Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 341

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“Perhaps…. It really is like that.”

Dongfang Yu’s eyes twinkled thoughtfully as he lowered his head.

Baili Hongzhuang was truly an unusual woman. Not only did she change, but so did the man around her.

“That Dibei Chen isn’t a simple character either.”

Gong Shaoqing’s eyes were deep and distant, “Before I heard that not only was Feng Bo Country’s Wangye a cripple, he was even bullied by everyone. But after his leg injury was healed, he also became very strongly. Clearly…… he had been cultivating for a long time. It definitely wasn’t an overnight thing.”

“At the very least, his cultivation level…… is something that even I cannot read.”

His deep, magnetic voice was filled with complex emotions. Gong Shaoqing’s face was grave, not a single emotion visible on his face.

Dongfang Yu nodded, feeling the same, “Right, his strength is truly…… profound.”

Hearing Gong Shaoqing and Dongfang Yu’s words, Liu Qinyue’s eyes widened with shock, “Not even you two could measure his cultivation?”

As everybody knew, if the difference in strength was too big, weaker cultivators wouldn’t be able to know a stronger cultivator’s strength.

If even Gong Shaoqing and Dongfang Yu couldn’t see his strength, it was obvious that Dibei Chen’s power was beyond ordinary!

Even if Dibei Chen was a year older than them, such a huge gap in strength was still astonishing!

“It seems like that Dibei Chen didn’t come to Azure Water School to train, but to stay with Baili Hongzhuang!”

. Gong Shaoqing’s cold voice was certain. Only a little bit of thinking was needed to understand everything.

“This Chen Wangye cannot be a simple person, but for him, Baili Hongzhuang is…… very important!”

Dongfang Yu’s seductive eyes blushed faintly as they shone with intelligence, but his heart quietly burned with pain.

For a person as strong as Dibei Chen, staying at Azure Water School would only be a waste of time. Yet, he had rushed over specially for Baili Hongzhuang.

From this, it was obvious how important she was in Dibei Chen’s heart.

Whether it was appearence or strength, DIbei Chen was unbeatable. Together with his sincerity towards Baili Hongzhaung, they truly were a couple worthy of envy.

Billows appeared in Liu Qinyue’s eyes. The shock was too great.

Baili Hongzhuang was once called trash by everybody, but in her eyes, Baili Hongzhaung was not only strong, a medicinal expert, she was even a rarely seen pill refining genius!

Such a perfect woman with so many talents, yet she had to live under humiliation for 15 years. It was truly hard to believe.

Could it be that…… all the people in Feng Bo Country’s Imperial City were all idiots?

Otherwise, how could they trample on a treasured, heaven sent genius like trash?

Watching Liu Qinyue’s face continuously changing, Gong Shaoqing spoke, “No matter who Baili Hongzhuang is, she’s still our friend.”

Hearing that, Liu Qinyue’s thoughts changed. Big Brother Gong…… he was protecting Hongzhuang?

Big Brother Gong who had normally never concerned himself with worldly affairs was now suddenly speaking so much, trying to prevent rumors so Baili Hongzhaung won’t be affected.

Dongfang Yu also nodded, “Right, we only need to know Hongzhuang’s our friend, and that’s enough.”


Baili Hongzhuang led Dibei Chen on a loop around Azure Water School before finally bringing him to the special enrollment student’s dormitory.

Seeing how the name plate next door was already engraved with Dibei Chen’s name, Baili Hongzhaung couldn’t help but sigh. Azure Water School’s efficiency was truly something.

“This is your room.” Baili Hongzhuang pointed at the door.

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