Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 282

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Chapter 282

It was understandable that Liu Qinyue was already a Rank Two Alchemist at her age. It turned out that she has a Rank Four Alchemist as a Master.

Azure Water School’s special enrollment student, Rank Two Alchemist as well as the Vice Principal’s disciple. With all these identities, it was no wonder Liu Qinyue’s prestige in the Azure Water School was so high and many people saw her as the goddess in their hearts.

Huan Chuyou’s eyes fell on Zhan Yunfeng, “You said Cui Haoyan was attacked by a poisonous python? What did that poisonous python look like?”

It was exactly the case that he didn’t know what demonic beast the toxin came from. Once known, he’d be able to prescribe the appropriate medicine.

After all, the Detoxification Pill was not an all-purpose cure. Targeted medicinal pills are much more effective.

“That poisonous python was about twenty meters long, as thick as a basin, and body covered in green scales”, Zhan Yunfeng quickly explained.

“Lulin Python!”, Huan Chuyou’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t expect it to be the Lulin Python!

Baili Hongzhuang also immediately recognized the demonic beast Zhan Yunfeng described. Lulin Python – a demonic beast with monstrous strength and highly toxic poison.

The Lulin Python lived in the Luo Yun Mountain Range. Usually, with where they were they shouldn’t have been able to come in contact with the Lulin Python. This time because of the Demonic Beast Tide, the demonic beasts came out in full force and so Cui Haoyan and the others ended up encountering it.

The Lulin Python’s poison was strong and tyrannical. The usual method wouldn’t be able to detoxify it at all.

Huan Chuyou faintly sighed. His wise and affable face stricken with helplessness and deep regret.

Although he was a Rank Four Alchemist, the pill formulas he had on hand were limited.

In ancient times, alchemy was very prosperous and various pill formulas and medicinal pills would emerge quickly and endlessly. Detoxifying the Lulin Python’s poison was also not impossible.

Now however, the pill formula that could have been used for treatment had already disappeared. Even he was at wits end!

Looking at Huan Chuyou’s expression, everyone’s heart skipped a beat. Zhan Yunfeng was even more unwilling to wipe the tears from his eyes. His demeanor was extremely tense, “Vice Principal, Cui Haoyan, can he still be saved?”

“I can only try my best, but…..the chances aren’t high.”

Zhan Yunfeng paled, even the Rank Four Alchemist Vice Principal said the chances weren’t high, then didn’t that mean…..

Thinking of this, tears poured from Zhan Yunfeng’s eyes.

“Vice Principal, is there no other way?”, Gong Shaoqing asked.

“Unless we can find a Rank Five Alchemist or…..a doctor who knows the Vibrating Needle Technique.”

Hearing this, everyone’s hearts sank. It was widely known that the person with the strongest alchemy skills is the vice president. Where would they go and find a Rank Five Alchemist?

As for a doctor knowing the Vibrating Needle Technique. Now even doctors that know basic acupuncture are quickly disappearing, not to mention the Vibrating Needle Technique.

Of these two methods, none were feasible and were equivalent to having no solutions at all.

“Then what can we do”, Zhan Yunfeng choked up, bursting into tears.

Xia Zhiqing curiously looked at Zhan Yunfeng, “Does this Zhan Yunfeng like Cui Haoyan?”

Dongfang Yu slightly nodded, looking helpless and grief-stricken. “Zhan Yunfeng has always adored Cui Haoyan. However he usually doesn’t show it much. Now…..I’m afraid there’s no hope of showing it.”

“Ah?”, Xia Zhiqing was surprise for a moment. She had only suspected, but didn’t think it would turn out to be true. “So pitiful. The Luo Yun Mountain Range was so full of danger. It really makes people sigh in sorrow.”

It was at this time, when everyone fell into despair that Baili Hongzhuang slowly walked up to Cui Haoyan.

A trace of surprise crossed Huan Chuyou’s calm and carefree eyes. What does this little girl want to do, standing out now?

“I’ll try.”

(Hmm, Python is probably used because of the sheer size of the demonic beast. It’s characteristics are more like a viper. Pythons are more constricting you to death while some viper species are known to cause necrosis. Alert! Do not google this is you have a weak stomach! >-< – Adelicya)

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