Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 348

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Even in such a place as Feng Bo country, it is clear why the Lan family is considered important.

In front of the Lan family, even the entire Feng Bo country can be easily annihilated. The two can not be compared.

The Lan family in the San Xuan mainland has been in existence for many years with many deep rooted wrongs. Things could get complicated.

To go against the entire Lan family with one person’s strength alone was an impossible feat to accomplish.

In the Shengxuan Continent, new forces will rise every day while the old forces die out.

However, when certain forces grow too powerful, they will be extremely hard to destroy.

Because each group had a long lineage, they became extremely stable over time.

As the saying goes, the body of a starving camel is larger than a living horse. When they reach a certain level, there are only short-term silences even when they fall into difficulty. Only after a while can they slowly get back up.

He did not know if Baili Hongzhuang knew of the power that the Lan family holds and was worried that after his introduction, Baili Hongzhaung would fall into a trap.

If Baili Hongzhuang fears the Lan family, and doesn’t make a move, it is not what he wants to see.

But Baili Hongzhuang had set her heart for revenge. Ever since then, she has not been happy, which is also not what he wishes to see.

Luckily Baili Hongzhuang is not as he had imagined. She is truly an unusual woman.

“I only want you to be happy.” Dibei Chen says in a gentle and sincere tone.

Baili Hongzhuang was silent. Usually, she would not show her emotions on her face.

“I understand. One day I will find out the truth. The Lan family will be destroyed and I will pay them back by hundred folds.”

The dark pools flashes an extremely cold aura, hidden devour all the power, a kind of unspeakable arrogance domineering burst forth from Baili Hongzhuang’s body!

She has never cared for the power a family held nor does she have the word “fear” in her dictionary.

She only knows that people can decide their own fate.

People only live once in their lifetime, to do what they want.

Embarking on the road of cultivation is also a way to a fulfilling life!

If they give up on revenge because of fear, then how can they even talk about martial arts?

She, Baili Hongzhaung, does not fear the heavens or the earth.

Whatever she wishes, she will put her heart to it until it is accomplished.

Dibei Chen noticed a flame flash in Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes, feeling a deep shock in his heart.

He never knew that, inside Baili Hongzhaung’s body, there was such a powerful soul.

From that pair of firm and confident eyes, he saw Baili Hongzhuang’s confidence and persistence.

He once heard master say, what cultivators need the most is a fearless state of mind.

However, most cultivators do not have it.

Because master saw that he did not fear the heavens and earth, the rules were broken and he accepted as a disciple.

Not only that, his wife also has that kind of personality.

The way it is, they are truly a fated pair.

“What you are saying is correct. What kind of power is the head of the Lan family, it is up to a person. As long as we have faith, anything is possible.”

Dibei Chen had an enchanting bloodthirsty aura, one that belongs to a domineering ruler.

Those pair of eyes had a confident and bright shine to it. People lived a lifetime for themselves, this had the most purpose.

Hearing what Dibei Chen said, Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes showed a touch of surprise. She showed a touch of clear understanding while revealing an enchanting smile.

It seems that their thoughts are in sync!

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