Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 315

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Wei Meidai was stunned.

Obviously it was her threatening Baili Hongzhaung, so how’d it turn into Baili Hongzhuang threatening her?

When the bystanders saw this, their faces looked as if they were excited to watch a good show.

They always see Wei Meidai bullying others, but for the first time, somebody was actually bullying her.

“I see that you need a beating!”

Baili Hongzhuang’s words completely exploded Wei Meidai’s anger.

You could only see Wei Meidai’s face turn a bright red as her eyes filled with fury, a slap ruthlessly flying towards Baili Hongzhaung!

Seeing this, Baili Hongzhaung’s eyes turned cold.

Her right hand moved like lightning as she grabbed the incoming hand, slapping Wei Meidai with her other one!


There was a clear sound, especially distinct in the Pill Masters Guild’s quiet silence.

Time seemed to freeze for a split second as the surrounding people widened their eyes. They didn’t dare to believe that the one to get slapped was actually Wei Meidai!

“Who is this young lady? Daring to slap Wei Meidai!”

“I have never seen her before. Not only is her appearence outstanding, her bearing is also out of the ordinary. She’s probably not a simple person.”

“Didn’t you guys hear about that girl who had the Channel Opening Pills, Baili Hongzhaung? A white dress and a refined, elegant beauty. This person looks a lot like her.”

Once Baili Hongzhaung’s name was mentioned, everybody suddenly understood.

The people in the Pill Masters Guild weren’t interested in cultivators, they only cared about concoting pills.

Thus, they knew nothing about Azure Water School’s new talents. But since Baili Hongzhaung had the Channel Opening Pill, she was well known in the Pill Masters guild.

But none of them thought that Baili Hongzhuang would be so young.

“You’re words are right, this miss probably is Baili Hongzhaung!”

Now knowning Baili Hongzhaung’s identity, the crowd’s eyes turned even more excited to watch the show.

It seemed that it’ll be a very interesting scene.

Wei Meidai was still in a daze, her right hand bursting with pain.

Underneath the burning pain, there was great humiliation.

She had lived arrogantly for many years and it was always her beating others. She had never, ever been slapped!

But, this woman actually dared to beat her?

Wei Meidai’s eyes immedaitely turned insane. The curious gazes staring at her only served to further enrage her.

“I’ll kill you!”

Wei Meidai was extremely furious. Her figure flickered as she charged at Baili Hongzhaung.

Wei Meidai’s hand was streched forward. Baili Hongzhaung knew right away that her cultivation was extremely weak since she had always focused on creating pills and wasn’t a threat at all. She was simply incapable of bringing her harm.


Baili Hongzhuang directly grabbed Wei Meidai’s hand with both hands and pushed her against the table below her.

An enchanting smile broke out on her beautiful face, but the light in her eyes was as sharp as a knife. Everything was as fast as lightning, her voice chillingly cold.

“Mark my words and don’t disturb me anymore. Otherwise, I’ll teach you what regret truly means.”

Wei Meidai was stunned, terror on her delicate face as stared at Baili Hongzhaung. Her whole body felt ice-cold.

Seeing the fear and nervousness in Wei Meidai’s eyes, Baili Hongzhaung released her hand, her face indifferent as she stepped away.

She usually avoided looking for trouble but at the same time, she was also never afraid of it.

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