Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 295

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Chapter 295

Once he said there words, everyone’s jaws dropped. No way?

This stall had so many demonic cores as well as other stuff. Unexpectedly it all went to Baili Hongzhuang in this fashion?

Baili Hongzhuang was bursting with laughter, this move from the stall owner didn’t surprise her much.

After all, he hadn’t been able to cultivate for quite a while. In his heart, the value of the Channel Opening Pill was much higher than anything he owns.

Ling Jiaxin was completely dumbfounded. This is Baili Hongzhuang trying to hoodwink us right?

Channel Opening Pill?

Who knows how long ago it was lost. How could she possess it?

If you want to swindle someone, you should at least do so with a more convincing reasoning right?

Yet, the stall owner actually believed it!

“Stall Owner, this Channel Opening Pill must be a fake. Don’t be fooled!”, Ling Jiaxin quickly said.

What a joke!

It was fine if the stall owner was deceived, but what about her 100,000 gold coins and 50 demonic crystals?

The stall owner gave Ling Jiaxin a dirty look, isn’t this person able to see others happy at all?

“I’m willing to be deceived. It’s none of your damn business!”

As his voice faded, the stall owner shot Ling Jiaxin a look of scorn. Holding onto the white porcelain bottle he left the City Square, eager to test out the effect of this Channel Opening Pill!

All this was way too dramatic. No one knew how to react. Other cultivators even wanted to ask, was this stall owner a shill brought here by Baili Hongzhuang?

“The pill formula for the Channel Opening Pill had already been lost for so many years. How could Baili Hongzhuang have it? It’s ridiculous!”

“What you’re saying is wrong. The Vibrating Needle Technique was also lost many years ago. Yet, Baili Hongzhuang knows it as well!”

Hearing these words, everyone froze and looked at Baili Hongzhuang with eyes streaked with fright. How did these long lost things appear in her hands?

Could it be that Baili Hongzhuang is a cultivator born from a powerful and influential family?

Ling Jiaxin’s face paled. No matter how one looked at it, she should have won the bet. Yet she actually lost?

100,000 gold coins, 50 demonic cores. Where is she going to acquire all this?

Baili Hongzhuang casually glanced at Ling Jiaxin, “Our bet, remember to pay up in three days. With so many people here, you wouldn’t renege on it right?”

However, the casually spoken words were akin to a mountain pressing down on Ling Jiaxin’s heart. If she reneged on the bet, then afterwards how would she be able to survive in the Azure Water School?

“With me here, she wouldn’t dare to renege.”

Gong Shaoqing suddenly said in his indifferent voice, as if the outcome was already decided.

Ling Jiaxin paled even more. Damn him! How did she not know that Gong Shaoqing like to help people so much!

Everyone’s eyes were filled with interest. Such a large amount, Ling Jiaxin is really unlucky!

Baili Hongzhuang methodically put everything from the stall into her Yin Yang Pouch. With so many demonic core, it was enough to feed Baishi for quite a while.

Speaking of which, a single Rank 2 pill was exchanged for so many demonic cores. It was a really good deal!

The sun shined on Baili Hongzhaung and Gong Shaoqing causing two shadows to stretch out from their bodies, looking especially harmonious.

“That Channel Opening Pill, it’s real?”

One could not tell Gong Shaoqing’s thoughts from his cold face. He was really astonished. The Channel Opening Pill was a pill that many cultivators needed.

Only, it had already disappeared 200 years ago. Every time Liu Qinyue talked about this matter, she couldn’t help but sigh. Seeing Baili Hongzhuang bring out a Channel Opening Pill today, he was really shocked.

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips lifted slightly, clear and beautiful eyes were mocking and teasing, and answered with a question: “What do you think?”

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