Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 336

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Xia Zhiqing stared blankly at Dibei Chen, who stood beside Baili Hongzhuang. Just a while ago she had even humorously made a bet with Baili Hongzhuang, saying that Dibei Chen didn’t have a wife. Never would she have thought that the wife Dibei Chen just mentioned, was Baili Hongzhuang!
The situation changed so quickly that she couldn’t follow it!

Liu Qinyue was stunned and stared at them in astonishment, this……this was truly unexpected.

Neither Dongfang Yu or Gong Shaoqings’ expressions were any better. Before Dibei Chen had said anything about it, they would’ve never associated Baili Hongzhuang with Dibei Chen!

Dongfang Yu was dumbfounded. He had previously inquired a lot of information about Baili Hongzhuang, but hadn’t heard anything about her being married.

Everyone’s attention was all on Baili Hongzhuang. To find out whether or not this was true, they would have to hear Baili Hongzhuang’s answer.

Baili Hongzhuang helplessly gazed at the bright attractive face in front of her, from the moment this guy appeared, she knew something like this would happen.


There wasn’t an explanation in the first place.

Deny it?

This was the truth so how could she deny it?

Since there was no other way, she could only acknowledge it.

“What do you think?” A flicker of slyness flashed by Baili Hongzhuang’s beautiful eyes, “If you are willing, then I don’t have a problem with it.”

Although Dibei Chen threw the question to her, she wasn’t willing to become the fiend who broke the hearts of many young women, therefore why not just throw the question back at him.

When they heard Baili Hongzhuang neither disagree or agree, the onlookers couldn’t ignore the fact that Baili Hongzhuang was Dibei Chen’s wife.

The discovery crushed all of the ladies in the academy. Before, Dongfang Yu had been everyone’s male idol, but who would’ve known that when Baili Hongzhuang joined the academy, she would be so close with Dongfang Yu, breaking the hearts of everyone.

Finally a new male idol appeared, moreover this was only his first day, yet he was already Baili Hongzhuang’s husband?

Those who struck first prevailed, while those who struck late suffered. But wasn’t Baili Hongzhuang’s striking speed a bit too fast?

Couldn’t she let us live?

Couldn’t she let us reminiscence our male idol?

At this moment, not only were all the female students’ heartbroken, the male students’ who admired Baili Hongzhuang were also distressed!

Baili Hongzhuang was their new female idol!

Who would’ve known that Baili Hongzhuang had already been caught by Dibei Chen’s evil claws. Now they didn’t have any chance left.

How is he the academy’s special enrollment student, he clearly came to the academy to look for his wife!

Noticing the twinkle of cunningness that lashed by Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes, Dibei Chen’s eyes, dark as black jade, filled with indulgence and yearning.

When he first saw Baili Hongzhuang, she had the same slyness as she reached out her hand, asking for a hundred gold coins as reward.

And now looking at her, still as cunning and adorable as before, standing in front of him, there was an unexplainable feeling in his heart.

Fortunately……she’s was safe and sound.

“If Wifey says it like that, this husband will be sad,” smiled Dibei Chen devilishly, “You are the only one in my heart, no one else can replace you, nor enter my heart.”

The onlookers watched as Baili Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen extravagantly showed their affection, the whole square was filled with the sound of shattering hearts…….

Must they go so far as to publicly flirt with each other?

This proclamation of love was basically cutting of any hope they had!

Completely exterminating the fantasy in their hearts!

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