Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 365

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Ling Jiaxin and Liu Jingkun held the Channel Opening Pills, their faces filled with excitement. The benefits the Channel Opening Pill brings for cultivators were huge ah!
Pangyun Xiang followed behind the two, a trace of helplessness and gloominess on his face.

The 3 of them had clearly bidded the same price, but Baili Hongzhuang picked only 2 of them, Ling Jiaxin and Liu Jingkun’s.

This was the first time Dai Yunyang had entrusted something for him to handle, yet he had already failed. If this made Dai Yunyang unhappy with his capability, that would be a great loss!

“Miss Ling, what do we do about the pill that was bought by Wei Meidai?”

Liu Jingkun frowned slightly. Originally, according to their plan, all 3 Channel Opening Pills should’ve been theirs.

But, nobody expected Wei Meidai to appear and change that.

So, even if they accused Baili Hongzhuang, wouldn’t it all be worthless?

Everybody already knew that the two of them held deep grudges with Baili Hongzhuang, so if they said that it was fake, and Wei Meidai said that it was real, it was obvious who everybody would believe.

Ling Jiaxin’s face also became a little worried. They had finally found a way for Baili Hongzhuang to cry everyday in regret with great difficulty and call uselessly, so how could it all be ruined now?

“How about we go and sound out Wei Meidai?” Ling Jiaxin suggested, “As long as we give her some benefits, Wei Meidai should agree to act with us.”

Liu Jingkun nodded, “Right, lets go to probe Wei Meidai’s intentions!”

Wei Meidai immediately went to leave with the Channel Opening Pill. Many people coveted the pill in Azure Water City, so she had to give it to her Master as soon as possible.

But, Wei Meidai suddenly stopped walking, blocked by somebody.

Wei Meidai couldn’t help but be a bit startled. She was about to use her identity as a pill master to intimidate them out of the way, but when she saw that it was Ling Jiaxin and the others from earlier, a flash of doubt couldn’t help but appear in her eyes.

“What are you guys doing?”

Ling Jiaxin smiled brightly, walking a bit closer. “Miss Wei, we came to ask for your help.”

Wei Meidai raised an eyebrow, “With what?”

“Would Miss Wei be potentially interested in selling the Channel Opening Pill to us?”

Hearing her words, Wei Meidai glanced at Ling Jiaxin and firmly shook her head.

“Out of question, this pill is too useful for me. If it’s just this, there’s no need to speak anymore. I won’t be selling this pill to you.”

A trace of disappointment passed through Ling Jiaxin’s eyes, but Wei Meidai’s reply didn’t come as a surprise for her.

With Wei Meidai’s idenitity as a pill master, she had no shortage of money so why would she possibly want to sell it to them?

Wei Meidai was done speaking and prepared to leave but when she saw Liu Jingkun and Pang Yunxiang still blocking her way, she frowned. “I already spoke, what are you guys still trying to do?”

Ling Jiaxin thought for a bit. Since there was no hope in buying the Channel Opening Pill from her, she could only do her best and try something.

If she failed, she’d just die losing to Baili Hongzhuang.

Thinking up to here, Ling Jiaxin lowered her voice, “What does Miss Wei think about Baili Hongzhuang?”

Wei Meidai glanced at Ling Jiaxin doubtfully, not understanding why she was suddenly asking such a question.

Don’t tell her that…… news about her and Baili Hongzhaung at the Pill Master’s Guild had already spread to here?

On that day, many people were present on the scene, but there weren’t any Azure Water School student so it should’ve have already transmitted outwards……

“Just say what you want to say, ok?” Wei Meidai’s voice was cold as she stared at Ling Jiaxin’s group of 3.

If they wanted to threaten her, she wasn’t that simple!

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