Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 78

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“Heavenly Jewel Pavillion’s price for the immortality pills are already very high. If we raise our price 20% higher, everybody would go to Heavenly Jewel Pavillion. Where would our buisness go?”

“Even if we can’t sell, just leave it on the aisles. We’re not short on money, and besides, it’s impossible to not sell a single one.”

The reason why the price should be raised by 20% is because the pills she refined were 20% more potent than the average immorality pill.

Although Heavenly Jewel Pavillion’s price was slightly cheaper, there was no way they could have as much pills as her.

Right now, all the officals were preparing for the royal hunting feast. The moment to sell immortality pills for the low leveled cultivators couldn’t be better.

Seeing Baili Hongzhaung so confident, Du Tianshuo and Dong Sirou obedientily started to get the brocade boxes to wrap the pills. Only the brocade boxes could match the immorality pill’s value.

They’ve always believed in Baili Hongzhuang.

That’s because so far, every single action she had done was enough to make one praise her to the heavens.

Everyday, there were 10 patients. Each of those 10 patients were seen as “untreatable” by other doctors, but once they saw Baili Hongzhaung, they would walk away healthy. There wasn’t one person Baili Hongzhuang couldn’t cure.

Although Baili Hongzhuang was far younger than them, her medicinal skills were absolutely superb.

As long as they walked by Baili Hongzhuang’s side, their lives would be full of honor and glory.

News that Godly Doctor Square was selling immortality pills was quickly spread amongst the city.

After all, Godly Doctor Square was always busy, and many people had long noticed the new aisles.

With a glance, everybody discovered that Godly Doctor Square was actually selling immortality pills! And furthermore, their quantity was even higher than Heavenly Jewel Pavillion’s!


Baili Yuyan’s mood was terrible. She had just finally gotten close to Du Hanyue with great difficulty when Baili Hongzhuang had suddenly barged in, wrecking everything for her!

“Sister, being angry isn’t good for your health.” Baili Haoxuan comforted her.

“Baili Hongzhaung fought for this one breath, and wasted 200,000 gold coins. She isn’t a pill master so the pill furnace would be nothing but an useless ornament when she brings it home.”

Listening to his words, Baili Yuyan dipped her head a little. Her face was full of hard to conceal hatred.

“The day us pair of brother and sister get our hands on a cultivation pill, will be the day we destroy Baili Hongzhaung!”

“We couldn’t ask Pill Master Yun to refine us a cultivation pill, so we’ll need to find some way to buy them. I’d rather we ask Heavenly Jewel Pavillion’s shopkeeper to see if they could find some way to get us 2 pills.”

“It’s useless.” Baili Yuyan sighed, “I already asked. Right now, everybody’s rushing to buy a cultivation pill, and Heavenly Jewel Pavillion’s stock has long been sold out. Right now, they’re still waiting on a new shipment, and its not sure when it’ll arrive.”

Cultivation pills were for low level cultivators to stabilize their foundation and boost their cultivating speed.

There’s no better time for young practioners to take a cultivation pill than now, right before the imperial hunting banquet.

Now, the levels of strength in the younger generation were almost the same. Whoever could get a cultivation pill, their strength would grow to be a cut above the rest. It’d be very helpful for winning first place in the hunting banquet.

Not everybody could get a cultivation pill, but Baili Yuyan heard that the prime minister’s daughter, Li Yuyue, had already obtained one.

Baili Haoxuan also frowned. He despised Baili Hongzhuang so much that he wanted to go to the Godly Doctor Square to teach her a lesson right then and there!

As they worried, a conversation at a nearby table suddenly caught their attention.

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