Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 55

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Everybody turned to stare at Xuanyuan Huan. The maidens eagerly looked at him, anticipating his answer, hoping they managed to attract his attention.

Baili Yuyan also watched eagerly. She still remembered the loving words they shared together, and hoped that he did as well.

“I want……. Her!”

Xuanyuan stretched out his finger, pointing at a woman.

Baili Hongzhaung was bored to death as she chatted idly with Dibei Chen. During the banquet, she had actually become quite familiar with him.

Thankfully, this guy also didn’t really like the banquet, so they both preferred to sit in the corner and eat happily.

But suddenly, everybody’s eyes were on them. Baili Hongzhuang lifted her eyes and looked around. The person Xuanyuan Huan was referring to was actually her!

“Baili Hongzhuang…..” Xuanyuan Huan slowly said.

The moment Baili Hongzhuang appeared, his eyes had never moved elsewhere.

Although he didn’t understand how Baili Hongzhuang changed so much, he just couldn’t forget about her.

Just by watching Baili Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen chattering so happily, his heart was uncomfortable.

In any case, he just had to get Baili Hongzhuang as his woman!

When everybody saw Xuanyuan Huan choose Baili Hongzhaung, the expressions on their face all became strange.

Only a month ago, Baili Hongzhuang was abandoned by him and moreover, Xuanyuan Huan himself had even asked for the engagement to be cancelled many times.

But now he wants her back. Isn’t this just like a joke?

Baili Yuyan watched Xuanyuan Huan in shock. She couldn’t believe that he actually chose Baili Hongzhuang!

Xuanyuan Yutian and Jiang Jinying’s faces expressions momentarily turned ugly when they heard his answer.

Xuanyuan Huan could choose any woman present in the banquet. Any woman but Baili Hongzhuang!


Xuanyuan Yutian’s voice was imposing, with the aura of a ruler.

A Emperor’s words weren’t a joke. He himself had cancelled the engagement before, so how could he go back and make Baili Hongzhuang the Crown Princess again!

No matter how amazing Baili Hongzhuang may be now, she and Xuanyuan Huan absolutely cannot be together again!

Xuanyuan Huan’s expression changed as he looked at Xuanyuan Yutian’s rigid face, about to retort back when Jiang Jinying suddenly stopped him.

“Huan, don’t make trouble!” Jiang Jiying lowered her voice.

“Imperial Mother, your son only likes Baili Hongzhuang!” Xuanyuan Huan stressed the fact.

Jiang Jinying’s beautiful face frowned, “There’s so many people here, and yet you still dare to contradict your father, do you not want to be Crown Prince anymore?”

When Xuanyuan Huan insisted on breaking off the engagement, Xuanyuan Yutian was already displeased. Wanting it again in such an event is simply impossible.

Listening to Jiang Jinying’s words, Xuanyuan Huan couldn’t help but be shocked. Taking a quick glance to see his father’s sharp eyes, he could only shut his mouth obediently without any other words.

Baili Hongzhuang couldn’t help but relax. Thankfully, she didn’t need to intervene for the problem to be solved. Xuanyuan Huan’s stupidity really made her want to pull her brains out!

After, Xuanyuan Huan just sat expressionless, letting his mother Jiang Jinying pick out a few concubines for him. If he couldn’t get Baili Hongzhuang, then he didn’t care who he got.

Seeing Xuanyuan Huan act obediently, Jiang Jinying also felt relieved. She was only a woman, and absolutely could not let the Emperor’s feelings of Huan change!

In the end, Xuanyuan Yutian declared Feng Bo’s Country’s Prime Minister, Li Chengqian’s daugher, Li Yuyue as the Crown Prince’s wife!

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