Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 280

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Chapter 280


It was like the two circles were stamped onto Little Black’s white furred face with blushers, bright red and eye-catching!

“We didn’t see anything, nothing at all!”

“What did you guys see…..”

Baili Hongzhuang held her forehead with her hand, the shame, ah the shame!

Little Black ran back and forth on the table, bashfully covered his cheeks. “Don’t know, no one has seen anything!”

Do I believe that?

Baili Hongzhuang was helpless. While Little Black and Little White were continuing to act bashful without end, the white lion had long gone to sleep. Although….his eyes were still trembling.

It seems that she can no longer take a bath in her room!

“Knock, knock, knock!”

Urgent knocks came from the door. Baili Hongzhuang slightly wrinkled her eyebrows. This guy hasn’t left yet?

Opening the door, Baili Hongzhuang discovered that it wasn’t Dibei Chen standing outside, but Xia Zhiqing instead.

“Hongzhuang, it’s a relief that you’re okay!”
Xia Zhiqing’s pretty face was filled with excitement. She opened her arms and directly gave Baili Hongzhuang a big hug. “Hearing the news about the Demonic Beast Tide, really scared me.”

Looking at the worry and lament in Xia Zhiqing’s eyes, Baili Hongzhuang felt a little warmth in her heart.

Even though the trip to the Luo Yun Mountain Range was filled with danger, coming back and seeing her friends being so worried made her feel very happy.

“I am very lucky, how could I die so easily”, Baili Hongzhuang’s mouth curved into a brilliant smile.

“Once I got news about your safe return I immediately rushed over. I’m glad to see that you are fine. Am I disturbing your rest?”

Baili Hongzhuang shook her head slightly, “I’ve already had a good rest.”

Under the effects of the medicine, every cell in her body was relaxed and strengthened. It was a moment of unspeakable comfort.

After hearing Baili Hongzhuang speak so calmly, Xia Zhiqing’s pretty face bloomed with a bright smile, “What in the world was going on with this Demonic Beast Tide?”

Both of them sat on the edge of the bed and Xia Zhiqing asked Baili Hongzhuang about her experiences in the Luo Yun Mountain Range.

After she recounted the terror of the Demonic Beast Tide in detail, Xia Zhiqing was once again scared. It was fortunate that she wasn’t strong enough and couldn’t go to the Luo Yun Mountain Range. Or else she would have already lost her life.

“That guy, Bai Junyu, still hasn’t returned.”

Xia Zhiqing’s were filled with worry. Even though she didn’t have a good impression of this guy, Bai Junyu, he was still her friend. Naturally, it was inevitable that she would worry.

Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes sank slightly. Due to the Demonic Beast Tide, the number of injured and dead practitioners were many. If it wasn’t because of the timely appearance of the white tiger showing his authority, she didn’t know how she would’ve ended up.

One could only hope that Bai Junyu and the others would be able to make it back safely.

“Bai Junyu and the others’ strength isn’t weak, they should be able to return safely.”

“I hope so.” Xia Zhiqing faintly sighed, “The world is unpredictable. Recently the entire Azure Water School had an oppressive atmosphere, especially when a report came in that a certain student died.”

Her inky black phoenix eyes were heavy. Baili Hongzhuang also understood. These days the practitioners of the Azure Water School didn’t feel well in their hearts.

After the two talked for a while, Xia Zhiqing didn’t leave and both directly went to sleep.

The next day, the two heard light footsteps faintly mixed with anxious voices coming from the corridor.

Baili Hongzhuang and Xia Zhiqing glanced at each other, eyes filled with a questioning look. After cleaning up a bit, they opened the door.

They only saw Bai Junyu’s door opened with Dongfang Yu and the others gathered inside the room.

“You’re here.” Dongfang Yu’s constantly sunny face looked as if it was covered with dark clouds, heavy and full of haze.

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