’s ears. He paid it no mind. He only felt that his head was hurting incredibly. He assumed that he didn’t turn off his computer and a drama within was having its lines voiced.

But then the voice continued, “Young master, time to wake up. As a noble, getting up in time is a good habit.”

Zhao Hai’s mind went blank for an instant, because this voice didn’t seem to have come from the computer. It was as if it came to the side of his ear very realistically. It was definitely not coming from that broken speaker box of his.

Although his head was hurting, Zhao Hai still forced his own eyes to open. What entered his eyes wasn’t his home’s white ceiling tiles, but a muslin curtain. Zhao Hai stared, and then turned his head to discover that he was lying on a large wooden bed. A 50 year old man whose grey and pale hair was combed neatly without disorder, was standing next to the bed. His expression was stern as he looked at Zhao Hai silently.

Zhao Hai looked blankly at this stern faced old man, and then adjusted his sight to look around. This was a very simple house made of stones. Other than the large bed which he was laying on, there were only a desk and a chair as furniture. The floor and walls seemed to have just been cleaned. The windows had wooden panes with a layer of white paper. Above his head was a shining stone for illumination. The whole house did not have anything else.

Now that old man spoke again, “Young master, please get up if possible if you’re fine already. As a noble, you should have a rhythmic life. Now is time for breakfast, so please wake up.”

Zhao Hai turned his eyes towards the old man, and his mind flashed a thought, ‘Crossed over!’, and he felt his brain experiencing a pang of extreme pain, then fainted in the next instant.

Greene Buda went slightly still when he saw Zhao Hai faint before hurrying outside. 4 people standing outside the house. 2 males and 2 females. The 2 males were young in age, whose looks should be around teenage years, yet their heights were just under 2 metres with bodies full of muscles like forged iron. Blackened skin and short hair, the two had identical looks. They were actually twins, but their expressions were a little dumb.

As for the two females, one had a greater age, probably more than 40 years old, bearing a plump figure. A head of blue hair and benevolent looking brows and eyes, now her expression was full of anxiousness. The younger girl was only 16 or 17 years old this day, yet her hair was long and green. Her egg shaped face and petite figure with smooth white skin made her a rare material of beauty. Now she was lowering her head with a stupefied expression.

Upon seeing Greene coming out, the older woman asked immediately, “How is it, Greene? Is young master awake?”

Greene nodded and then shook his head, “He woke up, but he fainted again after that. Was your magic ineffective, Maylin? Or was it those medicines? Someone did something with the medicines?”

Maylin spoke with a cold expression, “If so, then I’m gonna tear them apart myself. Even though young master was a bit of a bastard, he is the last bloodline of Buda family. Those empire bastards, have they forgotten how much old master did for the empire? Those ungrateful bastards.”

Greene spoke sternly, “You should go in there and look. If it doesn’t work then apply water magic treatment on young master. No matter what, we must preserve the last of Buda family bloodline.”

Maylin nodded, but then looked at Green ferociously, “If young master gets well, don’t order him around according to those nobles. We’re already here in this damn place. What noble etiquette, let ‘em all meet their makers. Seeing those ugly faces of those nobles disgusts me with sheer thought.”

Greene looked at Maylin helplessly but still spoke sternly, “No. Whatever the case, young master is still a viscount right now, so he must be like a noble. I want to educate young master into becoming a true noble, so that we may not undermine the kindness Buda family gave us.”

Maylin stared at Greene fiercely, “If you dare treat young master that way, then I’m not going to cook for you. Starve for all I care. Now we’re in this place and we don’t know how long we can last. Plus those people from the empire, you think young master will still have a chance to return to the empire? Stop dreaming.”

Greene stopped talking after letting out a bitter smile. He too knew that Maylin was telling the truth. This time they were sent here where no birds dared to lay eggs, because the king of the empire and the leading nobles willed it. If it weren’t for Buda family’s previous brilliant fighting accomplishments, then they would’ve exterminated Buda family directly.

Although Buda family was still existing right now, it’s impossible to enter the noble circles of the empire. People would even forget about the existence of such a family on purpose.

What made Maylin feel so hopeless was that the king and nobles of the empire feared Buda family would rise again. They even let the young master, Buda family’s last heir and last hope, Adam Buda, drink the Water Of Void.

This Water Of Void was a one of a kind treasure. The value of every drop could not be calculated with money, and this Water Of Void had only one use, which was to turn your power into nothing.

Water Of Void. Just a single drop would be enough to make a godlike powerful mage or fighter, or even a god class knight, become an ordinary person in an instant. From then onwards, one would never be able to utilize any kind of magic or battle aura, and no medicine could cure it.

This liquid could render a person unable to use battle aura and magic, but it would not cause other effects to the body. It would only turn you into a normal person.

If someone were a normal person, then the liquid would be no different from ordinary water. But if someone were a noble or a powerhouse, then it would turn them into a martial cripple and useless being in an instant. From the top of the clouds, to a bottomless abyss.

Adam Buda was commanded by the king to drink this liquid, making him unable to learn any kind of magic or battle aura. He would only be a normal person.

If this happened to some other noble family, then it wouldn’t be a big deal. At worst it’s just being a normal person, live out the rest of the days and don’t think about political matters.

But on Adam, it’s a fatal matter. He was Buda family’s last heir. He need power to restore the family’s glory and enter the stage of Axu Empire’s history once more, but he had to drink the Water Of Void. He would never be able to learn any magic or battle aura and would never have the power to rise the status of the family. Buda family’s last hope was extinguished.

If they simply had no power, then Greene wouldn’t fear. He was a Level 8 fighter by all counts. His wife Maylin was a level 8 water mage as well, while granddaughter Meg was also a level 6 wind mage. With them, Buda family’s power was enough. If they were at their -original- fief, then it wouldn’t be a difficult matter for Buda family to prosper again. After all, the original fief was at the south of Axu Empire, which had a main city and 4 middle sized cities. Large population and fertile lands. If they developed quietly for a few years, Buda family would prosper all the same.

But they didn’t imagine that the king would actually change their fief, from the south of the empire to the Black Wastelands at north. Black Wastelands was the continent’s famous barren ground. Although the area was very large, spanning up to ⅓ the Axu Empire’s total area, there were absolutely no plants grown here. Even desert plants would wilt if planted here.

Legends said that Black Wastelands was once a fertile land as well, and then a war took place here, and several god class mages united and casted a super large curse which turned this whole land into a barren stretch, never to be able to grow anything.

If it were just a barren land then Greene would also not be afraid. If transportation were a little easier, then they would do business. At least that would keep them alive. But Black Wastelands was originally separated by an abandoned dwarven iron mountain. Past the mountain was one of the continent’s 5 forbidden areas, Rotten Corpse Swamp, and this swamp also counted as Buda family’s fief, so actually speaking, Buda family fief area size was the largest of all of Axu Empire.

The only exit here was tightly linked with Fansile family’s fief. Although Fansile family had an engagement with Buda family, with the latter now in this state, how would the latter be able to speak of marriage with the most powerful family in the empire that was Fansile family? The barren lands here then became true to the sense of the word.

Good thing that here was also within the empire’s rule in the past, so on top of the dwarven iron mountain was a small castle. Plus the mountain wasn’t caught in the curse, so some of the soil on top of the mountain could be used for planting. They would not be killed by starvation.

After Greene knew that their fief was switched to here, he immediately turned all of Buda family’s money into slaves consumables, plus seeds and tools, and then brought the comatose Adam after the drinking of the Water Of Void all the way here, into the abandoned but still usable castle.

Together with Greene were his wife Maylin, his granddaughter Meg, and a pair of twins which were adopted by Adam’s father, Blockhead and Rockhead. Adding 100 slaves, there were no one else.

Along the way from the empire to here, Adam was in coma. Fortunately Maylin was a mage, so she could use magic to treat him from time to time, allowing him to reach here safely. When she checked his condition the day before, she thought that he would wake up this day, so Greene woke him up next to the bed. However, they would never think that the Adam laying on the bed right now was already not him. He’s just Earth’s homebody Zhao Hai wearing Adam’s skin.

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