Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 301

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Chapter 301

Both of their bodies once again went crashing to the floor. Pangyun Xiang spat out another mouthful of foaming blood, face already deathly pale.

“You two. In the future, if you see me you better walk the other way. Or else next time I will have you both completely disappear from this world!”

Her apathetic voice was filled with killing intent. Pangyun Xiang and Chen Tianzheng suddenly felt frozen. This killing intent sent chills down their spines!

After those words Baili Hongzhuang no longer paid any attention to thems. She inserted her point card into the card slot and closed the door!

The spiritual energy inside the stone chamber was more abundant and purer than outside. Baili Hongzhuang took a deep breath. This kind of place was really the best for cultivating!

Little Black, Little White and Baishi each chose a space. Like that, one person and three beasts started to cultivate at the Cultivation Pagoda.

After taking the Channel Opening Pill, the stall owner’s original situation of not being able to cultivate had improved. He became more and more certain that this was the real deal!

There were quite a few people in the City Square that understood the stall owner’s situation. In knowing that the stall owner was already able to immediately go into cultivating, they were all scared to the Heavens!

The long lost Channel Opening Pill had appeared again!

This news was like the wind, spreading swiftly throughout the entire Azure Water City!

Before, quite a few cultivators had witnessed Baili Hongzhuang using the Channel Opening Pill to make a deal with the stall owner. And now they were talking about this matter even more exaggeratedly.

Channel Opening Pill!

This was a pill that many cultivators needed!

As long they were able to broaden their meridians, their cultivation speed would greatly rise. At the same time, it would be more favorable that they would be able to walk further on their road of cultivation!

A huge commotion arose in Azure Water City. Many cultivators wanted to find Baili Hongzhuang to understand the real situation!

At best, they would be able to think of a way to get a Channel Opening Pill. That would be really great!

Some cultivators knew that the reason Baili Hongzhuang made a deal with the stall owner was for the demonic beast crystals. Even though they didn’t know why she wanted them, they all began to gather them.

As long as they had a sufficient amount of demonic beast crystals, they believed that there was a large possibility to be able to trade for a Channel Opening Pill!

That was a pill that had been lost long ago!

As long as they had it and other cultivators didn’t, their cultivation speed would undoubtedly be much stronger by a large margin, when compared to other cultivators!

Though the value of the demonic crystals aren’t low, they were of no real use to them. How would they compare to the importance of the Channel Opening Pill?

Just as everyone started looking for Baili Hongzhuang, they discovered that she had disappeared. There was no trace of her at the dormitory!

Dongfang Yu and the others were already struck with amazement after knowing all this. Now, countless cultivators hovered outside the dormitory of the special enrollment students every day.

Suffice to say that once Baili Hongzhuang appears, they had no doubt that these cultivators would immediately swarm her. She would be completely surrounded!

“How would Baili Hongzhuang have Channel Opening Pills?” Doubt flashed across Dongfang Yu’s handsome eyes. Her deeds always caused people to be astonished.

Liu Qinyue twitched her eyebrows, gentle and pretty face holding a sense of contemplation, “Baili Hongzhuang. Is she also an alchemist?”

“Probably not”, Dongfang Yu rubbed his chin. That girl was already a godly doctor that mastered the Vibrating Needle Technique. If she was also an alchemist, what sort of concentration did she have?

Cultivation. Medical skills. Refining skills. No matter which of the three, each one required a huge amount of concentration as well as time.

For Baili Hongzhuang to be able to cultivate her spiritual energy and develop her medical skills to this level, it already made others feel ashamed. If she knew all three, they might as well have fed their youth to the dogs!

(Lol, Baishi would probably be happy eating all those cores. – Adelicya)

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