Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 330

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“That’s right. We haven’t heard about the existence of a third special enrollment student before. It’s precisely due to this that this special enrollment student looks to be very phenomenal.”

Xia Zhiqing’s face was full of excitement. The status of special enrollment students at the Azure Water School were already extraordinary. The identity of this special enrollment student must be even more exceptional.

A trace of doubt filled Baili Hongzhuang’s beautiful eyes. She had never heard of any news regarding this special enrollment student before. Dongfang Yu and the others had also never mentioned it. She believed that they also didn’t know that a third special enrollment student existed.

Thus, this third special enrollment student really was a phenomenal existence.

“This isn’t the main point though. The main point is that I heard that this special enrollment student not only possesses excellent strength, but is also extraordinarily handsome!”

Xia Zhiqing arched her eyebrows, eyes full of electrifying excitement.

To girls her age, nothing is more appealing to them than handsome men.

Seeing Xia Zhiqing’s excited expression, Baili Hongzhuang had a helpless smile on her face. Sure enough, this was the point Xia Zhiqing paid most attention to.

“This third special enrollment student hasn’t arrived yet. How would you know if he’s handsome?” Baili Hongzhuang teased.

Xia Zhiqing blinked. “Within the school, there is no lack of some well-informed students. There is a slight difference between us ordinary students and you special enrollment students.”

To be able to become special enrollment students, you guys must have directed all your energy on cultivating. However, we ordinary students are still very concerned with gossip, especially the female students.

“Since you know that, then why don’t you redirect all your energy towards cultivating?” Baili Hongzhuang thought it was a bit funny. “Didn’t you want to get into the pill master course quickly?”

“Of course I want to.” Xia Zhiqing gave a sparkling smile. “I was in the midst of cultivating when I heard my roommate talk about it. This news was so shocking, I naturally couldn’t help but listen a bit longer.

Right now, everyone with very curious about the identity of this special enrollment student! You already know this. Amongst the special enrollment students, female students are most concerned that Gong Shaoqing is very close with Liu Qinyue as well as you and Dongfang Yu also having an excellent relationship. Who knows how many girls’ hearts were broken. Only Bai Junyu is left.Now hearing that there is another outstanding and handsome man is coming, why wouldn’t everyone get excited?”

Baili Hongzhuang twitched, “Dongfang Yu and I are just classmates and nothing else.”

It was a fact that Gong Shaoqing and Liu Qinyue had an intimate relationship. However, there was nothing between her and Dongfang Yu.

“Of course I know that.” Xia Zhiqing nodded and then shrugged, “But, the other students don’t know.”

“Senior Dongfang has always treated others gently, is affable and easygoing, and is loved by most of the female students.”

“Ever since you became acquainted with Senior Dongfang, everyone presumed that the two of you didn’t have a shallow relationship. I’ve heard that many senior sisters silently shed tears in the middle of the night.”

“Master, your sin is really too grave.” Little Black said emotionally.

Little White nodded, feeling the same way. “If Dibei Chen knew, he’d definitely be jealous!”

Baili Hongshuang’s lips twitched. If Xia Zhiqing wasn’t here, she would have definitely send those ditch digging fur balls flying with a slap!
(TN: I’m assuming she means that they are digging a hole for themselves.)

“It can’t be that exaggerated.” Baili Hongzhuang felt frustrated, “It looks like I’ll have to pay more attention in the future.”

Xia Zhiqing shook her head and grabbed Baili Hongzhuang’s hand, looking unusually serious.

“Why should that matter. Senior Dongfang is a very good person after all. If you can get together with Senior Dongfang, I would be very happy for you!”

“It’s because he’s a good man that you should grasp and hold onto him tightly with your own hands!”

(>,> ….. XZQ is a good friend but no getting BHZ to cheat on hubby! >.< – Adelicya)

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