Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 281

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Chapter 281

“Bai Junyu returned?”

Her clear and bright eyes held a touch of concern. If not so, everyone wouldn’t have gathered here.

Dongfang Yu nodded slightly, “Cui Haoyan and Bai Junyu are seriously injured, Zhan Yunfeng’s situation is a little better and another person – has died!”

Baili Hongzhuang’s phoenix eyes narrowed, compared to before, this result was much better than what they had expected. However, hearing that another person died, her heart couldn’t help but skip a beat.

“Are Bai Junyu and Cui Haoyan’s injuries serious?”

Baili Hongzhuang knitted her eyebrows. Their dormitory wasn’t small, but at the moment both teachers and students were all gathered here. Thus couldn’t see the situation inside.

“Very serious, especially Cui Haoyan. Vice Principal is diagnosing and giving him treatment right now. Hopefully he’ll be alright.”

Her perceptive and bright eyes flashed. Vice Principal, Rank Four Alchemist!

To date, she has yet to see the vice principal’s true ability.

Baili Hongzhuang explained the situation to Xia Zhiqing before slowly walking towards the dormitory room. She also wanted to see Cui Haoyan’s and Bai Junyu’s injuries and perhaps be of some help.

When Gong Shaoqing and the others caught sight of her, they slightly nodded their heads, but otherwise said nothing.

At the moment, the vice principal was in the midst of diagnosing Cui Haoyan’s condition. They were afraid of disturbing him, so they didn’t make a sound.

When Baili Hongzhuang caught sight of Cui Haoyan’s and Bai Junyu’s appearances, her eyes faltered and a look of shock appeared on her face.

She only saw Bai Junyu’s pale face, ragged clothing and bared skin covered in scars. Almost no part was unscathed.

Dark red blood stained his clothes, giving off a tragic aura.

It could be seen from the scars that the flesh on his right shoulder was bitten off by a demonic beast. It’s a miracle Bai Junyu could survive with such a serious injury.

However, his injuries weren’t the worst. Cui Haoyan’s injuries were the most serious.

She only saw Cui Haoyan’s dark complexion and festering wounds on every inch of his chest that were obviously due to the corroding nature of a toxin.

Now the toxin had already quickly permeated through his entire body. Large rotted sections of skin were horrifying to the eyes and even the blood from his body was black.

“Vice President, can their injuries be healed?” Gong Shaoqing’s brows wrinkled, his voice nervous and worried.

Huan Chuyou’s wise eyes held a sense of heaviness, “As long as Bai Junyu can survive past this critical point, he’ll be able to live. Cui Haoyan…..the toxin he was infected with……Even I can’t tell what kind of poison it is within a short period of time. I could only give him a Detoxification Pill before researching the poison. Only, I don’t know if this child can survive until I can find a solution.”

His words cause the hearts of everyone present to sink. Zhan Yunfeng even lost control and started to cry.

“It was my fault. It was because of saving me that the poisonous python landed an attack on Cui Haoyan.”

Zhan Yunfeng’s tears were endlessly dropping down like pearls from a broken necklace, “I was me who hurt him!”

Liu Qinyue patted Zhan Yunfeng’s shoulders, “Yunfeng, this was no one’s fault. You shouldn’t blame yourself.”

However, Zhan Yunfeng still stubbornly believed, “It was all because of me. I would rather the person lying on the bed be me!”

“Qinyue, give Bai Junyu the Recovering Yuan Pill from my medicine box”, the vice principal said.

“Yes, Master”

Liu Qinyue opened the medical box and pulled out one of the white porcelain bottles within, easily retrieving the Recovering Yuan Pill and feeding it to Bai Junyu.

Baili Hongzhuang’s dazzling pitch black phoenix eyes showed a glint of astonishment. She looked at Liu Qinyin with surprise. It turns out that…..the vice principal was Liu Qinyue’s Master!

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