Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 287

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Seeing this, an astonished light flashed through Huan Chuyou’s eyes. Baili Hongzhuang really got rid of the poison!

The Green Python’s poison was scary because it would infect the body very quickly and was very hard to cure. Baili Hongzhuang used acupuncture to remove all the poison and gathered all of it together.

In this way, she solved the biggest problem.

Cui Haoyan was basically saved.

At this time, Baili Hongzhuang turned her head towards Huan Chuyou, who stood beside her. “Vice Principal, do you have a blood-replenishing pill?”

Cui Haoyan was already very weak. There was a lot of blood that was contaminated with the poison. Once all of it was removed, Cui Haoyan would lose a lot of blood and would face another life-threatening crisis.

“Yes. I can handle this part.”

Huan Chuyou looked very focused. This time, there were many people who were injured outside and had lost a lot of blood, so he had refined many blood-replenishing pills.

Baili Hongzhuang lightly nodded her head. The trembling of the silver needles became faster and the poison in Cui Haoyan’s left hand became darker and darker. It was as if there was an earthworm in him that would not stop moving, making everybody’s hearts go cold.

Just as the silver needles stopped trembling, Baili Hongzhuang took a sharp knife and cut open Cui Haoyan’s wrist.

The black blood flowed out from his wrist continuously, and Cui Haoyan’s body also slightly twitched.

The poisonous blood made small sounds when it made contact with the iron basin. However, even though not all of the poisonous blood had flowed out yet, the iron basin was already completely corroded through by the poison.

Seeing this, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. They all knew that Cui Haoyan was poisoned with a very powerful and dangerous poison, but they did not think that the poison was this deadly. No wonder there were rotting wounds all over Cui Haoyan’s body!

Once the poisonous blood made contact with the floor, it started to corrode the floor. White bubbles kept on appearing, making people’s backs go cold.

As the poisonous blood left his body, Cui Haoyang’s face was no longer as purple-black, but rather, it became as white as a sheet of paper.

Just as all the poisonous blood was removed, Huan Chuyou put two blood-replenishing pills into Cui Haoyan’s mouth.

Baili Hongzhuang began to wrap up the cut on Cui Haoyan’s wrist. Her actions were very smooth and skilled, and she was very careful and concentrated.

“It’s good now.” Baili Hongzhuang stood up, looking at Huan Chuyou, “All the poison has been removed. You can take care of the rest.”

Cui Haoyan’s injuries were very serious. She could only help him remove the poison. If he was to recover at the fastest speed possible, he would need lots of well-refined pills.

Even though she could completely cure him, she would have to use more time than Huan Chuyou.

Huan Chuyou looked at Baili Hongzhuang with admiration. “You are also tired. Go rest.”

Only now did the crowd realize that Baili Hongzhuang’s forehead was covered with beads of sweat, and her beautifully exquisite face was also pale as snow.

Clearly, this medical treatment was not as easy as they all had thought. Baili Hongzhuang’s burden was not small.

The corner of Baili Hongzhuang’s lips curled up in a beautiful smile. “Many thanks for Vice Principal’s care.”

In Huan Chuyou’s eyes, other than admiration, there was only praise. This little girl would definitely be powerful in the future.

If one wanted to achieve such achievements at such an age, even if the Master was extremely strong, if one did not put in effort, then there would still be no use!

He simply did not think that Baili Hongzhuang’s actions were made to get his attention. He believed that Baili Hongzhuang’s master would definitely not lose out against him when it came to skills.

How could someone weaker than him produce disciples like this?

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