Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 339

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“Hongzhuang, Shao Zifan and I are going now, hehe!”
Xia Zhiqing winked excitedly at Baili Hongzhuang. A short separation breeds new love, them staying here would only be a hindrance!

Baili Hongzhuang noticed everyone’s ambiguous eyes but didn’t say anything.

She knew that right now, even if she tried to explain, nobody would believe it.

So, it was better not to explain at all, or else everybody might misunderstand.

Seeing everyone wink as they left cleanly, Baili Hongzhaung was helpless as she turned to face Dibei Chen.

“Is your business finished?”

Baili Hongzhuang asked. From what she understood, since Dibei Chen wasted 3 years in Feng Bo Country, there should’ve definitely been a terribly difficult, big mess for him to deal with.

But Dibei Chen didn’t take long at all……. Was all his business really completed?

If it really was, his efficiency was truly something ah.

“If I didn’t come back, I’m afraid Wifey would’ve ran away with somebody else.”

Dibei Chen grinned, his low and magnetic voice filled with charm as he said teasingly.

But, his dark and beautiful eyes had a trace of hard-to-describe seriousness.

Baili Hongzhaung was struck dumb, this guy was truly shameless enough to say everything!

Such a normal sentence, but why does it sound like the red apricot tree leaning over the garden wall?

Idiom; A cheating wife XD

Little Black and Little White glanced at each other. As expected of Dibei Chen, hehe.

Baishi in Baili Hongzhuang’s arms also popped his head out to glance at Dibei Chen. This was only the second time he had seen Dibei Chen, the first was when he was just born.

But thinking of that now….. Aiya, it was too embarrassing!

Baishi lowered his head, snuggling back into Baili Hongzhuang’s arms.

It was a very shy animal!

“Nonsense!” Baili Hongzhuang immediately refuted.

She knew that the two fluffballs on top of her head were definetely laughing at her!

Dibei Chen’s eyes brightened as he listened to Baili Hongzhaung, his grin growing wider and wider.

“So you mean that even if I’m not by Wifey’s side, Wifey will still care about me?”

Baili Hongzhuang was once again stumped for words, glaring at that evildoer’s face furiously.

It was a pit!

It was a huge pit!

Dibei Chen had really calculted it well. No matter how she answered, she’d still fall for his trick! !

“You think too much.” ”

Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes narrowed, a cold light beginning to appear in her eyes.

Dibei Chen was completely unaware, the smile on his face only growing even more brilliant as he stared at Baili Hongzhuang tenderly.

He tightened embraced her with his hand, “Today is truly a good day. Your husband feels very happy to see Wifey again.”

Baili Hongzhuang noticed Dibei Chen’s hand on her shoulder and couldn’t help but ask, “Your hand, can you let go?”

Dibei Chen raised an eyebrow. At first he didn’t want to release her, but then seeing Baili Hongzhuang’s cold face, he quietly let go.

“Whatever Wifey says, your husband will naturally obey.”

Baili Hongzhaung frowned lightly, “Aren’t you getting a bit too into the play? I’m not actually your wife.”

Hearing Baili Hongzhaung words, the smile on Dibei Chen’s face faded somewhat, a trace of seriousness appearing in his eyes.

“You don’t want to be my wife?”

Dibei Chen’s beautiful eyes were filled with remorse as if he was thinking about how Baili Hongzhuang was unhappy when he called him his wife.

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