Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 87

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“This is too outrageous, I must go and ask the Emperor to discipline Prince Chen!”

Baili Zhentao was furious. He was always respected his whole life, when was he ever so humiliated?

“Lord, why aren’t you going forward to teach that girl a lesson?” Su Wanjing asked unhappily.

“Is it because that girl had prospects so you wanted to repair your father-daughter relationships?”

Right now, Baili Hongzhuang was a very powerful figure in the Imperial City. Whether it was her medicinal skills or the immortality pills, the absolute majority of influential officials all wanted to build a relationship with her. It wasn’t surprising for Baili Zhentao to have a similar idea.

“Talking nonsense!” Baili Zhentao angrily rebuked, “Nobody asked you to speak!”

With a flip of the hand, that mysterious man could have easily ended his life. Between pride and his life, his life was naturally more important.

So viciously denounced by Baili Zhentao, a small glimmer like crystal couldn’t help but appear in the corners of Su Wanjing’s eyes.

Throughout the years, the general had always treated her very well. Ordinarily, he would usually never say any cruel words to her.

But now because of Baili Hongzhuang, she’s been scolded many times already by the general!

Baili Yuyan snuck a look at the sad Su Wanjing and couldn’t help but stand up, “Father, any discerning person could see that this was Baili Hongzhuang’s fault, so why would you still want to protect her?”

“If you had the ability to beat that girl, then I wouldn’t be so upset!”

Baili Yuyan’s face paled. The hate in her heart for Baili Hongzhuang was at its extreme.

If it wasn’t for Baili Hongzhuang, then her looks never would’ve become like this.

The Imperial Palace.

Xuanyuan Yutian and Jiang Jinying were playing ‘go’ together. Xuanyuan Yutian placed down a black stone, “I’m afraid Baili Zhentao would’ve vomited blood from anger by now.”

Jiang Jinying followed up, laying down a white stone as she said, “He’s taking the consequences for his own actions. If Baili Zhentao had never treated Baili Hongzhuang so terribly, she never would’ve done these things. In fact, she would’ve even grown to become his backbone.”

“Oh?” Xuanyuan Yutian raised an eyebrow, “You think Baili Hongzhuang’s good?”

Jiang Jinying quietly smiled and nodded, “I think this girl’s quite unique, what might the Emperor think?”

“This time, Baili Zhentao was blind. Otherwise, Baili Hongzhuang would’ve become a very good candidate to become the Crown Princess.” Xuanyuan Yutian sighed.

If he hadn’t found out so late, then he never would’ve rescinded Huan’er and Baili Hongzhuang’s engagement. But an Emperor’s words wasn’t a joke.

Even he felt that it was a pity it couldn’t be changed.

“Today, news about Dibei Chen’s betrothal gifts have already spreaded everywhere in the Imperial City and left no face for Baili Zhentao. If he comes to the palace, Emperor……”

Jiang Jinying hesitated. Dibei Chen’s identity was very special, and also knew that the Emperor was currently caught in a very difficult situation.

“I’ll have to soothe Baili Zhentao.” Xuanyuan Yutian’s eyes were very complicated.

“Although they’ve already been silent for 3 years, we still can’t take them lightly. We can’t let Dibei Chen make a move.”

Jiang Jinying’s eyes grew startled, understanding what Xuanyuan Huan meant.

This time, they can only wrong Baili Zhentao.

Time trickled slowly as the next 3 days passed. During that time, Baili Hongzhaung never caught even a glimpse of Dibei Chen who was preparing for the wedding.

Instead, she became a complete idler, holed up all day in Godly Doctor Square and Qinzhuang Garden, asking nothing of the wedding.

Qinzhuang Garden’s changes weren’t small at all. Dibei Chen brought over waves after waves of nanniess, maids, and manservants to put Qinzhuang Garden in order.

Bright, red colors could be seen everywhere in Qinzhuang Garden, the air full of festivity. Although everybody moved around busily, thick joy could be seen on their faces.

Their Prince was finally getting married!

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