Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 343

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Seeing the two again after such a long time, her heart was filled with happiness. She just didn’t express it in front of Dibei Chen.
Dibei Chen’s deep eyes was filled with shock as he watched Baili Hongzhuang look at Hei Mu with happiness and pleasant surprise.

Wasn’t she a bit too enthusiastic?

Is it possible that Hei Mu was the kind his Wifey liked?

“Miss Baili.” Hei Mu’s face was filled with remorse, “Before Chen Wangye left, he told me to keep you safe. But I didn’t expect a Demonic Beast Tide and failed to protect you, putting you into serious danger. Hei Mu……. Hei Mu really feels ashamed to face Miss Baili and Wangye!”

Baili Hongzhuang was startled. Earlier, because of the two fluffballs, she knew somebody had been following her.

Originally she had wanted wait it out to see who was following her.

But after, she realised that the person was only following her like a shadow without doing any harmful actions.

So, she never thought that person following her would be revealed, and even more unexpectedly, for that person to be Hei Mu.

No wonder Dibei Chen came so soon after the Demonic Beast Tide, she had already thought that it was impossible for Dibei Chen to get news about the Demonic Beast Tide so quickly.

So actually, it was because Hei Mu reported it to him.

An excited smile appeared on Little Black’s face, “Dibei Chen definitely likes Master, otherwise, why would he call Hei Mu to protect her? Hei Mu is Dibei Chen’s personal servant ah!”

“I also think so, why else would Dibei Chen be at such a rush to come back?” Little White nodded in agreement.

Hundereds of thoughts swirled in Baili Hongzhaung’s mind as she listened to Little Black and Little White’s conversation.

She could naturally understand why Dibei Chen left Hei Mu to follow her. The importance Dibei Chen attached to her was obvious, but…..

“That Demonic Beast Tide was too sudden so its understandable. You don’t need to take it to heart.”

Baili Hongzhuang consoled him. Everything was too unexpected, it wasn’t something a single person’s power could change.

She completely understood how Hei Mu was too late to save her.

Nevermind Hei Mu, wasn’t she herself also helpless in the critical moment?

Hei Mu managing to survive the Demonic Beast Tide was already rather difficult.

Hearing Baili Hongzhaung’s words, Hei Mu only felt even more guilty.

He had failed the young master’s mission, yet Miss Baili was still so considerate. He was ashamed.

“Miss Baili, I promise you that I won’t ever let you be in such danger ever again!”

Hei Mu’s face was serious. Such a mistake, once was enough.

If there was a second time, even without the young master saying anything, he himself could just go die.

Dibei Chen narrowed his eyes as he watched Baili Hongzhuang and Hei Mu talk. Why did it so strange when Hei Mu solemnly vowed to never let Baili Hongzhaung fall into danger?

It seems that later he needs to choose a new person to protect Baili Hongzhaung. He could not leave a single threat behind ah.

Baili Hongzhuang smiled faintly, “Hei Mu, don’t mind it too much and just protect Dibei Chen.”

Dibei Chen waved his hand, “Hei Mu, since wife’s already forgiven you, you can go now.”

Hei Mu nodded his head as he turned around to leave.

Baili Hongzhuang stared at Dibei Chen, her clear eyes a bit emotional as she spoke, “Thank you.”

Suddenly being thanked, Dibei Chen was a bit startled before a bright smile appeared on his face, “Taking good care of you is my responsability.”

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