Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 84

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“I’ll start at once!” Hei Mu said excitedly.

“Wait a minute.”

Dibei Chen suddenly stopped him. Hei Mu couldn’t help but worry, his little lord didn’t change his mind, right?

“Cripple that old codger’s hand as well!”

”As you wish!”

The next day, Baili Hongzhuang went to Godly Doctor Square as usual, waiting for Baili Zhentao to come and cause trouble.

With Baili Zhentao’s temper, once he knew she was the one who crippled Baili Haoxuan’s arm, he’d never let her off.

But after waiting a whole day in Godly Doctor Square, Baili Hongzhuang didn’t even catch a glimpse of Baili Zhentao. A touch of doubt appeared in her eyes.

“Baili Zhentao, that old codger isn’t going to not come, is he?” Little Black asked as he hopped.

Little White also thought it was strange, “I doubt that old crank’s kind enough to.”

As Baili Hongzhuang thought, Ji Wenbin walked over smiling, “Baili Hongzhuang, I heard something funny, haha.”

“What’s so funny?”

“Yesterday, didn’t you cripple Baili Haoxuan’s hand?” Ji Wenbin’s face was full of glee.

Baili Hongzhuang nodded slightly, “Yes, everybody knew about that yesterday. What’s funny?”

Ji Wenbin waved his hands, “That’s not the funniest part! The funniest thing is that just today, the General Household’s General Baili Zhentao’s hand also got crippled!”

Baili Hongzhaung was startled, “Is that the truth?”

“Of course it’s true. I’ve only just heard myself, but pretty soon, everybody would know.”

Ji Wenbin laughed, “The General’s Household has been bullying you for so long, now the evil they’ve done are being repaid in kind!”

Her exquisite face smiled. Baili Hongzhuang couldn’t help but think of Dibei Chen. Could this matter…… be because of him?

Currently, the General’s Household was in chaos.

Su Wanjing knew that Baili Haoxuan’s right hand was broken. Although the doctor had reconnected the bones, it would take 3 months to completely heal. He wouldn’t be able to participate in the royal hunting feast.

She was hoping for Baili Zhentao to go and teach Baili Hongzhuang a lesson. Her precious son had never been injured for so many years.

Baili Hongzhuang dared to hit Haoxuan, it was absolutely unforgivable!

But now, Baili Zhentao was actually in front of her, clutching his lacerated right hand!

“Lord, what happened to you?” Su Wanjing asked, concerned.

Baili Zhentao’s expression was very ugly, “Nothing, don’t ask.”

The facts were difficult to accept. Before he could even see his appearance, he was punched, and his right hand directly crippled!

Although Baili Zhentao didn’t know who that person was, he knew the man had some sort of relationship to Baili Hongzhuang.

Just before he had disappeared, a few words were whispered into his ears-

‘Don’t bother Baili Hongzhuang, or suffer the consequences!’

He was terrified. He wasn’t at all an opponent for this man who was able to quietly sneak into the General’s Household.

If he were to look for trouble with Baili Hongzhuang, he’s afraid that the General’s Household will have it difficult!

At this moment, Baili Zhentao suddenly felt very regretful.

If he knew Baili Hongzhuang had such a large force supporting her, he never would’ve treated Baili Hongzhuang the way he did.

Godly Doctor Square alone was a humongous treasure!

Moreover, isn’t it even selling immortality pills there now?

Then thinking about all those years spent protecting the useless Baili Yuyan, he just couldn’t understand why he had made such a choice!

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