Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 346

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At that time, the Lan Family and Lan Yunxiao were having a dispute about becoming the Family Head.”
Baili Hongzhaung’s eyes narrowed, an astute light flitting by.

As the family head in her past life, she was by no means a stranger to the methods used within the family.

Who knew how many victims were sacrificed for the family head’s seat.

Luckily for her, she had managed to use her strength to terrorize everybody so nobody would dare to start anything.

But many similar situations could be seen in other families.

All kinds of despicable, filthy means were used. Unless it was already decided, every birth of a new family head was bound to be filled with bloodshed.

Dibei Chen stared at Baili Hongzhaung. She really had a clever mind, already understanding without him needing to be so wordy.

“Right, Lan Yunxiao’s big brother- Lan Jingkuang!”

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips curved into a cold smile. At this point, she pretty much already knew who was acting behind the scenes.

“Right now, Lan Jingkuang is already the Lan Family Head. His daughter, Lan Qingyan is a well known genius, and is a very famous figure in Shengxuan Continent.”

It’s said that Lan Qingyan’s talent was beyond ordinary geniuses, and that her cultivation was always impressive. These past few years, her reputation had gotten even more resounding.

Lan Qingyan was thought highly of by the entire Lan Family and that someday, it was highly possible that she’d become the first female Family Head!

“It seems that Lan Qingyan’s skills really aren’t ordinary ah.” Baili Hongzhaung concealed the sharp light in her eyes, “To be expected to become the Lan Family’s first female Family Head must mean that she definitely has the ability to.”

Dibei Chen nodded slightly, “Lan Qingyan really is remarkable, but she almost always cultivated alone. I also never saw her before.”

“It’s no wonder then that Lan Yunxiao and the Lan Family became enemies and was chased to death. The other party was really a powerful figure.”

Baili Hongzhaung’s lips curved into a smile, a bone-chillingly cold light appearing in her eyes.

Before, she had no idea about her background. Now that she knew about the Lan Family’s unfair treatments towards her parents and finally chased to death, the bloodlust in her heart was almost boiling!

She could almost imagine Lan Yunxiao as the respected family head. If had let bygones be bygones, he would’ve still been the Lan Family Head!

A child, rather than keeping a waste like her, he could just have a new one.

But, Lan Yunxiao didn’t!

For her, he had become enemies with the Lan Family and abandoned everything- glory, spendor, wealth, and rank just to get justice for his daughter!

Even though Lan Yunxiao was powerful, how could he and her mother, 2 people stand up against the entire Lan Family?

Baili Hongzhuang already marked down the big Lan Family as her enemy.

Even though she was also a part of the Lan Family, since the Lan Family was so unfair towards her, she already decided to break all ties with them!

Dibei Chen watched as Baili Hongzhaung’s face changed. Sensing the condensing bloodlust surrounding her, his eyes were filled with astonishment.

Bloodlust was a very mysterious thing, linked with a cultivator’s strength.

The stronger the cultivator and the more bloodshed they’ve experinced, the stronger their bloodlust!

But such a strong bloodlust was far beyond what somebody at Baili Hongzhuang’s cultivation level should have.

What had Baili Hongzhaung gone through?

Even he probably wouldn’t been able to emit such terrifying bloodlust.

Thinking how Baili Hongzhaung’s experinces were even worse than his, a trace of pity emerged in Dibei Chen’s heart.

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